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Quaker Houghton - Forward Together

Quaker Houghton is a partner in progress to the world's most successful steel companies. With R&D labs on three continents, Quaker Houghton continually refines product and creates new solutions so that our steel customers can stay ahead in a chagning world.

Our solutions are the steel industry standard, proven reliable in the most demanding environments. The complete range of solutions includes:

  • Casting Lubricants
  • Cleaners
  • Cold Rolling Oils
  • Corrosion Preventives
  • Greases
  • Hot Rolling Oils
  • Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids
  • Industrial Maintenance Lubricants
  • Pickle Oils
  • Surface Treatments
  • Temper Fluids
  • Tin Plating Fluids

With Quaker Houghton products and people at work in your mill, you can:

  • Increase productivity, throughput and utilization
  • Reduce fluid usage
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduce waste treatment and environmental impact
  • Lower maintenance labor
  • Minimize rework and rejects
  • Maximize safety


Quaker Houghton Corporate video

 Show Specials

  • Visit Quaker Houghton's booth (#1603) to try our Product Visualizer Experience. Use the power of 3D model technology to explore and zoom into mill processes to discover fluid solutions for the: 

    • Caster Mill
    • Hot Mill
    • Cold Mill
    • Temper Mill

    Discover where Quaker Houghton's product and services best fit your applications needs.

  • Visit Quaker Houghton's booth (#1603) and try your luck to "Spot-the-Difference" in the quickest time!

    Get past through three scenes that get progressively tougher to find the difference.

    Play the game with our combo pen/light/stylus that is yours to keep and get entered to win a daily grand prize:

    Tuesday: Mini Theragun

    Wednesday: Nintendo Switch Lite

    Thursday: Apple AirPods Pro

  • (Jun 23, 2021)

    Stop by Quaker Houghton's booth (#1603) for a refreshing beer featuring: 

    • Miller Lite on Tuesday from 1:00 - 5:00 pm

    • Sam Adams on Wednesday from 1:00 - 5:00 pm

 Press Releases

  • Quaker Houghton Presents Its Comprehensive Product Offerings for the Steel Industry

    CONSHOHOCKEN, PA (June 24, 2021) – Quaker Houghton (NYSE: KWR), the global leader in industrial process fluids, will be exhibiting its wide range of high performing, innovative, and sustainable steel process fluid solutions at AISTech 2021 (https://home.quakerhoughton.com/aistech), at Booth 1603.  In addition, Quaker Houghton is a continued sponsor of the annual Association of Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) President’s Reception. Billed as “Steel’s Premier Technology Event”, the AISTech Conference and Exposition will be held at the Music City Center in Nashville from June 29th to July 1st.  

    Quaker Houghton will feature key technologies from its steel fluids portfolio including:

    • Long Steel Manufacturing: Selection of hydraulic fluids, lubricants, greases, gear oils, coolants, and cleaners to help run processes under demanding conditions
    • Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids: HFA, HFC, and HFDu hydraulic system oils with excellent corrosion properties, high ignition temperatures, and most meeting FM Global (Factory Mutual) approvals to help avoid fire potential and boost safe operations
    • Industrial Greases: Wide range of lubricants for mill applications aimed to provide greater efficiency, improved working conditions, and reduced total cost of ownership

    Complementing these offerings, the company has a full range of steel fluid solutions that include cleaners, rolling oils, corrosion preventives, temper fluids, surface treatment, industrial lubricants, equipment, and services. With its products and expertise, Quaker Houghton aims to increase productivity, reduce consumption and waste, minimize defects, and maximize safety in steel manufacturing.

    For Quaker Houghton’s full product line offerings, visit:

    For steel operations: https://home.quakerhoughton.com/steel

    For fire-resistant hydraulic fluids: https://fireresistantfluids.com/

    About Quaker Houghton:

    Quaker Houghton (NYSE: KWR) is the global leader in industrial process fluids. With a robust presence around the world, including operations in over 25 countries, our customers include thousands of the world’s most advanced and specialized steel, aluminum, automotive, aerospace, offshore, can, mining, and metalworking companies. Our high-performing, innovative and sustainable solutions are backed by best-in-class technology, deep process knowledge and customized services. With 4,000 employees, including chemists, engineers and industry experts, we partner with our customers to improve their operations so they can run even more efficiently, even more effectively, whatever comes next. Quaker Houghton is headquartered in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, located near Philadelphia in the United States. Visit quakerhoughton.com to learn more.

    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/quakerhoughton/

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/quakerhoughton


  • QUAKER FORMULA® Cleaners
    Multi-purpose Degreaser...

    • General All Purpose Maintenance Cleaner
    • Safe in hazardous work areas, free rinsing with minimal surface residue, low alkalinity, reduced corrosivity, easy removal of grease and oils
  • QUAKEROL® Cold Rolling Oils and Pickle Oils
    Synthetic, Semisynthetic and natural esters rolling oils...

  • Greater productivity, improved cleanliness, reduced consumption, improved roll life, and reduced waste treatment concerns
  • QUAKEROL® HB & QH EVEROLL™ Hot Rolling Oils:
    Hot rolling oil series developed from Synthetic cationics and water based long product compounds...

  • Benefits include reduced or no cleaning of headers and nozzles; extended roll life; greater energy reductions, and improved back-up and work roll life
    Fire resistant HFA, HFC, HFD-U hydraulic fluids...

    • Fire-resistant global formulation that provides excellent shear stability, best-in-class oxidation stability, and is environmentally friendly
    • Superior liquid and vapor phase corrosion protection, has a high viscosity index, and excellent shear stability and chemical thermal and hydraulic stability
  • QUAKERTEK™ Greases
    Specialty grease series composed of mineral oil and aluminum complex, synthetic hydrocarbon lithium complex, calcium sulfonate, or polyurea...

  • QUAKERTEK™ AX (Mineral oil aluminum complex: Excellent resistance to water washout; high temperature performance; superior rust and corrosion protection; excellent EP protection for heavy loading, and excellent film strength

    QUAKERTEK™ LX (Mineral oil and synthetic hydrocarbon lithium comlex): Excellent resistance to water washout; superior rust and corrosion protection; outstanding protection at high temperatures; excellent film strength & EP protection for heavy loading

    QUAKERTEK™ CS: (Mineral oil calcium sulfonate): Exceptional lubricity, thermal stability, corrosion protection and good water washout resistance

    QUAKERTEK™ UX: (Mineral oil polyurea): Compatible with lithium and lithium complex greases, gives excellent corrosion protection and operates in a broad range of service temperatures

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