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Fan Troubleshooting and Upgrades for Ventilation Systems



  1. Reduce energy 20% to +50% for same performance
  2. Reduce abrasive wear by factor of 2 to 7 times
  3. Increase performance up to 30% with available power
  4. Resolve vibration, cracking, dust build-up and noise problems
  5. Firm guaranty for new high efficiency rotors operating in the existing fan housing and system
  6. Provide ventilation system evaluation of performance and conduct root-cause analysis of operational/reliability issues- no-charge

AIST 2012 Energy Achievement Award Winner: ID Fan Efficiency Upgrade at Nucor Melt Shop Emission System

Reduced power by 2,059 kW and increased flow by 3% using 3 fans vs the 4 needed prior to the upgrade.  Missed energy savings prediction by 7 kW or + 0.3% error.

Wear life increased from 1 year to ~ 7 years.

Phase 2: Increased performance ~24% and avoided 4.3 MW power use with 4th fan upgraded.

 David Roberts: 905-509-9797

Brands: I-Flow High Efficiency Fans

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