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Berry Metal Company is a leading furnace technology company providing solutions to improve efficiency, lower operating costs, and increase throughput for steelmakers.  With decades of expertise in BF, BOF, EAF and Alternative Ironmaking, we have earned a strong reputation for quality products, dependable deliveries, and knowledgeable repair services. Our R&D and engineering staff have developed more than 75 patents related to product innovation and process improvements for the EAF, BF, and BOF.  We continue to innovate and build long-term partnerships based on exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations with our “Boots on the Ground” philosophy - providing routine interface on the plant floor from installation through fine tuning of systems.   Berry Metal is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

 Press Releases

  • Berry Metal Company (BMC) is pleased to announce that the company was contracted to design and install a new Vertical Tundish Heater for a major mid-western EAF mill. The equipment is in process and will be installed in August/September of 2021.

    The Tundish Preheater, using natural gas and air burners, is a Berry Metal proprietary design. The Preheater features independent Air and Natural Gas flow control, and dual burners that each produce up to 5.5 million BTUs for rapid and even heating.

    The Berry Preheater replaces an aging and inefficient unit that became unreliable. The Berry Preheater consumes less energy and operates at lower costs.

    "Our goal is to help supercharge our customers overall EAF performance by improving efficiency, lowering operating costs and increasing throughput," said David Werner President and Chief Operating Officer. "Increasing the effectiveness of Tundish Preheating is one piece of puzzle and we're excited to have been selected to produce this equipment."

    About Berry Metal Company: BMC is more than a technology supplier… Since 1951, BMC has provided proven dependable manufacturing with continuous product innovation and improvement. We are an engineering company with unparalleled manufacturing capabilities. We provide dependable and groundbreaking furnace solutions for steelmakers. And we create long-term relationships by supporting those solutions through a “boots on-the-ground” approach because we are invested in our clients and their continued success. The Berry EAF portfolio includes chemical energy, lime injection, carbon injection, ladle and tundish preheaters, cooling panels, leak detection systems, repairs, and engineering in and around the furnace and caster areas of the EAF.

    ISO 9001:2015 Certified


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  • Berry Metal Company has successfully commissioned a newly developed, state-of-the-art lime injection system at Big River Steel. The scope of the project included the design and supply of a comprehensive technology package for pneumatic lime injection at BRS’s greenfield facility in Osceola, AR. The system, which was installed as part of the BRS Phase I EAF, was successfully commissioned in May of 2020. Berry has also been contracted to install a similar system when BRS completes its Phase II EAF in 2021.

    The custom designed system hit the targeted flow rate of 1,000 lbs. /min for Dolomitic and HiCal, which is one of the highest flow rates in North America.

    This new lime injection technology provides two critical advantages.

    • First, it allows for successful flow of various gradients and sizing of lime particles from lime dust up to 1 ½” nominal sizing without clogging.

    • Second, the Lime Injectors provide an accelerated punch into the bath increasing yield and efficiency in the steel making process.

    The system, which includes all components from the outside transporter to the injector, was installed and cold commissioned while the mill was running so that no normal operations were reduced. All calibrations and test testing was performed on scheduled downtime.

    Berry formed an exclusive partnership with Nol-Tec Systems to incorporate their patented Air Assist Injection and Transport Technology, enhancing Berry’s complete Lime Injection System from silo into the furnace via Berry’s patented Lime Injectors/Burners.   

    The system is completely self-contained and sealed, reducing lime consumption and yield losses that typically occur in transport, delivery and at injection points. By preventing lime dust from entering the work environment, plant cleanliness is also improved.

    “The pneumatic lime system will give BRS operators fast and precise control of their lime mix so operators can better utilize raw materials in the melting process,” said David Werner, President of Berry Metal Company. “The system features BMC proprietary accelerator nozzles that increase carbon jet velocity by 18-20%, as well as air “boost” to enhance lime efficiency and minimize line clogging and maintenance. Our system can inject a large volume of lime in a very short time frame, with improved homogenous dispersal throughout the heat.”

    The Berry system, which encompasses Outside Conveying, Storage, Inside Conveying and EAF Injection of lime, will improve BRS’s flexibility in controlling slag characteristics and help with overall improved steel process performance and efficiency.

    “This lime injection system allows steel producers to have fluctuations in their lime sizing, which has been the primary problem with clogging and related loss of productivity in existing lime injection systems. We are very pleased with the results of this key installation. It further expands our comprehensive offering of lime and carbon solutions, from storage to injection into the furnace.” said Werner.

    The Berry portfolio includes chemical energy, lime injection, carbon injection, ladle and tundish preheaters, cooling panels, leak detection systems, repairs, and engineering in and around the furnace and caster areas of the EAF.   

    ISO 9001-:2015 Certified

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  • After 70 years, Berry Metal Company continues to be on the cutting edge of furnace innovation.

    Berry Metal provides advanced furnace technology in the areas of BOF, EAF, and Blast Furnace. This technology is focused on improved cooling, maximizing efficiency of inputs, and reducing down time for maintenance.

    Berry also provides solutions for alternative iron, downstream caster and rolling mills, and material handling systems for lime, carbon, and other alloys.

