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TII KAMAG: Your specialist ensuring that processes run.


TII KAMAG: Your industry specialist ensuring that processes run efficiently and smoothly.
Whoever wants to achieve maximum productivity in their manufacturing and logistics procedures requires trouble-free and efficient processes. For this, TII KAMAG develops sturdy and durable vehicles that are perfectly tailored to accommodate the customer's respective task. The extremely tough conditions present in the metal industry and compliance with cycle times in the assembly and goods handling are just two examples highlighting that maximum productivity requires reliable processes. With the KAMAG slag pot carrier, for example, our customers can effortlessly move over 100 tonnes of liquid metal.


  • Slag Pot Carrier
    Extreme temperatures, flying sparks and loads weighing several tonnes demand the utmost from transport vehicles in terms of performance, reliability and safety. The KAMAG SPC sets new standards for smooth transport processes in 24-hour operations....

  • Your advantages when you count on KAMAG | SlagPotCarrier:

    • Robust and heat-resistant construction
    • Enhanced safety through emptying the slag pot far behind the vehicle
    • Ergonomically optimised and comprehensively equipped driver's cab

    Special about Plattform Type:

    • Slag pot pick-up also possible from an elevated position, e.g. transfer car or platform
    • Overhead pick-up and put down of slag pot possible
    • Platform is as narrow as possible to also allow driving through tight spaces in the steel plant
    • Slag pot can be covered

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