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AMETEK Land is the world’s leading manufacturer of monitors and analyzers for industrial infrared non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions.

Through its trusted range of leading-edge technologies, AMETEK Land is chosen the world over to deliver highly accurate measurement solutions that precisely meet process needs. With unrivalled applications knowledge, choosing AMETEK Land ensures the highest standards of process safety, process control and product quality are reached.

Designed to operate in the harsh environments found in steel production, AMETEK Land instruments are designed to the highest performance standards, optimized for making temperature measurements at every important stage of the process.

AMETEK Land provides comprehensive solutions supported by more than 70 years of experience serving the steel industry.

Brands: LAND, LSP-HD, line scanners, HotSpotIR, SPOT, VIRALERT, SDS, MWIR-B-640, Auto Pour, SPOT GS, Cyclops



 Press Releases

  • Atik Metal, one of the world’s leading and most reliable companies in the foundry industry, has approved AMETEK Land’s Cyclops L portable pyrometer for use in its furnaces, with the aim of replacing its traditional dip thermocouple instruments. 

    Atik Metal Case Study (EN)Atik was using dip thermocouples to take measurements at the furnaces, casting lines and pouring lines, collecting temperature data at each part of the casting. However, the company wanted to assess the Cyclops for its suitability to improve quality, reduce casting defects and costs, and minimise the use of the short-lived dip thermocouples.

    The Cyclops L is a portable handheld optical pyrometer that delivers instant temperature measurements using a trigger control. It can be aimed at the area of focus on liquid metal by looking through an eyepiece. 

    In order to carry out the required tests, Atik used the Cyclops L to measure temperatures in the melting furnaces and moulding plants, evaluating the pyrometer’s ergonomics, accuracy of data transfer, and ease of use.  

    To calibrate and compare, Atik measured temperature with both a dip thermocouple and the Cyclops. The measurement time for a dip thermocouple was 13-14 seconds. The Cyclops, meanwhile, only took 1-2 seconds. 

    The Cyclops measurement testing was also carried out without the need to open the furnace lid, and directly measured from pouring metal. With a range of up to 5 metres away, this provided a much safer environment for the workers. 

    An additional benefit of using the Cyclops L is that, unlike thermocouples, it does not use disposable tips that need replacing, thereby allowing for successive measurements. 

    Atik Case StudyPrasath Venkatasamy, AMETEK Land’s Regional Manager of Business Development and Service for the Middle East and India, commented: “As a leading foundry company, Atik was looking to make sure its processes and systems were first-class, which led to implementing the testing of Cyclops. We’re pleased to see that the results are unquestionable – using Cyclops leads to improved quality and a reduction in defects. Most importantly, it increases safety for furnace workers.”

    Following the assessment, Atik Metals has approved the use of Cyclops L in its furnaces.

    For more information about Atik Metals and Cyclops L, click here. 


  • SPOT GS - Galvanized and Galvannealed Strip
    An advanced non-contact infrared spot pyrometer specifically designed for continuous, highly accurate measurement of coated steel strip temperature during galvanizing and galvannealing....

  • Combining AMETEK Land’s cutting-edge, non-contact SPOT technology with specialised software algorithms, the SPOT GS is a high-precision digital pyrometer that delivers reliable temperature readings for galvanized and galvannealed steel strip.

    The pyrometer provides accurate temperature measurement needed for close monitoring of the coating process, enabling automated furnace management that in turn delivers tighter control of product quality. Continuous on-line temperature measurement with the SPOT GS allows process line control systems to quickly and efficiently accommodate changes in strip dimensions or coating weight during changeover between different customer orders.

    Building on AMETEK Land’s extensive application expertise in the steel industry, the SPOT GS is designed specifically for temperature measurement in continuous galvanizing lines to help ensure production of high quality products demanded by world leading customers in the automotive industry.


    The GS algorithm is dedicated to galvanized or galvannealed surfaces. The GS+ algorithm extends functionality to include the molten zinc surface seen on exit from the zinc pot.


    The automated management provided by the SPOT GS enables furnace optimisation, which reduces heating costs, maximises throughput, and avoids excessive over-reaction. It also helps prevent coating defects and reducing problems during subsequent forming operations.


    Combining a range of digital and analog outputs, the SPOT GS fully integrates with furnace controls, PLCs and control software, providing the measurements needed to optimise furnace performance. This enables reliable and repeatable operation, producing high-quality products with minimal defects.


    With AMETEK Land’s SPOTViewer software, the operator can quickly connect, log and view data from a SPOT GS pyrometer. Viewing and analysis is fully configurable using the flexible user interface.

  • Auto Pour
    A non-disruptive pyrometer system designed specifically to measure the temperature of liquid metals in the foundry, during the process of pouring into moulds and castings....

  • The application-specific Auto Pour Pyrometer System is designed to provide accurate liquid metal temperature readings in the liquid stream, the most direct measurement location.

    Using a non-contact measurement that does not interrupt the casting process, Auto Pour delivers one accurate, repeatable value, measured, and calculated for each pouring. This data helps reduce operating costs while improving casting quality.

    The system detects the start and end of the pouring process, monitoring and outputting these readings for further analysis and storage.

