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Sarclad is a leading global supplier of EDT roll texturing equipment (Rolltex), roll inspection equipment (Rollscan) and continuous caster strand monitoring equipment. Sarclad will be promoting its new and unique Rolltex EDT Multi Servo Array (MSA), targeted at roll applications requiring the highest possible texture quality and consistency. It will additionally be showcasing its Rollscan range to identify defects no matter where they are on the roll. Sarclad is a global company headquartered in the United Kingdom with a sales and technical support base in the USA, China and India and representatives around the world. Sarclad has been supplying equipment to the steel and non-ferrous industries for 45 years.Contact :

Brands: Rolltex including newly launched Multi-Servo Array; Rollscan; Strand Condition Monitor (SCM); In-Chain Caliper


Rollscan Inspection
Rolltex EDT MSA

 Press Releases

  • Two of the world’s leading steel suppliers have chosen Sarclad’s latest EDT roll texturing technology for their flagship plant expansions.

    ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel (AM/NS) has chosen the newly-launched Rolltex MSA 72 for their Cold Mill No.2 expansion in Hazira, India.

    Sarclad’s Rolltex MSA technology operates a Multi-Servo Array to deliver the highest levels of texturing performance.  The 72-electrode MSA machine selected by AM/NS features two texture heads as shown below, each with 36 individually controlled electrodes.

    Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI), has also selected Sarclad’s Rolltex MSA for their state-of-the-art mill investment in Sinton, Texas.  The Rolltex MSA 36 features a single-sided texture head, which can be expanded to 72-electrode capacity by adding a second texture station in the future.

    The ground breaking texturing efficiency generated by MSA technology enables unrivalled accuracy, speed and consistency of surface texture on the roll and ultimately on the strip.  Sarclad Rolltex MSA is the ideal choice for steel and aluminium flagship plants looking to increase volume and control of surface-critical strip into applications such as exposed automotive panels.

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  • Rolltex EDT Multi-Servo Array
    Newly launched by Sarclad in 2022, the MSA offers the very latest technology to deliver unprecedented texture control and consistency for the most demanding strip applications such as in automotive for external panels....

  • Newly launched by Sarclad in 2022, the MSA offers the very latest technology to deliver unprecedented texture control and consistency for the most demanding strip applications such as in automotive for external panels. 
  • Rollscan
    Sarclad provide market leading roll inspection to the North American steel market, combining latest surface and core inspection technology with unrivalled service and engineering support from our team in Pittsburgh....

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  • Strand Condition Monitors
    SCMs play an important role in ensuring that your continuous caster is optimally set to produce maximum prime yield. Sarclad offers both on chain and off line monitors for thin slab casters (circa 2.1") through to today's largest slab casters (15"+)....

  • It is estimated that there are over 600 continuous steel casters worldwide . Measurement and control has typically been delivered by off-line strand condition monitors (SCM) that are inserted manually into the caster periodically during downtime. The Sarclad in-chain Caliper offers the market a robust roll gap measure that can be fitted onto the dummy bar head, automatically providing gap measurement data on every cast without impacting productivity.

    Sarclad Strand Condition Monitor’s (SCMs) are widely recognised as the world’s leading continuous slab caster measuring systems, providing rapid and accurate measurement and assessment of critical strand parameters essential to produce high quality steel.

    Strand condition measuring systems are installed onto the dummy bar chain in place of the dummy bar. Measurements are then collated and recorded automatically from on board sensors which are then downloaded via a cable or Wi-Fi to a laptop for analysis and presentation.

    The vast majority of the strand condition monitors in the market today are off-line. They are not permanent fixtures in the caster. Rather they are manually inserted onto the dummy bar during periods of planned or unplanned downtime and once in place can provide a very comprehensive range of measures including roll gap, outer face roller and segment alignment, roller bearing and wear condition and the efficacy of any water spray nozzles that have been fitted into the SCM.

    Once the required measurements are obtained the off-line SCM is removed from the chain. Casting re-commences once the necessary adjustments (if any) to the caster set up are made  and the SCM is stored for the next planned measurement date.

    Experience shows that, of all the measurement parameter, it is the roll gap that most frequently demonstrates deviation from standard. An in-chain roll gap SCM that remains on the dummy bar during casting, can provide measurement data after every cast sequence to trigger swifter rectification than would otherwise be the case and potentially ensure a higher  prime slab % output as a consequence. This combination of off-line and on-line technology  provides the end user with the complete quality assurance package.

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