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Together, Zircoa Inc. and Dyson Technical Ceramics manufacture and offer a comprehensive range of high-performance zirconia flow control solutions for continuous casting in the steel and associated industries. Product include: tundish nozzles, assembled nozzles for all exchangeable casting systems, and zirconia inserts for both tundish and ladle gate systems

Dual-site manufacturing capability and a global supply presence provides security and reliability to our customer's supply chains.

Our combined and long-established expertise of zirconia technologies enables access to a comprehensive range of product options, specialized features, and innovations for the most challenging operations. In cases of unique operational demands, our exclusive focus on tailoring zirconia to meet the needs of our customers provides solutions to achieve casting optimization, reduced downtime, and cost savings.

Brands: Zircoa, Inc. and Dyson Technical Ceramics


  • Tundish Metering Nozzles
    Zircoa offers Tundish Metering Nozzles for standard and custom designs. <br /><br />Additionally, Zircoa is a major global supplier of zirconia inserts used in consumable "cursors" for exchangeable systems....

  • Zircoa offers Tundish Metering Nozzles in 3 grades. Grade selection is primarily based on the desired casting lifetime of the strand. A wide range of standard or custom designs are available based on the tundish configuration and tundish buld optimization. 

    Material Grades and (typical) Casting Lifetime

    Composition Casting Lifetime (*typical)
    3004 up to 20 hours

    up to 24 hours

    Lower Nozzle (exchangeable system**): up to 20 hours

    Upper Nozzle (exchangeable system**): up to 60 hours

    2134 up to 40 hours

    *Casting lifetime can vary based on operating practices and steel grades. 

    **Composition 3077 is the common material used as the zirconia insert for exchangeable systems. 

  • Zirconia Slide Gate Inserts
    Zircoa offers a range of coarse grain and fine grain zirconia materials used as slide gate plate inserts for tundish and ladle gate systems....

  • Unique design manufacturing capability for zirconia slide gate inserts suitable for a wide range of existing mechanisms. 

    Material Options and Applications

    Composition Application Description

    Tundish Gate & SEN Seats

    Standard coarse grain slide gate insert
    3055 Tundish Gate with argon injection

    Permeables coarse grain slide gate insert

    Fine Grain High wear; Ladle Gate

    High density fine grain slide gate insert with good thermal shock resistance

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