    A product of AMETEK Land’s continued innovation in precision temperature measurements, the Auto Pour Pyrometer System is specifically designed to support automated processes in the foundry industry.


    The Auto Pour system uses a high precision, spot application pyrometer and operates at a wavelength selected to ensure minimal errors from variable emissivity and atmospheric absorption and provides pouring stream tracking with a special field of view.


    The multi-function Landmark Graphic MkII (Auto Pour) signal processor uses a graphical display for improved measurement accuracy, usability and multiple interface.


    The pyrometer is protected against the harsh foundry conditions by an air/water cooling jacket. This also contains an air purge unit for maintaining a clean lens and window during operation.

    Auto Pour is AMETEK Land’s application-specific solution for measuring liquid metal temperature in the foundry.

  • SDS - Slag Detection System
    The AMETEK Land Slag Detection System (SDS) delivers improved yields, higher-quality steel and reduces costly downstream processing. There are additional benefits in reduced ladle refractory wear....

  • At the end of the tap the levels of slag and steel rapidly reverse. Quick termination of the tap after the alarm has been triggered is necessary to prevent excessive levels of slag in the ladle.

    SDS uses a high-resolution thermal imaging camera to detect the transition between steel and slag. The dedicated thermal imaging camera has been specifically designed to survive in the harsh operating conditions and utilizes a particular wavelength to reduce obscuration caused by smoke and fume. Data is presented to the operator in real time enabling them to make informed decisions about the tapping process and the system provides clear alarm notifications.


    SDS is suitable for operators of secondary steel making vessels (e.g. EAF, BOF) including stainless steel and can also be used in other smelting operations Eg copper and platinum. The system can also be used to indicate freeboard height if required providing a wide field of view.


    Using the SDS has been demonstrated to improve operator response time and consistency at the end of each tap. This typically results in a reduction in slag depths of up to 25% compared to traditional methods of stream monitoring.


    The cost of additional downstream processing time and materials can be a significant burden on an operating plant. By controlling slag carry-over this costly downstream processing can be reduced or eliminated, improving plant throughput, product quality and operating margins.


    As the tap commences, the application dedicated software records a data log and produces a live graph for quality control. A stream tracking mechanism is included to ensure reliable operation in typical installation conditions. When slag appears, and exceeds an operator defined amount, an alarm is automatically triggered. The system is designed to ensure accurate, real-time detection of steel/slag independent of charge weight and without operator intervention.

    The Slag Detection System is AMETEK Land’s definitive solution for monitoring and reducing slag carryover in steel production facilities. It is proven to reduce slag carryover, save money and improve operator safety.

  • MWIR-Borescope-640
    A highly accurate radiometric infrared borescope imaging camera with spectral filtering for continuous temperature measurement and furnace profiling applications....

  • Combustion atmospheres using dirty fuels require  a thermal imaging solution with advanced spectral filtering and high resolution to deliver clear live images from within a furnace, boiler or incinerator.

    The MWIR-B-640 provides a continuous and clear view, even through heavy smoke and hot furnace atmospheres, which is not possible when using visual camera systems.

    The MWIR-B-640 allows highly accurate and fully radiometric temperature measurement image data to be taken, stored, and trended over the lifetime of the furnace or boiler.

    The advanced IMAGEPro thermal imaging and data processing software supports long term data trending and enables the early detection of leaks and temperature variations to help optimise processes.

    Operators have a clear view of the critical areas within the furnace or boiler with more than 300,000 accurate point temperatures, measuring in the range of 300-1200 °C (572-2192 °F) and 500-1800 °C (932-3272 °F). Providing advanced digital communications via the IMAGEPro software, the performance of the furnace or boiler can be monitored to easily identify hot and cold areas and any uneven heating can be viewed in real-time from the safety of the control room.

    The high-resolution image, combined with the wide-angle field of view (90°), allows multiple areas to be imaged and measured simultaneously.

    The MWIR-B-640 uses proven thermal imaging technology to accurately and continuously profile the temperatures within the furnace or boiler providing improved data accuracy through automation and minimising risk to personnel by reducing the need for personnel to be in the hazardous area around the furnace or boiler.

    MWIR-B-640 is ideal for applications in Steam methane reformers, reheat furnaces,  biomass boilers, coal boilers, cement (kiln furnaces), heat treatment and annealing furnaces.


    Enabling a clear view through dusty/smoky and hot furnace atmospheres, working in the midwave Infrared range


    Enables optimum furnace and boiler control through enhanced process thermal imaging


    Control, monitor, analyse and capture data from the thermal imaging camera with IMAGEPro


    This allows for true real-time furnace optimisation and the opportunity to improve energy efficiency without degrading furnace/boiler lifetime


    Guarantees accurate, reliable data from a safe remote position without risk to the operators

    Auto Retraction Systems


    Designed to auto-retract and protect the thermal imager from damage by overheating in the event of loss of water flow, air pressure, electricity supply or high borescope tip temperature alarm.

    The MWIR-B-640 is an invaluable tool in optimising production throughput, reducing energy consumption, and extending boiler or furnace campaign life.

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