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Chester Springs,  PA 
United States
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Laser-View Technologies, Inc.

Laser-View Technologies, Inc. is a provider of non-contact measurement sensors and systems for industry.  Our product offerings include Dimetix laser distance sensors, Crane Sentry overhead crane collision detection systems, and DIS accelerometers, inclinometers and tilt switches, along with their unique line of non-contact encoders. With this product mix, we are able to solve challenging industrial measurement applications involving position, size, distance, level, and tilt.   

Dimetix laser distance sensors are long range, rugged lasers, which can measure up to 500m with 1 mm accuracy.  

DIS Sensors are industrial MEMS-based inclination sensors, tilt switches, accelerometers, and a unique line of non-contact, sealed hall-effect absolute rotary encoders. 

Crane Sentry® family of products is manufactured by Laser-View Technologies for crane collision detection, zone control, and positioning applications.

Brands: Laser-View Technologies, Dimetix, Crane Sentry, DIS Sensors, Adaptive Hoist Sensing


  • Dimetix Lasers
    Dimetix Lasers are industrial, rugged, long-range laser distance sensors that measure distance, position, size, and level....

  • Dimetix Laser Specifications:

    • Up to 500m range with up to 1mm accuracy
    • True measurement rate up to 250Hz
    • Up to 1kHz update rate
    • Industrial Ethernet: PROFINET, ETHERNET IP, ETHERCAT
    • Measure natural surface up to 100m
    • Rugged, IP65 metal enclosure
    • Class II laser eye safe operation
    • Complete system in one housing
    • Indoor and outdoor operation
    • Temperature range from -40°C up to +60°C
  • Crane Sentry
    Crane Sentry® is family of collision detection and zone monitoring systems for overhead bridge cranes that enhances your existing safety and reliability programs....

  • Crane Sentry® Family of Products Specification:

    • Modular system—all components included
    • Modes: crane to wall, crane to crane, restricted zones
    • Simple TEACH set point programming
    • Configurable relay alarm outputs
    • Intuitive color touch screen display
    • Rugged industrial components
    • Class II visible laser for safe use
    • Measure crane runways up to 1640 ft long
  • DIS Sensors
    DIS Sensors are MEMS-based devices that monitor acceleration, inclination, and tilt limits in a solid state package with no moving parts. DIS Sensors are ideal as OEM components for mobile equipment and factory automation....

  • DIS Sensor Specifications: 

    • Accelerometers: 2 and 3 axes
    • Inclinometers: 1 and 2 axes up to 360° overall
    • Tilt switches: 1 and 2 axes up to 360° overall
    • Shock rated
    • Wide temperature rating and fully potted for use in harsh conditions
    • Safety rated models available
  • DIS Encoders
    DIS Encoders are a unique line of completely non-contact, solid state rotary encoders that permit measurement through any non-ferrous material with a gap of up to 10 mm between the encoder body and the magnet....

  • DIS Encoder Specifications:

    • Absolute analog output through 360°
    • Incremental high speed output through 360°
    • Measure through up to a 10 mm air gap between encoder head and magnet
    • Encode through non-ferrous materials
    • Wide temperature rating and fully potted for use in harsh conditions
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