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Filtertech manufactures engineered industrial coolant filtration systems used on hot and cold rolling mills, temper mills and roll grinders that use either a straight oil or water-soluble coolant as the lubricant. Filtration equipment includes flat bed air vacuum filters liquid vacuum filters, deep bed gravity filters, pressure filters, absorption filters, centrifuges and magnetic separators. Filtertech also supplies environmental waste treatment systems for the disposal and treatment of waste water soluble coolants and roll oils. Treatment equipment includes dry chemistry equipment, vacuum distillation units, waste water evaporators, oil-water coalescing separators, oil skimmers, water softeners and activated carbon filters.


  • Magnetic Separator
    The Filtertech Model MSI Magnetic Separator...

  • The Filtertech Model MSI Magnetic Separator Utilizes a vertical bar designed in which a series of magnetic bars form a chain that is driven by a rotating assembly. The bar chains are arranged in parallel to form a magnetic grid through which the dirty coolant passes. As the Dirty coolant passes through the magnetic grid the ferrous particles are attracted to the magnetic bars and attach themselves to it. The particles are then removed from the bars by an efficient wiping system
  • Flatbed Air Vacuum Filter
    Efficient Liquid Clarification through the use of Flatbed Air Vacuum Filtration....

  • In numerous liquid clarification applications involving moderate to high flow rates, the Filtertech Models SCF, HVSCF and FLA Flatbed Air Vacuum Filters provide the desired clarity by removing even the finest of particles using a wide range of filter media. The filter uses a vacuum producer to generate a pressure drop across the filter bed which increases filtration efficiency.

    Flatbed Air Vacuum Filters are available in a variety of configurations and sizes to meet specific requirements for numerous flow rates.

  • High Performance Gravity Filter (HGF)
    Coolant Clarification with "Deep Liquid Pool" Gravity Filter...

  • The Filtertech Model HGF Deep Bed Gravity Filter provides effective clarification for a variety of applications. The Model HGF combines a compact design with a deep liquid pool. This is accomplished by usingout patented labyrinth side seal design, which provies an efficient seal along wach edge of the filter media.
  • "Oil Eater" Dual Tube Oil Skimmer (DTOS)
    Removal of Floating tramp oils with single or dual tube type oil skimmer...

  • Filtertech's Oil Skimmer provides an effective means for removing tramp oil from the liquid surface. The unique design Model DTOS "Oil Eater" Oil skimmer allows the ability to have a single tube skimmer or dual tube skimmer.
  • Oil Water Separator (OWS)
    Tramp and "Free" Oil Separation from Aqueous solutions using tube pack separation...

  • To effectively remove contaminants, Filtertech manufactures its Model OWS Oil Water Separator. The Model OWS uses uniquely-designed coalesicng tube packs that accelerate separation and remove these contaminants from the aqueous solution.

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