    Some of the largest, high profile EAF mills in the USA are realizing significant operational improvements utilizing Chemical Energy, Lime and Carbon Injection systems from Berry Metal.

    "Our goal is to deliver tomorrow’s technology for companies to use today. We plan on doing that for the next 70 years”, said David Werner, President & Chief Operating Officer.
  • Oxy-Gas Burner, Water-Cooled Housings, Valve Stands, Air Assist Lime Injection.

    Berry Metal Company (BMC) has announced that the company has been selected by Steel Dynamics to engineer and supply the Chemical Energy Package and Lime Injection System for its new state-of-the-art Flat Roll Mill in Sinton, Texas. Berry is currently working on these projects, which will be installed and commissioned in the first quarter of 2021.

    The Chemical Energy project scope includes construction and supply of custom designed V-Max™ Oxygen-Gas Burners housed in BMC DuraForge™ water-Cooled Boxes along with Valve Stands to provide optimum chemical energy for the plant’s new Texas EAFs.

    “Our patented V-Max™ Burner Technology maximizes the oxygen and natural gas mix, providing increased penetration into the bath, to ensure optimum chemical energy for the EAF,” said David Werner, President of Berry Metal Company.

    The Lime Injection System—which is bolstered by Berry’s exclusive partnership with Nol-Tec Systems—incorporates patented Air Assist and Smart Assist transport technology to deliver enhanced injection efficiency into the furnace via Berry’s patented Lime Injectors. The system utilizes low pressure continuous flow and senses any change in pressure—indicating a potential clog forming. The system automatically adjusts air pressure to keep the lime flowing.

    “The unique benefit of our lime injection system is that it allows steel producers to successfully flow various gradients and sizing of lime particles from lime dust up to 1 ½ ” nominal sizing without clogging,” said Werner. “That is game changing.”

    ISO 9001:2015 Certified

    Berry Metal Company Confidential Information

  • State-of-the-art pneumatic lime injection technology for the steel industry

    Berry Metal Company (BMC) is proud to announce that it is has entered into an exclusive partnership with Nol-Tec Systems (Nol-Tec) to engineer air injection systems that provide high efficiency delivery of lime used in the steel making process. The pneumatic systems significantly increase material flow rates while allowing injection of a much wider variation of particle sizes.

    Nol-Tec’s dense phase pneumatic conveying system, utilizing its industry leading M328 Fluidizer and Air Assist™/Smart Assist™ technology, maintains continuous low pressure flow throughout the piping system, allowing the use of lime sizing/gradients from lime dust up to 1 ½” without clogging.

    Existing systems push high air pressure at the front of the system but they lose air pressure via pressure drop during transport from silo to furnace, resulting in reduced flow rates and clogging.  The Berry/Nol-Tec systems eliminate this issue—providing a reliable and constant air flow through the entire process, eliminating clogging and flow issues.

    Additionally, the systems are completely self-contained and sealed, eliminating lime yield loss while preventing lime dust from contaminating the work environment.

    “This new state-of-the-art system developed between Berry and Nol-Tec has revolutionized lime injection systems in the steel industry,” said David Werner, President of Berry Metal Company. “Our system incorporates Nol-Tec’s patented Air AssistTM and Smart AssistTM technology with Berry’s patented Lime Injector/Burner technology to solve the longstanding issues with traditional lime injection systems. Our system allows for fluctuations in particle sizing, eliminates clogging, and accelerates the lime particles into the bath for better yield and efficiencies in the steel making process. We are extremely excited to be working as exclusive partners with Nol-Tec.”

    The Berry/Nol-Tec lime injection systems are custom designed—from silo through injection into the furnace including all controls, valving, transporters, piping, injectors, and HMI screens in pulpit—to fit each customer’ s specific needs.

    “Nol-Tec and Berry Metal’s innovative application of its patented technology to solve a longstanding and complex problem in the steel industry makes for an exciting partnership” said Todd Larson, President and CEO of Nol-Tec Systems. “Not only does our collective technology lead the industry, but our two companies collaborated extremely well throughout the project development phase and that gives me confidence about the future success of working exclusively with Berry’s team. We look forward to rolling out this technology and solving more bulk material handling challenges in the steel industry.”

    About Berry Metal: The Berry portfolio includes chemical energy, lime injection, carbon injection, ladle and tundish preheaters, cooling panels, leak detection systems, repairs, and engineering in and around the steelmaking, ironmaking, and caster areas of steel production. Utilizing this deep experience in the steel industry, Berry Metal will lead the collective partnership efforts to introduce the pneumatic technology into the market, focusing on system design, construction/project support, implementation, and commissioning.

    About Nol-Tec Systems: Nol-Tec is recognized as a global leader in the design and manufacture of pneumatic conveying equipment for the processing of dry bulk materials. We have experience handling hundreds of different products from a wide range of industries enabling us to deliver reliable and costeffective bulk material handling systems. Our in-house test lab provides clients with the confidence they need to make informed decisions about their new system design, upgrade or retrofit. Industries include automotive, battery, bioprocess, biotechnology, building materials, ceramics, chemicals, fiberglass, food, glass, mining, oil & gas, steel, plastics, tire & rubber, and air pollution control. (

    ISO 9001:2015

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