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GridBeyond's vision is to build a shared energy economy that delivers sustainability, resilience, affordability and adaptability through collaboration and innovation. By bridging the gap between distributed energy resources and electricity markets, our technology means every connected asset, whether its utility-scale renewables generation, battery storage or industrial load, can be utilised to help balance the grid. 

 Press Releases

  • Here’s how United Cast Bar manages these risks while navigating the energy transition with GridBeyond’s DSR services.

    This winter, some businesses could see their energy costs rise by 250% and it has been forecast that prices will remain significantly above average until 2030. Energy-intensive industries in particular are facing a host of overlapping challenges. To navigate the energy crises, it is crucial that companies have an energy strategy in place that tackles these challenges, protecting them from the energy-related risks that threaten their operations as well as supporting them towards their net zero goal.

    GridBeyond’s DSR and energy trading services control companies’ assets in real time, protecting their operations from volatile prices, avoiding price peaks, and maximising cost efficiencies.

    United Cast Bar Group (UCB), one of the world’s leaders in continuously cast iron bar, has been working with GridBeyond for several years embracing programmes like DSR.

    “The collaboration with GridBeyond has been very important for UCB group. The demand side response and energy optimisation has helped us to manage energy consumption and generate savings which are absolutely crucial now that we are facing one of the worst winter’s we have ever seen.”

    Commented James Brand, Managing Director (Foundries) of United Cast Bar Group UK

    Mark Davis, Managing Director for UK and Ireland said

    “The use of DSR and AI platform generates savings and help businesses with energy storage assets to manage this current crisis, predict and react quickly to market volatility.

    “In these times where the cost of energy is forecast to increase even more in 2023, many large energy consumers like manufacturers, cold storage industries, but also hospitals and large retailers’ companies could look at DSR to mitigate cost.

    “The other advantage is that through DSR businesses can still have an impact on the net zero agenda, reduce their carbon emissions and work towards their net zero goals.”

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