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AIC Capitanio Tailored Automation is a global system integrator that designs, manufactures and commissions turn-key plants worldwide, providing advanced and tailored automation and mechatronics solutions for the steel industry. The aim is to continuously improve both efficiencies, competitiveness and safety of the production processes. With more than 1500 applications worldwide and 45 years of history, AIC can boast a unique experience in both greenfield and revamping projects, especially in mini-mills.
Thanks to local engineering and service companies, AIC is present in Italy, as well as North America, South America, and India.
Merging with KIA, we extend the products and services range into cold and hot flat products processes, with branches in Germany, China and the Czech Republic.

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 Press Releases

  • GERDAU Whitby, in Ontario (Canada), has contracted AIC North America Corp. for the revamping of the structural mill roughing stand drives in order to reduce downtime and boost readiness. The order comes to confirm the long-held relationship between AIC and the site and confirm one more time the good projects
    performed at the site in the past years.
    Thus, brand-new n.4 ABB DCS880 drives cabinets for the Roughing stands and n.1 AC drives panel for the stands 2-3 conveyors will be supplied, as well as PLC/HMI modifications to fully interface with the existing automation and control system.
    Moreover, rougher stands and conveyors drive alarms and interfaces will be added to the existing HMI platform as well for visualization and diagnostics.
    Remote support services and spare parts will be included by AIC from the start-up.
  • After the interventions focused on the modernization of the electrical and automation parts in the finishing end area, production at the rebar manufacturing plant in New Jersey has been resumed last week.
    This update follows the completion of the FAT (Final Acceptance Tests), which occurred near the end of 2021, after confirming the fulfilment of the requirements tested in the workshop of our Italian production plant.

    The goal of the supply is to improve the controlling and commanding of overall processes. The package primarily involved the supply of a PLC panel outfitted with Allen Bradley ControlLogix for the bundler electrical room, a remote I/O for the Tyer electrical room panel, and an operator station with a control desk installed at the bundler pulpit (as was done inside the 500 Shear pulpit on the most recent upgrade job).

    We dedicated ourselves to improving some cycles and fine-tuning the HMI, such as developing a way to see what alarms are locking out equipment and reorganizing the signals in the Tyer HMI screen to be in sequence.
    The entire rolling process at the finishing end area has been stabilized, and it is still being tested by our engineers directly in the plant to ensure that all parts are working properly.

    The technicians and engineers on both sides supported themselves throughout the field execution process, enhancing their ability to work as a team and obtain a more efficient completion of required tasks.

  • Steel Dynamics, Inc. (SDI), one of the largest domestic steel producers and metals recyclers in the United States, will install an AIC automatic tagging solution based on robotics application.
    The robotic tag application will be integrated into tag bundles at the finishing end of the company's medium section mill in Columbia City (IN, USA), by replacing human time-consuming and repetitive operations, as well enhancing worker safety releasing them from manual operations in the finishing area.

    The turn-key packet holds a stand-alone ABB floor-mounted robot, that integrates smart double camera sensors running artificial vision algorithms, allowing the robot to seamlessly sense its surroundings and respond accordingly: the 3D reconstruction indicates the most suitable coordinates (nearby the centre of the head profile), avoiding any collisions with protruding or misaligned bars.
    Moreover, the counting algorithms will count the number of pieces within the bundle itself, combining the information to form a repository interfaced with the L2 system.

    A QR code reader is included to double-check the printed data (by laser printers in backup configuration) with bundle data coming from plant tracking. Included in the robotic cell, a coloured tags dispenser to indicate special bundles with colour-coding, up to 6 different colours to be associated with the printed tag. In the out-turn, traceability and efficiency will be automatically achieved in the plant.

