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From blast furnace to continuous casting - TML machines!


TML is an expert in special machinery deployed in the harshest of climatic and mechanical conditions. The company manufactures equipment for metallurgical plants; it is the world’s biggest manufacturer of mobile debricking machines for the iron and steel industry. The company’s portfolio includes telescopic excavators and rotary booms, as well as debricking, slag raking and charging machines used in steelmaking. The machines are at work debricking ladles, converters and blast furnace runners, drilling and setting tap-hole sleeve, and carrying out refractory repairs during operation.

The unique kinematics and 360° endlessly rotatable boom suits the UNIDACHS for work where linear movement and rotation of the telescopic boom are required.

For example: Cleaning and debricking converters, electric furnaces and ladles

The UNIDACHS is ideal for use in the iron and steel industry - he loves it HOT!



  • UNIDACHS 2-series
    The UNIDACHS 2-series: a powerful and versatile unit. With a 360° rotating boom, low overall height, and optional articulated or telescopic boom, it can handle the toughest jobs with ease....

  • Introducing the UNIDACHS 2-series, a flexible multipurpose unit designed to tackle the toughest requirements in metallurgy, tunnelling, mining, and the demolition industry. With its high manoeuvrability and low overall height, it provides time-saving access to even the most hard-to-reach working areas. The UNIDACHS 2-series is equipped with a 360° rotating telescopic or 3-stage articulated boom, the machines offer unparalleled flexibility to get the job done.

    Weighing in at approximately 5,300 kg (11,685 lbs) and with a max reach of 6,000 mm (19’ 8”), the UNIDACHS 2-series is powered by a 55 kW (75 hp) diesel engine or an alternative 37 kW (50 hp) electric drive. The undercarriage has a driving speed of 2.9 km/h (1.8 mph) and a gradeability of 50%, making it ideal for navigating challenging terrains.

    The superstructure of the UNIDACHS 2-series boasts a 360° rotation and a rotation speed of 0-2.8 min-1. The boom unit offers either a 3-stage articulated boom in the 220K-version, as shown at AISTech 2023. Or a telescopic rotary boom with a 2,000 mm (6’ 7”) stroke, with a 360° continuous rotation and a rotation speed of 0-5 min-1 in the 220-version.

    The hydraulic system of the UNIDACHS 2-series has a pump pressure of 250 bar (3,626 psi), providing the power needed for even the toughest jobs. This UNIDACHS commes with standard remote control included.

    Overall, the UNIDACHS 2-series is a powerful, versatile, and flexible multipurpose unit that can handle the toughest demands in a range of industries. With its high manoeuvrability, low overall height, and multiple boom options, they offer time-saving access to hard-to-reach working areas, making it an invaluable addition to any worksite.

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