Janus Automation

Bridgeville,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 1549

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Janus Automation is an engineering systems integrator that specializes in logistics automation solutions for the steel industry. Our technical staff across four countries boasts extensive know-how on systems integration, covering all automation levels, from field instrumentation to corporate intranet systems. We strive to implement the most robust, advanced technological solutions according to our customers’ needs or standards, not the other way around. Our offerings include:

  • Automated Overhead Crane Systems
  • Heavy-Load AGVs and Automated Transfer Cars
  • Warehouse Management Systems and Logistics Optimization
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Safety Systems for Mobile & Stationary Machinery
  • Logistics Flow Simulations
  • Industry 4.0
  • HMI & PLC programming
  • VFD Control Panels and MCCs
  • Contract Engineering
  • Capital Equipment Consulting

Brands: Rodeo Automation Suite, Rodeo Warehouse Management System, Rodeo Positioning Assistance System, Rodeo Big Data, Rodeo Crane Sapiens, Rodeo Rail Tracking System


  • Symeo LPR
    Symeo Local Positioning Radar is a cutting-edge radar distance measurement system that provides highly accurate positioning in the harshest of environments, especially for ladle cars and overhead cranes....

  • Symeo Local Positioning Radar is a line of radar distance measurement sensors that provide highly accurate position measurement in the most demanding environments. Lacking optics or moving parts, Symeo sensors work reliably even in the presence of dust, dirt, moisture, corrosive agents, and more, and will work outdoors unaffected by the sun, wind, rain, or snow. Symeo has proven itself in steel mills around the world, and is becoming the positioning system of choice for hot cars and overhead cranes.

    • Symeo LPR-1D24: Long-range positioning and collision avoidance radar unit with tremendous resistance to skew and a measurement range of 1000m (3,300 ft). The gold standard in crane collision avoidance, the LPR-1D24 features an on-board radio channel for transmitting the positions of trolleys across multiple cranes to ground controllers, facilitating the coordination of collision avoidance solutions between upper overhead cranes and lower gantries, and vice versa, without the use of limit switches, lasers, or a wi-fi system.
    • Symeo LPR-1DHP-290: Laser-like accuracy without the maintance drawbacks of a laser positioning sensor. The LPR-1DHP-290 features 5mm accuracy (0.25") at distances of up to 500m (1,600 ft), providing the precision needed for positioning automated equipment such as ladle cars and automated cranes, while providing the ruggedness and reliability Symeo LPR offers in harsh industrial environments. While it can work as a pair for maximum range, the LPR-1DHP-290 also features the ability to position using a carbon steel reflector, which offers the same measurement precision of 5mm at the expense of range. This makes the device perfect for positioning in areas where mounting electronics is unfeasible, such as for ladle cars, scrap cars, and the trolleys of hot metal cranes.

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