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FLANDERS manufactures and repairs large electric motors, power systems and aftermarket products, and engineers systems integration and automation solutions for metals, mining, power utilities, alternative energy and other heavy industries. The privately owned, third-generation company, headquartered in Evansville, Ind., USA, maintains global operations in Canada, South America, Africa and Australia with more than 800 employees and almost 1 million square feet of shop, office and inventory space. FLANDERS strives to be a force for good — serving customers, co-workers and communities with a commitment to excellence.

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  • Motor Repair, Rebuilds and Upgrades
    FLANDERS is a full-service industry partner offering repairs, rebuilds, and upgrades for electric rotating equipment of all kinds, from low horsepower NEMA-frame motors to 10,000 horsepower mill motors to chemical-duty pipeline motors.<br />...

  • Industry-leading repair experts in electric machines, motors, drives, and controls

    FLANDERS is a full-service industry partner offering repairs, rebuilds, and upgrades for electric rotating equipment of all kinds, from low horsepower NEMA-frame motors to 10,000 horsepower mill motors to chemical-duty pipeline motors.


    We can fix any motor that comes into the shop.

    Industrial motor repair has been at the core of our business since the 1940’s, and we can repair any make and model of electric power system:

    • ABB: Baldor/Reliance
    • Allis-Chalmers
    • GE
    • Hyundai
    • Siemens
    • TECO-Westinghouse
    • TMEIC
    • Toshiba
    • US Motors
    • VEM
    • WEG
    • FLANDERS (of course)
    • And any other brand

    Whatever your equipment needs, we can handle it all in-house

    • Commutator turning and undercutting
    • Rewinding
    • Armature repairs
    • Cryogenic cleaning
    • Electrical system fixes or rebuilds
    • Bearing replacement
    • Custom manufacturing replacement parts

    Plus, we offer comprehensive field services as well.

    Documenting your motor’s repair history

    We keep thorough records on each repair job, giving you peace of mind and retaining the information you need for future reference.


    Drop-in replacements that increase motor performance

    We design, engineer, custom manufacture, and install application-specific drop-in motor replacements that increase your motor's power, performance, and lifespan. Every unit we manufacture or upgrade meets or exceeds machine OEM specifications.

    DC to AC upgrades

    If you are ready to take motor and machine performance to the next level, we also offer DC to AC motor conversions that provide drop-in replacement solutions.

    State-of-the-art testing

    Among our many electric motor test capabilities, we have a high-powered in-house dynamometer for testing motors up to 13.2 kV at 60 Hz or 50 Hz operation. To get you up and running faster, we fine-tune commutation and analyze other motor performance characteristics before any unit leaves the shop, so there is less to adjust when we install the motor.


    Electrical rebuilds

    For motors, drives, or full machines

    For any type of heavy industrial machine or subsystem—from ‘run of the mill’ dragline hoist motors to 7,000 horsepower reversing mill motors to entire bucket wheel excavators—FLANDERS rebuilds give your operation optimum productivity, increased safety, and exceptional reliability.

    Motor overhauls

    Restoring motors to as-new status

    In the case of motor damage considered non-economically repairable, we can build you a custom motor—of any size and duty—from the ground up, or we can provide a distribution motor that meets your specifications.

  • Systems Integration
    FLANDERS is a process automation solutions provider for the manufacturing industry. Our team has a broad range of expertise in various metal processes, providing open architecture designs commissioned by the engineers who created them....

  • When integrating control systems, we keep your organization’s goals at the top of mind.

    Whether you need full turnkey delivery or equipment upgrades, we’ll help you implement software and hardware for a more profitable operation.

    FLANDERS is a process automation solutions provider for the manufacturing industry. Our team has a broad range of expertise in various metal processes, providing open architecture designs commissioned by the engineers who created them.

    Since our inception, our approach has been to fully understand the manufacturing processes and develop system architectures that best fit the application using standard products that seamlessly integrate with existing plant systems. Our engineers have experience integrating new production lines and retrofitting existing systems. When integrating control systems, we keep your organization’s goals at the center; whether you require full turnkey delivery or equipment reconfiguration support, we will help you implement secure software and quality hardware for a more profitable operation.

