WS Thermal Process Technology Inc.

United States
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REKUMAT® REGEMAT® FLOX®: Energy Efficient Industrial Burners


Recognizing the deficiencies of conventional gas burners, WS developed energy-efficient high‐velocity industrial burners. Ranging from 15,000 to 1,100,000 BTU/hr, our burners are  equipped with an integrated heat exchanger of either metallic or ceramic composition. Recuperators use hot exhaust gases to preheat combustion air in counter‐flow and can thereby achieve efficiencies up to 75 %. Our newest development is the patented gap flow recuperator enabling even higher efficiencies up to 85 %. Regenerative burners use ceramic heat storage material for cyclic heat exchange. Burners with metallic heat exchanger are suited for temperatures of up to 2,100 F whereas our ceramic burners can  withstand temperatures up to 2,350 F.  All WS burners are capable of using the FLOX® combustion principle invented and developed by WS. This award winning technology enables complete combustion of fuel without a visible flame and thus avoids peak combustion temperatures. Even at high air preheat ratios to improve the efficiency, FLOX® prevents an increase of NOx emissions which is usually associated. In addition, the improved temperature uniformity reduces the wear of the burner and increases product quality. With over 75,000 industrial burners installed worldwide, WS has proven that energy saving combustion systems have become increasingly important. The potential for savings remains huge and the payback times are short even at today’s low energy prices.


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