    Therefore, integrating SIEMENS PLC, the processes outcomes will be mapped through direct and indirect real-time data exchange: information extrapolated driving operations within the robotic island, enhancing productivity and assisting in meeting faster market opportunity thanks to the astonishing cycle time of operations.
    Round out of the package, safety access and control of the entire area will be handled through trapped keys handled by safety PLC, avoiding risky operations and insuring maintenance safety operations.

    The full robotic island will be installed at the site during the second semester of 2022 and commissioning will be ultimate before the end of this year.

  • ATS Mechatronics, AIC Group equipment manufacturer, will furnish Italian OEM OCSAM with 3+1 special design TMB400 automated machines to tie 400x400mm max size round bundles in a Tennessee rebar mill. 

    The special-made machines will be positioned downstream bundle formation area and will be inclusive of auxiliary mechanical equipment, individual hydraulic devices, UL listed electrical and automation systems with Rockwell PLC & control cabinet. 
    The tailored design will ensure adaptability through high customization, minimizing piping works for the dedicated hydraulic central unit and easily fit to the rolling table height. 

    Reliable steel wire formation even at maximum speed is guaranteed by a 6.8-second complete single tie cycle. 
    In addition, a wire loop recovery system designed on an arm structure will be positioned behind the tying machine, between the machine body and the wire unwinding system; it will permit recovery of the loop of exceeding wire that forms during the wire retrieving phase, eliminating repetitive motions. 

    ATS supervisors will be on-site for equipment erection and start-up to fit smoothly under any operating conditions.


  • Automation Systems
    HMI systems, Level 2&3 systems, Main and local control desks...

  • A seamless integrated global control system

  • Power Controls
    MV & LV distribution panels, MCC panels, AC&DC drive panels, PLC&Automation panels...

  • AIC manufactures and supplies AC&DC drives panels suited to allow an enhanced power control of each piece of equipment using all the drives available on the market, such as Rockwell Automation, Siemens, ABB, Nidec, Schneider.

    The power control mainly packet includes:
    - AC medium-voltage panels suited with dedicated power transformers
    - Low voltage AC Drives
    - Single motor drives
    - Multidrives with DC Bus supplier
    - Low voltage DC Drives
    - Soft-starter for smooth acceleration
    - Power Center / MCC for fixed speed drive design
    - AC & DC motor and gear motor basic & detailed design and supply

  • Safety
    Safety systems including fences & protection devices...

  • Cooperating with KERN Industrie Automation (KIA), we ensure qualified implementation of the requirements for plant safety, from risk assessment and electric control equipment to documentation according to the Machine Directive (2006/42/EC).

    The safety box is intended to safeguard the entire area. 
    The incorporation of trapped coded keys ensures that the openings of the safety fences can only be released with their insertion.
    Each key has the ability to open a specific part in the plant to which it is linked.
    Operators who have requested the area's safety can prevent any other operation: this will prevent incorrect or involuntary re-closing, preventing the machines and the entire system from restarting.

  • Special Machines
    Tying and strapping machines for bundles, packs and coils...

  • Particularly, tying machines for bundles and packages have reached a very high level of customer satisfaction and become one of the leading products in the market.

    ATS machines are assembled and tested in house before their delivery for a short and smooth start-up on site. Over the years, the company has established itself as a service company for steel and rolled product manufacturers around the world due to the production of machines with personalized settings based on individual customer needs.

  • Mechatronics
    Robotics & Vision systems...

  • The Robotic Tagging Application developed by AIC is an advanced automation and mechatronic solution to tag bundles of profiles, sections, rebars and wire rod coils in long product rolling mills.

    Robotic tagging stations can be integrated into an existing production layout. This could include floor-mounted or ceiling-mounted robots, depending on needs. 

    The artificial vision and advanced image recognition algorithms embedded will identify the most suitable coordinates (nearby the centre of the profile).

    The 3D vision system can automatically detect the type of products without any specific settings.
    Exchanging data with PLC will be helpful in autonomously deciding the repositioning or any second welding if tags will not fit the set perimeter or will be missed.

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