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The Value of On-Line Dissolved Gas Monitors


The Value of On-Line Dissoved Gas Monitoring 

Business Challenges

  • Challenges
    • Uninterrupted power supply is the lifeblood of many steel processes
    • Tranformers are CRITICAL to the production cycle
  • Solutions
    • Transformers need modern monitors and specialst support
    • On-line moniotring reduces the risk of sudden power loss and potentially catastophic failure

Best Practice

  • Failure Rates 
    • Tradionally, overall transformers failure rates are quoted at 1 to 4 % (depending on application and geography); typical useful life is expected 40 years
    • EAF transformer failure rates have been quotes as high as 15% of operatign units (with 50% failure within 3 years); useful life s quotes as 7 to 10 years.
  • Replacement
    • Inndustry practice is to have a 'sliding spare' . . . .  But where is it located and how long does it take to exchange ?
    • What criteria is used to decide when to replace it ?  

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