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Surface inspection for fast and accurate materials checking.


AMETEK Surface Vision is the world leader in automated online surface inspection solutions. Its broad product range is optimized for the consistent monitoring and inspection of surfaces and process surveillance applications.

The SmartView and SmartAdvisor product lines deliver robust, flexible solutions to continuous production processes across a number of industries, with hundreds of customers and more than 2,500 installations worldwide.

Its systems have become vital to increasing efficiency, streamlining operations, improving product quality and reducing costs and waste in steel production processes.

AMETEK Surface Vision continues to innovate, providing cutting-edge technologies and world-class technical support that delivers highly accurate defect data, high-definition video, intelligent grading, archiving and detailed reporting.

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AMETEK Surface Vision Steel Overview

 Press Releases

  • AMETEK Surface Vision has joined forces with Sensory Analytics, the source for innovative SpecMetrix® Systems, in a strategic partnership that will provide customers with significant cost savings as well as improved quality and production.

    Both companies are fast-growing market leaders with a commitment to delivering actionable in-process measurements, enabling operators to make real-time data-driven improvements that further enhance productivity and product quality.

    Mike Hevey, Division Vice President and Business Manager, AMETEK Surface Vision and Greg Frisby, Global Industry Manager, Sensory AnalyticsMike Hevey, Division Vice President and Business Manager, AMETEK Surface Vision and Greg Frisby, Global Industry Manager, Sensory Analytics

    AMETEK Surface Vision delivers robust, flexible solutions for continuous production processes across multiple industries through its advanced SmartView® and SmartAdvisor® systems for monitoring and inspecting webs and surfaces.

    Sensory Analytics has become a global leader through its transformative ROI and EXR technologies for real-time coating thickness and film layer measurement, used to power its SpecMetrix in-line systems, off-line QA solutions, and flexible OEM units.

    The partnership provides significant benefits to global coil coating, converting, and packaging leaders who are processing flat-profile products. The benefits include a combination of best-in-class solutions for in-process thickness measurement as well as surface detection and classification. 

    AMETEK Surface Vision and Sensory Analytics will jointly develop new offerings that will provide customers with higher levels of data aggregation for the products they produce to maintain compliance with end market requirements. This will allow them to better understand processing performance and identify optimization opportunities.

    Mike Hevey, Division Vice President and Business Manager at AMETEK Surface Vision said: “Both companies operate in similar industries, with technologies placed up and down the same process lines. This partnership brings with it excellent synergies for our customers, as we can offer them unique integrated solutions. 

    “With our Global Service Team, combined with Sensory Analytics’ leading technology position in coat weight and thickness measurement gauging, customers will have access to greater levels of service as well as pioneering technologies,”
     Hevey added.

    Greg Frisby, Global Industry Manager for SpecMetrix Systems at Sensory Analytics, added: “We both share a commitment to customer support, technical innovation, process control, and quality improvements that are unmatched by other industry offerings. Our exclusive technologies are non-contact, highly precise, and complementary, creating significant potential for new, combined product and process data offerings that support industrial digitalization.”

    To find out more about Sensory Analytics’ SpecMetrix systems, visit:
  • AMETEK Surface Vision now offers a range of expert system services to ensure optimum levels of operation for the lifetime of its inspection and monitoring products.


    Customers will benefit from AMECare Performance Services throughout their system lifecycles. AMECare — which features a range of global services available 24/7 — offers assistance for a variety of needs, from initial set up to trainings and spare parts.

    Starting from purchase, AMECare provides tailored support for the installation, alignment, calibration, and configuration of new systems. On-site engineers will ensure the system is designed for individual requirements, using unique recipes and configured communications to ensure seamless integration with existing plant systems.

    AMECare also provides service contracts to ensure customers receive dedicated on-site and remote support in response to any critical system problems, as well as general maintenance and software updates.

    Yamina Lansari

    Yamina Lansari, Global Manager of Technical Services for Surface Vision, said: “We understand our customers often have mission-critical systems where downtime is not an option. AMECare service and support engineers understand the importance of remote   and on-site services to ensure the most appropriate action in the event of any problems.”

    Preventative maintenance is included in the AMECare package to identify and solve potential problems early, before they cause significant, costly process downtime. This service can also lead to less general maintenance, fewer part failures, and optimal system performance.

    Other services offered as part of AMECare include expert technical support, training to ensure operators get the best out of their systems, and advice on stocking the right spare parts.

    Paul StuytPaul Stuyt, Global Manager Projects and Service at Surface Vision added: With over 2,500 installations worldwide, we understand how important it is to keep your systems working. Our global team of service and project engineers are constantly reviewing and updating our processes, ensuring customers always receive best-in-class service and support to get the most out of their systems.”

    Other benefits of using AMECare include reduced material waste, improved product quality, enhanced defect detection, and process optimization.

    AMETEK Surface Vision provides products and solutions for a wide range of industries, including metals, paper, plastic film, and nonwovens.  

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  • SmartView® - Surface Inspection
    SmartView® is a versatile, modular system for detecting, monitoring and reporting surface defects in products ranging from paper and plastics to steel and aluminum....

  • The most advanced surface inspection platform available to the market, SmartView® combines powerful software, linescan camera technology, high-intensity lighting and industry-leading engineering to deliver a trusted automatic solution.

    Flexible and customizable, SmartView uses the most advanced inspection technologies for each application, providing the best-possible precise real-time detection and classification.


    No other surface inspection solution delivers the seamless integration and reliable performance level of SmartView. Sophisticated image processing, linescan cameras and linear array lights form a game-changing configuration for accurate, real-time defect detection, reporting and visualization on virtually any flat material product.


    SmartView looks at surfaces much like people do – studying an area and comparing against expectations or past experience. It provides immediate results, reporting quality according to a configurable classification scale.


    AMETEK Surface Vision created the surface inspection market with the first digital camera-based system in the 1980s. Since then, we’ve remained one step ahead, with an in-depth knowledge of surface inspection systems and the needs of industry.

    SmartView Surface Inspection is AMETEK Surface Vision’s industry-leading modular solution for real-time surface defect detection ideal for aluminum, steel, paper, plastics and nonwovens industries. Find out more by contacting us.

  • SmartAdvisor® - Process Monitoring
    An industry-leading video monitoring system, SmartAdvisor® Process Monitoring finds defects and upsets across the process, from root cause to failure....

  • An industry-leading video monitoring system, SmartAdvisor® Process Monitoring finds defects and upsets across the process, from root cause to failure.

    Single-screen analysis from several cameras reduces the troubleshooting time, which means the causes of process problems can be detected more quickly. Corrective action can therefore be taken rapidly, reducing waste.

    SmartAdvisor Process Monitoring captures high-resolution images from multiple cameras along a production line or web process. It provides video software tools to troubleshoot issues, analyze problems and enable immediate action to be taken.

    Delivering video-based process monitoring to manufacturers worldwide, SmartAdvisor is used across a range of industries, including paper, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, and nonwovens.


    The convenient display allows the operator to view image feeds from several cameras at the same time, on one screen. This enables safe monitoring across many process locations, without the risk of missing something while switching between views.


    AMETEK Surface Vision’s industry-leading inspection and classification algorithms are backed by more than 20 years of engineering experience. They allow easy operation to deliver required monitoring precision and accuracy.


    A diverse range of SmartAdvisor solutions provide customizable systems to fit individual production and quality requirements. This ensures the most capable, cost-effective installation is available for each user.

    SmartAdvisor Process Monitoring is AMETEK Surface Vision’s unified multi-camera viewing system for continuous processes – Find out more by contacting us.

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