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Welcome to Refmin booth, booth No.118.


Refmin has be in the business of exporting metallurgical materials for twenty years more and continuously

Supplied our qualified materials to refractory, foundry and steel industry. Based on offices or sister companies

in China (Jinan and Nanjing), Hong Kong, Sydney and Los Angeles, we build up the supply chain between

manufacturers and users, We bridge the producers and users together, direct sourcing and direct selling.

Refmin looks after procurement, quality control, logistic and financing etc and contribute our efforts and innovation

to this business and make it value-added and benefits all parties involved.

Refmin has be accredited by ISO9001 and have supplied more than 100,000mt all kinds of raw materials with value over US$50 million to her customers in USA, EC, Australia, Japan, Turkey, India, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina etc.


  • Pig Iron
    Low P (<0.03%), Low Ti (<0.03%), Low S (<0.015%) and low Mn (<0.1%), works for both steel and casting industry...

  • Capacity 3,000,000mtpa, flexible shipment quantity, China origin.
  • Calcium Aluminate (Sintered, Fused)
    SCA40-50, SCA55-60, SCA-M, SCA-50...

  • This product works as slag-making agent or covering agent for steel liquid.
  • Carbon Raiser, Graphite Petro Coke
    There is crucible scrap and Graphited Petro Coke available with low S and N....

  • Carbon from 98/98.5/99/99.5, low S (<0.5/0.05/0.02), low N (<0.08/0.05/0.03/0.01)
  • Insulation Fire Brick
    Produced as per ASTM standard, available 20/23/26/28/30/32...

  • Product has be exported to USA, European and many other countries around the world
  • Calcium Silicate Board
    Product includes two types of 650oC and 1050oC, and also high density board (density>800) can be used as insulation board in ladle....

  • Product can be used in metallurgy, petro-chem, cement etc.

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