Sustainable Steel Region

Borlange,  BORLANGE 
  • Booth: 2051

Sustainable Steel Region, Innovation & Cutting Edge Knowhow.


Sustainable Steel Region - the innovation region in Europe for the Advanced Steel Industry. Our exhibitors:

Radarbolaget - Constructs radar sensors for the steel and metal industry. Benefits are touchless, non-destructive, non-dangerous measurements, through wall, and maintenance-free equipment. The sensors can be used for optimized heating, feedback measurement, and positioning of slabs and strips.

ScanArc - Plasma technology for heating to high temperatures by an electric arc. To be used for heating, melting, gasification and metallurgical reactions. The operating power of our plasma generators ranges from 100 kW to 8 MW. Up to 90 % of the electric energy is transformed to usable heat. 

GreenIron - Fossil Free Iron and Steel, Today! Innovative environmentally friendly H2 based process technology offering a cost efficient solution contributing to cleaner air, soil and water while increasing the scope of recycling.

Brands: Radarbolaget, ScanArc, Green Iron

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