Promecon Process Measurement Control GmbH

United States
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PROMECON USA We Focus on YOUR Process


PROMECON - Dedicated to Process Optimization

PROMECON manufactures and installs high technology measurement systems for the monitoring and optimization of thermal processes such as

  • Coal fired boilers
  • Cement kilns
  • Smelter processes and others

Through our technology emmissions are reduced, efficiency and availability of plants are enhanced. Our goal is to deliver complete solutions that guarantee technical success as well as rapid return on investment.

Our innovative microwave technology surpasses common limitations of measurement technology especially by

  • Accuracy
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance requirements

Brands: McON IR McON Air Compact


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  • McON IR
    Infrared Measurement System...

  • Advantages & Benefits

    • Unique measurement system for high temperature applications.
    • McON IR measures the air velocity directly and is calibration free.
    • The measurement principle is digital, reliable and absolutely drift free.
    • Direct gas-flow-measurement at the process outlet of EAF, BOF and lignite furnaces without additional flow by water quenchers.

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