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River Falls,  WI 
United States
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The next level nonwoven roll technology solutions

NCCM Co., LLC is the market leader offering high-value propositions for application-specific solutions in the primary metals, automotive, OEM, and industrial markets. We offer the ORIGINAL yellow roll made with exclusive and proven 3M materials and proprietary technology. In addition, we custom-engineer and technically develop a diverse line of high-performance nonwoven rolls and products suited for a variety of applications. Other products include wipes and bars, brushes, pressure rolls, bearing blocks, and custom roll boxes. Also, NCCM offers custom fabricating to meet your specific needs and requirements while delivering superior value and performance.

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  • NCCM® Premier Yellow
    The Proven High-Value Nonwoven Roll
    The yellow original—outstanding in technical features, performance, and service life...

  • The renowned NCCM® Premier Yellow outperforms any other nonwoven roll in the world and has been a world-class benchmark for 25+ years! With applications such as wringing, oiling, de-oiling, blank washing, and more, the Yellow roll is custom-engineered to succeed in multiple industries and applications. Features such as repairability, long life, high coefficient of friction, and fluid control contribute to the Yellow roll’s dominance. Repairability allows the roll to be easily fixed instead of replaced. The long life of the roll is paired with consistent performance, saving companies downtime and replacement costs. A high coefficient of friction reduces metal strip slippage and hydroplaning, and fluid control can be precisely determined and controlled.
  • NCCM® N-Series
    Value-Add Nonwoven Rolls
    Custom-engineered for multiple positions in coil and sheet processing...

  • NCCMⓇ N-Series provides individually-engineered roll technology solutions to upgrade surface quality through superior fluid control and production process improvements. Each of the three NCCM® N-Series products can be used in multiple applications. NCCM® N2 is set to be the universal option, and this roll is a high-performance alternative to operations not requiring the supreme performance of the NCCM® Premier Yellow. NCCM® NT is the low-pressure pinch/feed, wringer and vacuum roll of choice, and NCCM® NS showcases Soft Touch technology to avoid marking valuable strips or surfaces.
  • NCCM® CX-Series
    Chemically-Resistant Nonwoven Rolls
    Advanced solutions for caustic, alkaline, and acidic applications...

  • NCCM® CX-Series mill rolls are the ideal choice for harsh caustic, alkaline, and acidic chemistries. They are specially designed to achieve peak performance in caustic cleaners on tinning, galvanizing, or coil coating lines. Self-healing properties provide cut resistance against strip edge damage, and the wear resistance of our high-tech nonwoven material extends roll life long past traditional rubber coverings. Custom-engineered to specification, they can also significantly contribute to increased productivity and outperform rubber rolls in pickling lines.
  • NCCM® R-Series
    Long-Life Nonwoven Table and Bridle Rolls
    The replacement for rubber and urethane...

  • The NCCM®️ R-Series consists of two nonwoven rolls engineered to outperform rubber and urethane in demanding wear applications. Not only will the rolls provide long life, but the consistently “like new” performance of the roll throughout its life ensures long-running success for your application.
  • NCCM® V-Series
    Long-Life Nonwoven Wipes and Bars
    Unique nonwoven technology for sweeping and wiping applications...

  • NCCM® V-Series nonwoven wipes and bars take the place of rubber, felt, or cork products in a variety of material handling applications. As a versatile, high-value solution for consistent and long-lasting performance, the NCCM® V-Series replaces easily-gouged and damaged traditional materials. NCCM® Wiper Bar II excels in applications demanding fluid control and squeegee capabilities. NCCM® Mill Wipeis an excellent choice for oxide and debris removal, as well as other sweeping, wiping, and cleaning applications. Cost savings are often realized due to the minimization of costly line downtime for traditional bar replacements. In addition, the uniform, even-edged, and long-lasting performance of the NCCM® V-Series increases product processing quality. Compressibility also contributes to NCCM® Mill Wipe, and NCCM® Wiper Bar II success as the material maintains tight and uniform contact with uneven surfaces and varying thicknesses.
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