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J. H. Fletcher & Co. has been engineering and manufacturing custom equipment since 1937. Fletcher Engineered Solutions (a division of J.H. Fletcher & Co.) focuses on providing equipment solutions to improve safety and efficiency in difficult and hazardous environments, including steel mills. A staple in this division is the Safe Ladle Access Device, designed to reduce the need for ladders and provide a safer entry process during rebricking and repair. To learn more visit www.jhfletcher.com or email JHFSalesRFQ@JHFletcher.com.

Brands: Fletcher Engineered Solutions Products


LAD System
Sand Spreader


  • Model SS-1
    Sand Spreader...

  • The Fletcher model SS-1 is a bottom hearth material spreader system, designed to be crane set on top of the bottom half of your existing electric arc furnace. The system is engineered with the ability to convey refractory bottom hearth material at a nominal rate of 60 tons/hour to all points within the furnace. This system includes radio remote control.

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