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United States
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LAP is one of the world's leading suppliers of systems that increase quality and efficiency through laser projection, laser measurement, and other processes. Every year, LAP supplies 15,000 units to customers in industries as diverse as radiation therapy, steel production, and composite processing. 

For the steel industry, LAP provides laser-based systems that measure dimensions such as width, thickness, length, diameter, and straightness in rolling processes. Our systems excel at measure precisely and accurately under the harshest operating conditions. Every day, more than 350 of our systems are used in steel and rolling mills around the world. LAP introduced innovative optical technologies that ensure great efficiency in steel sheet and wire rod production as well as the latest quality control methods in line pipe production.


    3D measurement of rolled long products by means of laser light section sensors...

  • CONTOUR CHECK SHAPE has proven itself in hot rolling of long products and is an essential part of the rolling process in many factories. It checks hot and cold steel profiles with the help of three-dimensional surface reconstruction. Thus, it records geometrical errors due to rolling defects including surface defects like scale seams, shells or roller outbreaks.
    Robust laser measurement system for contour detection of round and square profiles...

  • Laser measuring systems are of central importance for rolling mills to check the contours of steel profile for defects during the production process. A slight deformation on the surface of the profiles reduces the quality of the product, and in the worst case, a broken roll can even destroy the entire batch. With our systems CONTOUR CHECK ROUND & EDGE you identify and evaluate deviations at an early stage. Increase the process efficiency of your production - regardless of temperature and profile shape.
    Precise inline geometry measurement of medium-sized, round cross-sections...

  • Increasing product quality is a major challenge in rolling mills. By means of a laser-based measurement system, the goal of a 100% geometry inspection can be achieved. The CONTOUR CHECK BAR & TUBE  scans the steel profile inline and can determine diameter and ovality within seconds. The precise contour measurement also eliminates the need for many sample cuts, thus significantly reducing the cost of quality assurance.
    Compact measurement system for steel wire and rods with small diameters...

  • A glowing hot wire is pulled through the rolling mill at about 120 meters per second during ongoing production. Speed, high temperatures and dirt are special challenges for a high-precision measuring system. Our solution is the CONTOUR CHECK WIRE. It is specially designed for the geometric measurement of wires, rods and rebar and, at 800 Hz, offers the optimum measuring rate for accurate data acquisition. In the uniaxial version, you can check the diameter; in the two- to three-axis version, the ovality can also be determined. The small dimensions and light weight allow a quick and easy integration of the CONTOUR CHECK WIRE into the existing line.

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