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Stop ANY high-speed movement with advanced Strobe Technology


Stop ANY high-speed movement with advanced Strobe Technology

Monarch Instrument manufactures the fastest, sharpest image rendering stroboscopes for the inline inspection and process manufacturing. We can provide purer whites and brighter ultraviolet wavelengths at exceptionally high flash ranges - up to 1 million/min., with shortest pulse width adjustable down to 0.001 msec. Utilizing direct input or choosing integrated tachometer or external inputs, Monarch’s illumiNova® Fixed Mounted LED Stroboscopic Inspection Systems and Nova-Pro® handheld stroboscope/tachometers allow for dead-stop freeze frame, forward/backwards slow motion, and phase indexing.

For 45 years, we have designed and manufactured strobes, tachometers, vibration meters, and remote speed sensors for multiple industrial applications. Proudly made in the USA with US and imported components.

Brands: illumiNova® Stroboscope Fixed Mounted, Nova-Pro® Handheld Stroboscope/Tachometer series, PLS Pocket LED Stroboscope, Nova-Strobe Xenon and LED Stroboscope Series including VBX Vibration Stroboscope, PLT200 Pocket Laser Tachometer and ACT Series Panel Tachometers, and EXAMINER Vibration Meter.


  • illumiNova® Fixed Mounted Stroboscopes
    Continuous use in high-speed applications requiring crisp, clear, stop motion quality inspection. Bright LEDs provide ultra-uniform white spectrum light. Powerful onboard intuitive digital controller for flash rates/duration, brightness levels, and more....

  • Monarch's illumiNova Fixed Mount LED Stroboscopic Inspection System is designed for continuous use in high-speed applications requiring crisp, clear, stop motion quality inspection. The extraordinarily bright LEDs provide an ultra-uniform white spectrum light. Available in lengths and lens options ensures light coverage for any job. The powerful onboard intuitive digital controller allows the user to quickly set flash rates, flash duration, brightness levels, and many other advanced features. Flash rates can also be triggered remotely using machine-mounted sensors connected directly to illumiNova’s digital input or use the optional remote controller to extend the operating distance up to 100 feet.

    Advanced features include:

    • Digital Input/Output
    • Phase/Time Delay
    • Memory
    • Adjustable Intensity Levels

    Other features include:

    • Super bright LEDs with uniform white light output
    • Continuous AC operation
    • TTL compatible Input/Output jacks 
    • Housing is compatible with 80/20 mounting systems
    • Available in lengths from 6 inches to 8 feet
    • Three (3) lens options: flood, wide, and spot
    • Powerful and intuitive integrated controller
    • Choice of three lens types to best suit your application
    • Includes NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Nova-Pro® LED Stroboscope/Tachometer Series
    Compact, powerful LED strobe combined with a full-function laser tachometer. Excellent for visual stop motion inspection and speed measurement. Long battery life/optional AC adapter. Four to choose from including UV and IR....

  • Monarch has combined all the features of our handheld LED stroboscopes together with a full-function *laser tachometer to create a compact, ergonomic, and extremely powerful two-in-one predictive maintenance tool. The stroboscope light source is made up of twelve LEDs which are extraordinarily bright yet extremely cool continuous operation and long battery life (up to 9.5 hours on a single charge). Continuous operation is also possible with the optional AC Adapter.

    The Nova-Pro 100 is designed for simple stroboscopic stop motion inspection and RPM measurement applications. The patented integral laser module is an optional item that can be added to make the 100 a full-featured tachometer.

    The Nova-Pro 300 has all the features of the 100 and includes the patented integral laser module for tachometer mode or strobe trigger mode plus adds a high-contrast inverse blue LCD with backlight and touch-sensitive number pad for setting flash rates quickly. Other features include ultra-high intensity LEDs for more light output, memory for up to 10 preset flash rates, Input/Output jacks for external sensors or pulse repeater output, and NIST calibration certificate.

    The Nova-Pro 500 has all the features of the 300 and adds an additional standard battery pack, remote laser docking station, phase delay, time delay, and virtual slow motion. The Nova-Pro 500 is available as a stand-alone battery-powered or AC-powered device. It can also be purchased in kit form which ships in a deluxe watertight, die-cut foam-lined carry case. Select the model (above) to view the contents and price of each available model.

    *Note: Integral optical reflective sensor used as a flash trigger protected under US Patent 10,080,268. 

    Key Features:

    • Stroboscope & tachometer in one!
    • Super bright LEDs
    • Splash-resistant IP54 enclosure
    • 1/4" x 20 tripod mount
    • Ergonomic one-handed operation
    • Removable rechargeable Li-ion battery
    • Continuous AC operation available
    • TTL compatible Input/Output jacks (300, 500)
    • NIST Certificate of Calibration included on designated models

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