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Filtertech manufactures engineered industrial coolant filtration systems used on hot and cold rolling mills, temper mills and roll grinders that use either a straight oil or water-soluble coolant as the lubricant. Filtration equipment includes flat bed air vacuum filters liquid vacuum filters, deep bed gravity filters, pressure filters, absorption filters, centrifuges and magnetic separators. Filtertech also supplies environmental waste treatment systems for the disposal and treatment of waste water soluble coolants and roll oils. Treatment equipment includes dry chemistry equipment, vacuum distillation units, waste water evaporators, oil-water coalescing separators, oil skimmers, water softeners and activated carbon filters.


    Ferrous Particulate Removal From Coolants Using Vertical Bar Magnetic Separation...

  • In the process of rolling steel strip, the roll coolant over time will become contaminated with ferrous particles and tramp oils. These contaminants in high enough concentrations can result in increased roll wear and roll changes, reduced production  and product quality, increased roll oil and water consumption and decreased coolant life. The Filtertech model MSI magnetic separator utilizes a vertical bar design in which a series of magnetic bars form a chain that is driven by a rotating assembly. The bar chains are arranged in parallel to form a magnetic grid through which the dirty coolant passes. As the dirty coolant passes through the magnetic grid the ferrous particles are attracted to the magnetic bars and attach themselves to it. The particles are then removed from the bars by an efficient wiping system.

    • Heavy duty structural steel construction.
    • 304 Stainless steel magnetic bars with swivel-pin connectors.
    • Non magnetic reinforced upper and lower rotating assembly.
    • Non-magnetic wiping gland assembly allows 360° wiping around the circumference of each bar.
    • 304 Stainless steel conveyor trough with heavy duty chain and flights.
    • 2 Hp shear pin protected drive motor with variable speed control.
    • Upper and lower sealed bearing assemblies.
    • Compact rugged design for installation in existing reservoir tank or separate external tank.
    • 460V/3Ø/60Hz control panel with variable speed drive (other voltages available).

    • Hot rolled steel cover with access doors.
    • Magnetic Separator tank with bottom drain internal baffle, inlet and outlet connections.
    • Stainless steel wetted surfaces.
    • Epoxy coated wetted surfaces.

    Rolling Oil Clarification Using Absorption Filter Technology...

  • Many rolling applications require the use of light oil in place of the typical water-soluble coolant. Traditionally clarification of the roll oils has been done with disposable cartridge filters or diatomaceous earth filters. These methods, while effective, are maintenance intensive and require disposable guard filters.
    To address these issues, Filtertech has developed the Model ABS Absorption Filter that is fully automatic and eliminates the need for any precoating or use of disposable filters. The Model ABS Absorption Filter incorporates a unique filter element design that removes even the finest particles and at the same time is self-cleaning using semi-permanent filter elements.

    The Model ABS Absorption Filter is available in a wide variety of configurations to meet the needs of various applications including engineered system design when required.


    • Heavy-duty steel construction.
    • Multiple chamber design for flexible operation and online cleaning without filtration interruption.
    • Removable manifold design for easy filter element maintenance.
    • Automatic filter element backflush cleaning feature.
    • Virtually no pressure drop to prevent filter element fouling.
    • PLC control and touchscreen operator interface.


    • Stainless steel construction.
    • Dirty oil recovery system.

    Tramp and "Free" Oil Separation From Aqueous Solutions Using Tube Pack Separation...

  • In many industrial manufacturing processes, water, coolants, quenchants and other aqueous solutions become contaminated with tramp, lube and hydraulic oils which detrimentally affect the process. In addition, catch basins, storm sewers and retention ponds are often mixed with motor oil, gasoline and other  hydrocarbons which prevent the safe discharge to surface waters.

    To effectively remove these contaminants, Filtertech manufactures its Model OWS Oil Water Separator. The Model OWS uses uniquely-designed coalescing tube packs that accelerate separation and remove these contaminants from the aqueous solution. The Model OWS is manufactured in a wide range of sizes to  accommodate many different capacity requirements. In addition, the OWS is available in various materials of construction and optional features.


