Thermo Calc Software Inc.

McMurray,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 1951

We're here when the materials data you need doesn't exist


Thermo-Calc Software is a leading developer of software and databases for calculations involving computational thermodynamics and diffusion controlled simulations and is widely used by alloy developers, steelmakers and OEMs.

Thermo-Calc is a powerful tool for performing thermodynamic calculations for multi-component systems. Databases are available for steels, ferrous-based slags, Ti, Al, Ni-superalloys and other materials.

Software Development Kits are available that enable Thermo-Calc to be called directly using Python or MatLab.

Add-On modules are available for:

  • Simulations of diffusion in multicomponent alloys
  • Precipitation kinetics of secondary phases
  • Modeling the complete steelmaking process from scrap to fully refined steel
  • Prediction of Martensite temperatures, Martensite fractions, Critical transofrmation temperatures, Pearlite, Bainite, CCT and TTT diagram. 

Brands: Thermo-Calc DICTRA TC-PRISMA Steel Process Metallurgy Module Steel Property Model Library TCFE12 TCOX11

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