GP Marking and Reading Systems

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Marking and Reading Systems for the Steel Industry


GP is a global leader with more than 550 machines and is entering the US Market. We offer durable and reliable solutions to identify & recognize automatically the products for their in-line tracking and branding in the metal production plants.

Today the production can be easily tracked also in the metal production plants, despite the harsh environment, the hard service life, the very demanding operation. Having available all marking and reading technologies, installed on both robots to electromechanical machines, we are always capable to supply the best solutions to our Customers, specifically tailored to their needs. Our machines feature effective design, reliable operation, innovative technology.

GP’s Mission is to create Customers value by providing problem-solving and manufacturing of enduring, reliable, innovative, and cost-effective equipment.

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Technology Presentation


  • PUMA Hammer - Punching Machine
    PUMA Hammer is a heavy-duty<br />device suitable for use in extremely<br />harsh C.C. environment for<br />marking billets, blooms, slabs at<br />very high temperature...

  • The PUMA HAMMER uses a very hard, wedge-shaped single chisel, moving along X-Y directions in the work area; segments are sequentially indented, moving and rotating the chisel at high speed; this assures a good penetration and, differently from punching a character in a single shot, assures to have always the whole character even if the surface is uneven. Special font design in order to print unmistakable characters. Special features are available for marking stainless steel and in general, all special steels that, when flame cut with the addition of iron powder, show thick scale.

    PUMA Hammer is basically composed
    by :
    • the punching head
    • the pneumatic cabinet
    • the control unit

    Product temperature:
    from ambient to 1200°C
    Characters type:
    letters, numbers, customer logo,
    codes for automatic reading
    Characters size:
    height from 10 mm - 25 mm
    N. of lines:
    max. 3
    N. of characters each line:
    max. 16
    about 2 mm, depending on material
    and temperature
    Marking speed:
    min. 0,65 s / character
    reverse marking (upside down
    stainless steel package

  • PUMA Speedy - Punching Machine
    PUMA Speedy is the system developed by GP for punching metal products out of hot and cold rolling mills (like plates, pipes, beams, etc.)....

  • The main feature of the system is the capability to punch a large number of characters in a very short time; this is obtained by moving one or more multi-pin packages (with configurable pins number) in X-Y directions, during the movement each pin marks simultaneously a portion of the message. Characters are defined by a matrix of dots indented in the metal surface, penetration force is adjustable. 

    PUMA Speedy is basically composed by :
    • the punching head
    • the pneumatic cabinet
    • the control unit

    Technical features
    Product Temperature:
    from ambient to 950°C
    Pin arrangement:
    modular, from 5 to 15 pins
    Font matrix:
    7, 9, 12 or 16 dots in height
    Character type:
    letters, numbers, special
    characters (logos), Data Matrix
    Characters size:
    height from 3 mm to 25 mm
    N. of lines:
    max. 4
    N. of characters each line:
    max. 90 each line
    about 0.3 - 0.5 mm

  • TEMA Mono - Paint Marking System
    TEMA MONO is a paint marking system based on a single, heavy-duty special gun able to spray a continuous line of paint defining characters as a human hand in a wide range of dimensions....

  • The nozzle can be manipulated by a robot or an electro-mechanical X-Y table. TEMA MONO system is basically composed by :
    • a spray gun fixed to the manifold
    • the paint feeding cabinet with paint recirculation
    • the pneumatic cabinet
    • the automatic cleaning system

    Product temperature:
    from ambient to 1100°C
    Characters type:
    alphanumeric, logos, Data Matrix, special characters, different fonts
    Characters size:
    height from 28 to 200 mm (settable by the operator)
    Marking speed:
    up to 1.5 characters / s
    Type of marking
    standard (straight forward), reverse, upside down, on one or more lines static marking (head moving over the product at standstill)
    Marking product:
    paint (solvent and water based) or ink (according the application)

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