    • Heavy-duty reinforced hot rolled steel vessel construction.
    • Low velocity inlet header to minimize turbulence.
    • Solids retention baffle with hot rolled steel construction.
    • High-efficiency polypropylene tube packs with lifting lugs for easy removal and cleaning.
    • Sloped bottom reservoir design with drains for solids removal.
    • Internal over/under baffles in hot rolled steel construction.
    • Oil decantation outlets with adjustable weirs.
    • Clean outlet with adjustable weir.
    • Hinged inspection hatches and full removable covers in hot rolled steel construction.
    • Exterior oil drain trough.


    • COR-TEN® steel wetted surface construction.
    • Stainless steel wetted surface construction.
    • Pump away sump with transfer pump.
    • Pre-filter chamber with replaceable filter bag elements.
    • Model DTOS Dual

    Efficient Liquid Clarification Through The Use of Flatbed Air Vacuum Filtration...

  • In numerous liquid clarification applications involving moderate to high flow rates, the Filtertech Models SCF, HVSCF and FLA Flatbed Air Vacuum Filters provide the desired clarity by removing even the finest particles using a wide range of filter media. The filter uses a vacuum producer to generate a pressure drop across the filter bed which increases filtration efficiency. The Filtertech Model SCF Flatbed Air Vacuum Filter is available in a variety of configurations and sizes to meet specific requirements for numerous flow rates.


    • The operating vacuum is generated totally independent of the liquid flow with a low HP vacuum producer, thereby offering flexibility of operation as the filter can operate without the vacuum producer.
    • The air vacuum concept shears away the presence of potential tramp oil at the media entrance area to prevent premature “blinding” of the media since the filter bed is open to atmosphere.
    • The air vacuum is used as a tool to dewater the solids on the discharged spent media resulting in drier solids.
    • The vacuum producer allows natural aeration of the liquid to minimize the growth of anaerobic bacteria.
    • The filter never goes off stream during the short movement of the filter media. The height of the liquid pool and vacuum allows an increased pressure drop across the media for very efficient filtration.
    • The filter media indexing is very short to help prevent migration of extremely fine material into the clean section of the filter.
    • The liquid level in the filter initially rises during the short index cycle thereby increasing pressure drop across the media. Should tramp/”free” oil be present, the oil can be decanted into optional internal collection troughs.
    • The conveyor system is fully supported, not immersed into the dirty liquid and can use virtually any industrial type filter media including lightweight polyesters or high efficiency loft media as the media is carried through the filter.
    • Automatic self-draining of the liquid during shut down.
    • Very efficient double labyrinth side seals that do not rely on vacuum, mechanical adjustments or special elastomers to maintain sealing integrity of the filter media throughout the filter bed.


    • Pre-coat and liquid extraction: The pre-coat option allows a portion of the flow to be intercepted during the very short indexing cycle whereby the same is recirculated allowing “pre-coat” of the incoming media using the dirt of the system. The liquid extraction feature allows for further dewatering of the spent media typically “free” of loose liquid.
    • Control level indexing (CLI): The feature allows for a consistent liquid level within the bed of the filter for continuous but extremely slow indexing of the filter media. The feature minimizes migration of extremely fine particulate through the clean end of the filter media during movement. The controlled pressure drop across the media allows a consistent liquid level within the bed of the filter, while maintaining a maximum operating vacuum continuously thereby reducing operating energy.
    • Internal Oil Skimming Troughs: Internally adjustable oil skimming troughs (see figure 6) to collect and automatically discharge accumulated tramp oil. The troughs are mounted within the filter bed, complete with internal piping, terminating in two 3” NPT (DIN 80) connections on the side of the filter.
    • Vacuum producer long-coupled to the drive motor.


    • Reinforced steel construction
    • Heavy-duty conveyor belt
    • Conveyor support rollers
    • Integral mist collector elements
    • Low velocity inlet distributor
    • Centrifugal vacuum producer
    • Shear pin protected media drive
    • Deep filter bed (Varies by Model)
    • Low media sensor
    • Constant operating vacuum
    • Patented double labyrinth side seals
    • Patented air flow modulator assembly
    • Latching type index controls
    • Prewired 24V DC devices to JIC junction box


    • Controlled level indexing (CLI)
    • Vacuum producer long-coupled
    • Liquid extraction chamber
    • Precoat zone
    • Internal decantation trough
    • Stainless steel construction (304 or 316)
    • Semi-permanent media belt
    • Spent media rewinder/sludge separator
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