    FLANDERS’ experienced team of experts has years of experience in the development and execution of large projects. As a leading provider of industrial automation control systems with electrical engineering as its core competence, FLANDERS designs, engineers, manufactures, integrates, tests install, trains, and maintains drive and control systems for all industrial operations.

    Decades of experience as a systems integrator means we are uniquely qualified to supply rolling mills and process lines with automation solutions.

    Serving the global metals and mining industry, we work directly with producers and mill builders to improve productivity in new and existing facilities.

    FLANDERS has the expertise and broad scope of supply to deliver a quality project on time and at a competitive price. We provide engineering studies to correct product quality, productivity, reduced yields, and repair costs of aging mill equipment that causes lost revenue due to increased downtime. Whether the project is a single drive installation or a line-up of a coordinated drive system, we can handle the project, regardless of who made the original equipment.

    We focus on a wide range of applications, working to drive value across your plant-wide enterprise. Conduct independent evaluations of any system, eliminate instability in your line, reduce energy consumption, and improve overall throughput and quality. Our mechanical engineering experience provides the process knowledge needed to operate the critical finishing equipment in today’s mill. FLANDERS applies years of industry-specific expertise and looks beyond the original equipment.

    What We Do

    FLANDERS focuses on the industrial processing market and provides equipment and services for new and retrofit projects. We specialize in complex systems integration for industrial operations with heavy demands. Whether you want to modernize your legacy automation system, 4.0 digitalization with IoT upgrades, convert machines from DC to AC or implement AI condition monitoring on an Edge or cloud-based platform, the systems integrators at FLANDERS are up to the challenge.

    FLANDERS provides controller and drives combinations that meet maintenance and operating needs. We utilize readily available industrial products and open architecture designs.

    Programmable Logic Controllers:

    • Allen- Bradley PLC5, SLC5, Logix
    • Siemens S5, S7, TIA
    • GE FANUC, PAC Systems RXi
    • Adjustable Speed Drives: Legacy and Modern (AC/DC)
    • Siemens, ABB, Toshiba, Allen-Bradley, GE
    • HMI Software: Rockwell FactoryTalk, Siemens WinCC

    Trusted experts in the leading systems integration platforms

    A Siemens Solution Partner

    We are a Siemens Solution Partner and Distributor for industrial control products, including PLC, HMI, VFD, and motors. We are authorized to develop solutions, implement technologies, and repair systems that carry the Siemens warranty.

    ABB systems integration

    We’re an Authorized System Integrator for ABB low voltage AC/DC drives and PLCs for industrial machines and are recognized as a distributor for ABB/Baldor motors.

    Rockwell Automation

    A Rockwell Systems Integrator, FLANDERS develops solutions using Allen-Bradley ControlLogix™, CompactLogix™, and PowerFlex drives. We also upgrade outdated PLC-5 and SLC systems.

    We consider ourselves an extension of our customer’s maintenance and engineering staff. FLANDERS field engineering will partner with your support staff to train, service, optimize, or upgrade your control systems for better efficiency and reliability of your process. Flanders offers 24/7 availability or embedded/remote support to keep your lines running.

  • Control & Automation Systems
    Industrial control and automation systems, whether it’s incorporating new technology into your current control system or a complete machine upgrade for main-line or auxiliary systems, we have the in-house expertise to get it done fast and right....

  • Using the right platform for your scenario

    We develop controls and automation solutions on Siemens, ABB, Toshiba, and Rockwell Automation platforms. Our primary concern is matching the platform to the application, your preferences, and the unique demands of your operation.

    Contact us about different ways to optimize your current machines with FLANDERS controls solutions and the fastest ways to prove the ROI for your operation.

  • Mills
    FLANDERS works with steel and aluminum mills worldwide. We develop custom mill motors and drives specifically for the harshest mill environments, built to withstand high temperatures, high humidity, scale dust, heavy loads, & continuous operation....

  • Prepare your operation for the future.

    Modernize your mill machines with FLANDERS' purpose-built power and control systems.

    From 24/7 emergency repair of main-stand motors to horsepower upgrades to control system migrations, FLANDERS experts will help you get more from your mill machines while also reducing maintenance and operational costs.

