Reinhausen Manufacturing (MR)

Fort Worth,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 2353


Both REINHAUSEN's products and service take full account of what is needed in the steel works. MR tap-changers are designed for the high output and large number of tap-change operations on the electric arc furnace transformers. The VACUTAP® VR I HD vacuum tap-changer, for example, delivers 600,000 tap change operations without maintenance and only requires a new diverter switch insert after 1.2 million tap-change operations. This keeps product quality consistently high while cutting downtimes and operating costs. Stability in the grid is ensured partly by tailored compensation and filter circuits from Power Quality. Our transformer accessories withstand the tough conditions experienced in the steel works and monitor the safe and long-term operation of the furnace transformer. The rapid response and great expertise of our global service team help you keep any downtimes which do occur to a minimum.

Brands: Reinhausen, Messko, C.A.P.T., High Volt., Cedaspe

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