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Process Cooling Systems Heat Exchanger Service


HydroThrift Corporation:  Solving Industrial Cooling Problems Since 1973.

HydroThrift is a leader in cooling systems applications. Our staff is dedicated to finding solutions to your cooling needs. We have designed, engineered and built thousands of cooling systems that are used worldwide. We translate your needs into a simple robust design that will meet your unique cooling requirements. Standard designs allow us to save you money by leveraging our knowledge to build an efficient cooling system at a great price. 

HydroThrift also has heat exchanger repair and remanufacturing capabilities at our facility.  We can clean, repair, or remanufacture your fouled/leaking heat exchanger for a fraction of the cost or a new unit. Excellent turnaround times are . If you have any questions or think you might have an opportunity, please feel free to stop by our booth #240 or visit our website at www.hydrothrift.com. Or call us at 330-837-5141

Brands: Dry type cooling systems (CD) Closed Loop Evaporative Cooling (CE) Liquid to Liquid cooling (PCX) Open Evaporative Cooling (OE) Chillers (CW). Heat Exchanger Cleaning, Testing, Remanufacturing, Sales


  • HydroThrift Heat Exchanger Repair
    HydroThrift offers Heat Exchanger Repair services for Shell & Tube, Plate & Frame, Plate Coil and also other types of Heat Exchangers. Services include Mechanical and Chemical Cleaning, Testing and Remanufacturing as well as replacement sales....

  • Since 1973, HydroThrift has been providing Industry and Utilities with the know-how and quality workmanship necessaryto maintain the wide variety of heat exchangers in today’s work place.
    Types of Heat Exchangers
    we service:
     Shell and Tube
     Plate and Frame
     Plate Coil
     “U” Nest
     Coil
     Integral Fin
     Wound Fin
     Plate Fin
     Serpentine
     Surface Enhanced
    Industries/ Applications
     Compressor After & Inner Coolers
     Electrical Utilities
     Heat Treat
     Chemical
     Textile
     Welding Plasma
     Automotive Manufacturing
     Steel Manufacturing
     Hydraulics
     Paper and Pulp
    How we Clean:
     Acid Tank immersion and high velocity
     Caustic tank immersion/circulation
     Steam Jet
     High pressure water
     Water flush drilling
    How we Repair/Rebuild
     Specialized tools to remove tube bundles and tubes to
    insure salvage of undamaged materials.
     In-house machining capability to make tube sheets up to
    52” diameter
     Torque controlled tube expanders to insure consistent and
    tight joints.
     Hydrostatically test all units before they leave our facility
     Do you have an obsolete heat exchanger which you are having trouble
    finding a replacement for?
     Do you have a heat exchanger, which has an extended replacement
     Are you looking to save money on your Maintenance budget?
     Do you need to make modifications to your existing Heat Exchanger?
    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to speak to
    your representative for HYDROTHRIFT CORPORATION

If you have questions please contact sales@aist.org or (724) 814-3000 ext. 2