    Metal mills

    FLANDERS works with steel and aluminum mills across North America and around the world. We’ve developed custom mill motors and drives specifically for the harshest mill environments. Our solutions withstand high temperatures, high humidity, scale dust, heavy loads, and continuous operation that define severe-duty requirements in metal mills.

    Paper mills

    The many machines involved in paper mills offer many opportunities to improve both stand-alone and coordinated systems for higher efficiency and production.

    We collaborate with paper mill operations teams to upgrade their machine power systems, modernize their control systems, and develop custom motors, drives, PLCs, and automation systems for these specific purposes.

    Mill machinery we repair and improve

    Metal mill equipment

    • Reversing mills
    • Tandem mill stands
    • Continuous mills
    • Winders/reels
    • Edgers
    • Ball mills
    • Paper mill equipment
    • Refiners & grinders
    • Thickeners
    • Pulpers
    • Hot dispersion systems
    • Deinking systems
    • Coaters
    • Reel calendars
    • Dryers
    • Presses
    • Glitter winders
    • Sheet cutters
    • Auxiliary machines
    • Submersible pumps
    • Trimmers/choppers
    • Continuous casting lines
    • Screw-down machines
    • Manipulators
    • Shears
    • Side guide rails
    • Width adjusters
    • Runout tables
    • Roll tables
    • Fans
    • Overhead cranes and hoists

    Turning planned downtime into machine upgrades

    Whenever you take your mill machines offline for maintenance or repair, it’s an opportunity to upgrade them with better technology. We can plan the upgrade in advance and implement it during your next planned maintenance outage. That’s also a great time to have FLANDERS do a machine health assessment.

    We’ll help you make the most of your opportunities.

  • Field Services
    Whether you need routine industrial electric motor maintenance or a complete automation system overhaul, our expert field service specialists are well-equipped and ready to get started. Get more from your current machines....

  • Experts you can count on to get the job done right

    Comprehensive, 24/7 field services for mines, mills, manufacturing plants, and industrial operations

    FLANDERS offers a multitude of field services for heavy industrial operations running electric rotating equipment:

    • Emergency troubleshooting and repairs for power, control, and automation systems
    • Planned repairs, rebuilds, and retrofits
    • Machine audits, diagnostics, and non-destructive testing
    • Laser apparatus alignment
    • Removal, installation, and commissioning of motors, drives, generators, alternators, switchgears, transformers, control systems, and any other type of electrical system or component

    Highly trained and vigilant about safety

    Ready to act on a moment’s notice to keep your operation running smoothly, our field engineers and technicians are MSHA certified, OSHA certified, and qualified equipment technicians of the machines they service.

    Regional Service Centers worldwide

    Located near you for rapid response

    We have Regional Service Centers around the world, equipped with modern service vehicles and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your services can be completed correctly the first time, with minimum downtime.

    Rapid motor exchanges and JIT parts delivery

    A low-risk way to reduce your spares inventory and costs

    We keep a large stock of excavator motors and generators and an extensive inventory of parts for industrial motors, drives, and control systems.

    If you don’t have something on-hand, call us first, and we’ll get you what you need ASAP.

    Our Motor Exchange Program

    Enroll in our Motor Exchange Program, and we’ll carry the overhead of keeping backup motors on hand for your critical machines, ready for rapid exchange when your machine’s motor needs in-shop repairs. Contact us to learn more about the program.

    Machine inspections and audits

    Gathering intel for maintenance planning and your technology roadmap

    Our machine experts can give you a knowledgeable, realistic assessment of the condition of your machine’s power, control, and electrical systems.

    Transitioning to predictive maintenance (PdM)
    Through our Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) services, our machine experts can help you

    • Define the optimal parameters, frequency, and scope of machine inspections;
    • Outline easy-to-follow, standardized inspection protocols;
    • Put the right tools in place to make it easy.

    Specialized field service for motors and generators

    Onsite motor reconditioning and rewinding

    From cryogenic cleaning to commutator turning and undercutting, we can keep your industrial motors and generators in peak condition. We also offer onsite rewinding for many industrial motors—including onboard large commercial ships while they’re in port.

    Field engineering

    Tailoring technology for real-world conditions

    Our field engineers work hands-on, from project specification through commissioning, to make sure the solutions we develop meet the needs of your specific application and operation.

If you have questions please contact sales@aist.org or (724) 814-3000 ext. 2