Pfeiffer Vacuum

United States
  • Booth: 1987

We design/manufacturer pumping and leak detection systems


Pfeiffer Vacuuum is a turnkey design and manufacturing company building pumping systems for steel and other metal degassing and vacuum furnaces. Experience in RH, VD and VOD applications. Pfeiffer Vacuum manufactures all of the equipment needed to provide a complete pumping system or individual components and leak detection equipment for qualifying the system for processing. Our gas cooled Okta G Series pumps are ideally suited for degassing applications where the pumps must operate at elevated pressure and quickly evacuate large volumes. Okta G Series pumps decrease system complexity and improve reliability of the degassing vacuum system.


  • HiLobe/Hepta Dry Roots Pumps
    High performance vacuum pump stations- the HiLobe/Hepta Dry Roots Pumps...

  • Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a complete solution for steel degassing applications, from vacuum pumping units to RGAs including pressure gauges. Through the calculation of the suction speed required and through the definition of customized pumping units, Pfeiffer Vacuum supports you with vacuum technology that perfectly matches the requirements of each production process step. Depending on the pressure range and size of the pumping unit, several concepts can be proposed based on two, three, or even four stages Roots pumping units along with rotary vane pumps or dry screw pumps as backing pumps. Multiple stages concepts have the benefits of providing lower power consumption and lower base pressure. Our unique OktaLine G Series have the advantage to handle high inlet pressure and high differential pressure thanks to the gas cooled working principle. Such design is particularly adapted to VOD process requirements. Turbopumps can be used on VIM and VAR processes for creating high vacuum without any oil pollution into the melting chambers, thanks to an oil free working principle. For better process control, it is necessary to monitor the composition of the process gases. For such a requirement we provide a wide range of gas analysis systems, working on the Quadrupole technology.
  • OmniStar for gas analysis
    OmniStar for gas analysis for your steel degassing endpoint detection...

  • The Pfeiffer Vacuum OmniStar offers:

    Steel degassing endpoint detection – saves time & money
    Bulk charger water level monitoring – improves safety
    Melt monitoring that is gas specific
    Integrated gas tracking for process control

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