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iba America, LLC has been serving industrial automation vendors, OEMs, and end-users in the USA, Canada, and Mexico since 1997.
We pride ourselves in our customer loyalty as well as our commitment to delivering valuable products and support for their process monitoring and diagnostics needs.

It is our mission to bring transparency to the world of automation with our measurement system solutions. By means of an iba system, the user can understand and master the growing technological complexity of automated processes and mechatronic systems.

We specialize in putting analytics at your fingertips. Capture your processes high-speed data, even synchronize video/HMI streams, in order to easily view and analyze historical data. 

Engineers will be available to discuss your application requirements.

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iba System For Data Collection, Analysis, and Visualization

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  • 1 - ibaPDA
    As central part of the iba system, ibaPDA has been proving itself as one of the most versatile data acquisition systems for maintenance and production for decades....

  • ibaPDA at a Glance

    Measuring value acquisition - ibaPDA
    • Data acquisition system for maintenance, production and quality control
    • Connection of automation systems of different manufacturers and generations
    • Individually configurable online display with client-­server architecture
    • Several simultaneous acquisitions possible
    • Central configuration dialog with integrated online diagnostics
    • Additional information on text signals importable
    • Output of ­messages and alarms
    • Synchronization of several ibaPDA systems in
    • multi-­station operation with microsecond accuracy

    Systematic Transparency

    The ibaPDA system (Process Data Acquisition System) is the core product of iba applications. ibaPDA is an extremely powerful, PC-based acquisition and recording system for different measured data in automated technical processes.

    Continuous long-term acquisition
    of measured values to be able to further optimize automation processes

    Specific search
    for errors

    Use as disturbance recorder
    with triggered recording in case of failure

    Product Highlights

    The modular product concept allows highly flexible configuration options and provides perfectly tailored solutions for varying needs.

    Signals Galore

    ibaPDA is available in numerous variants with regard to the number of signals. Licenses are available for 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192 and an unlimited number of signals.

    Broad Connectivity

    A special feature of the ibaPDA system is the broad connectivity allowing to acquire data from programmable controllers of all common manufacturers. This includes different process signals, such as analog and digital I/O signals, signals from field and drive buses, data from programmable controllers, communication data, product characteristics, etc.

    Scalable Sampling Timebase

    For usual acquisition of measured data, the timebase may be set between 1 and 1000 ms. For higher speeds regarding signal changes, special modules can realize shorter acquisition times of down to 10 μs.

    Direct Writing to Databases/Clouds

    Data can also be written time- based directly from ibaPDA to data bases/clouds. For this pur-pose special data stores subject to licensing are available. The licenses are scaled according to the number of signals. Currently streaming to Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, as well as MindSphe-re, MQTT and Apache Kafka is supported.

  • 3 - ibaCapture
    The video recording system ibaCapture records video and HMI images synchronously to measurement data - either continuously or triggered by events....

  • ibaCapture at a Glance

    Combining measurement data and video images - ibaCapture
    • Synchronous recording of video images and measurement data with ibaPDA
    • Continuous and event-triggered recording
    • Integration of HMI images and images from ibaVision as virtual cameras
    • Protected storage areas for important sequences
    • Capturing from of up to 64 cameras (analog, IP, GigE or virtual) and online visualization
    • View and analyze video sequences and measurement data with ibaAnalyzer
    • Live image display as replacement for a CCTV system
    • Event-triggered switching of display-layouts (Scenario Player)

    Measure, view and understand

    See everything
    ibaCapture can be used to capture and record video from cameras and HMI systems synchronized to measurement values in ibaPDA.

    Time-synchronized Images and data
    Images and measurement data can be viewed in a time-synchronized way with accuracy down to individual samples. As a result, causalities that are often not identifiable at first glance can be better understood.

    Better Process Monitoring
    The use of cameras improves process monitoring wherever operations are difficult to measure or process steps cannot be reliably detected with sensors.

  • 2 - ibaAnalyzer
    ibaAnalyzer is characterized by broad functionalities for analyzing and evaluating. The application offers an intuitive operation along with the complex scope of functions....

  • ibaAnalyzer at a Glance

    Analysis software - ibaAnalyzer
    • Comprehensive offine analysis
    • Intuitive user interface with smart docking windows and drag & drop function
    • Combination of data coming from various measurement processes or data sources
    • Powerful mathematical and technological functions for manipulating, combining, calculating and generating signals
    • Powerful graphical digital fiter designer
    • Analyzing in the frequency range (FFT)
    • Reuse of analyses
    • Versatile markers for measurement of signals
    • Macro functions for protecting know-how

    Product Highlights

    Partial Windows
    1. signal tree
    2. search dialog
    3. signal strips
    4. value tables
    5. Navigator

    etc. can be positioned freely. Markers can be used to measure signal characteristics quickly and easily.

    Interval Function

    With the interval function, analog and digital signals can be measured with a simple mouse click. The measured intervals are clearly displayed.

    Example Thickness Profile

    In this example, the thickness profile of a rolling strip is shown as top view in false-color representation. On the right, the user can see the progression of the measured values for the both marker positions.