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Korea (South)
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For over 2 decades, all our directors and employees have been dedicated to develop diverse continuous casting line monitoring systems including roll checkers for the smooth operation and maintenance of high quality in continuous casting lines. In fact, we have led the world market in related fields. We have proven our excellence in product quality and technologies and reliability by successfully localizing and supplying Roll Checker(core industrial facility for continuous casting and rolling line) and Shapemeter system(Rolled Steel plate/sheet Geometry Measuring Instrument).
We are committed to keep realizing ‘co-existence and co-prosperity’ and focusing on quality improvement and technology development by inspecting and examining our internal system from our clients’ perspective.

Brands: Roll Checker(Caster Strand Monitoring System, DB Head Type and In-Chain Type), Shapemeter System (Rolled Steel Plate/Sheet Geometry Measuring Instrument), Mold Taper Measuring System (PMT-2000), Mold Oscillation Monitoring System (MOM-2000P), Fuel Handling System(FHS) for Nuclear Power Plant


  • Caster Strand Monitoring System: Roll Checker
    Type: Roll Checker for Slab Caster, Bloom/Billet Caster, Beam Blank Caster...

  • DB Head Type
    A measuring system designed to manufacture high-quality slabs by preventing any crack on the surface or inside the caster piece after measuring strand conditions.
    In-Chain Type
    Installed in dummy bar chain and able to produce high-quality slabs through continuous control by measuring the roll-gap conditions of the caster at every casting.

  • Shapemeter System
    Rolled Steel Plate Geometry Measuring Instrument...

  • A realtime measuring system designed to prevent shape from being deformed when running strip tension drops by revealing the final and actual shapes of the stripes rolled without time delay.

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