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If you're having issues with dirty or wet oil, we can help.


Studies show that 80% to 85% of oil-realted machinery breakdowns are due to contaminated oils.

Any machine that uses oil for lubrication, cleaning, or power transmission are dependent on the condition of the oil.  CC Jensen is the industry leader in keeping oils clean and dry, thus extending the life of not only the oil, but most importantly the equipment.  We guarantee results.

CC Jensen  -  Clean Oil, Bright Ideas

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Oil Filtration
Removing Water From Oil

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  • (May 10, 2022)

    CC Jensen can provide a demo oil filter that can be run at your facility for 90 days at no cost to see how clean and dry it can get and keep your oil.  Stop by the CC Jensen booth for details.


  • CC Jensen Oil Filter
    Off Line Oil Filter that removes dirt down to less than a micron in size as well as water and soft contaminants from lube, hydraulic, quench, wash, and thermal oils. Filter elements last far longer than any other oil filter on the market....

  • CC Jensen oil filters are kidney loop systems that pull oil and return oil from the reservoir indepent of the operation of the equipment.  They are self-contained with a motor, pump, and filter housing and are designed to run 24/7.  Particle counts are typically maintained to 16/14/11 while water is typcially maintained to 100 ppm or less.  Soft contaminants are removed as well.  This extends the life of the oil, reduces repairs, lowers the chances of downtime, and extends the life of the equipment.  CC Jensen filters can be used on virtually any lube, hydraulic, thermal, quench, or wash oil, as well as diesel fuel.

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