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Perform routine inspection & QC with multimodal microscopy

Achieve routine inspection and quality control tasks rapidly and accurately in industrially-focused workflows. Multi-modal microscopy provides a vast array of analytical capability, in situ and often non-destructively. ZEISS offers solutions focused on both the industrial researcher and the quality engineer around five key areas: chemistry, crystallography, dimensional measurement, tomography, and determining processing parameters. ZEISS’ portfolio of light, X-ray and electron microscopes solves both the routine characterization and advanced R&D problems of the metals industries on multiple scales. Accomplish today’s advanced analytical tasks with integrated and connected solutions using digital imaging, spectroscopy, crystallography, 3D tomography and data handling.


  • ZEISS Axio Imager - Light Microscope
    Brilliant optics, homogenous illumination and modular design for our best-in-class motorized materials light microscope. Encoded components and a vibration-free working condition ensure ease-of-use and complete reliability....

  • Introduce ease of operation into your microscopy workflow - Axio Imager 2 ensures accurate and reproducible results for quality control and process control. Axio Imager 2 features brilliant optics and homogeneous illumination. The contrast manager and light manager ensure defined conditions and reproducible results at all times. Use ACR to automatically detect and configure objectives and contrast modules for Axio Imager.Z2m. Choose your system out of four different stand versions and expand your applications with dedicated solutions: Particle Analyzer, Correlative Microscopy, or LSM 900.

    ZEISS SIGMA FE-SEMs for high quality imaging and advanced analytical microscopy. The ZEISS Sigma series delivers excellence in price and performance, enabling you to achieve your elemental analysis fast and convenient with the best-in-class EDS geometry....

  • Combine field emission SEM (FE-SEM) technology with analytics. Profit from proven Gemini electron optics. Choose from a variety of detector options: image particles, surfaces, and nanostructures in materials science, investigate metals, semiconductor or medical devices, geological or biological samples. Save time with the semi-automated 4-step workflow of Sigma: structure your imaging and analysis routines and increase productivity. FE-SEM users of all disciplines in research and industry labs now benefit from a resolution of 1.3 nm at 1 kV in ZEISS Sigma 500 and better usability all around.
  • ZEISS GeminiSEM - Scanning Electron Microscope
    The ZEISS GeminiSEM family for the highest demands in imaging and analytics from any sample – with effortless imaging with sub-nanometer resolution efficiency, and high detection efficiency even in variable pressure mode...

  • ZEISS GeminiSEM stands for effortless imaging with sub-nanometer resolution. Use it for your most demanding projects in materials science. Innovations in electron optics and a new chamber design enable you to benefit from better image quality, usability, and flexibility. Combine excellent in imaging and analytics. Take sub-nanometer images below 1 kV without an immersion lens. Offering three unique designs of the Gemini electron optics.

    ZEISS GeminiSEM 360 with its Gemini 1 electron optical column delivers high resolution imaging and analytics over the widest range of applications and sample types. ​

    ZEISS GeminiSEM 460 and its Gemini 2 column serve the most challenging tasks in analytical microscopy. Enabling efficient analysis, switch seamlessly between imaging and analytical conditions over a wide range of probe currents. ​

    ZEISS GeminiSEM 560, Gemini 3, and its new electron optical engine Smart Autopilot, represent the new standard for surface imaging. It delivers the highest resolution in the family at all working conditions.​

  • ZEISS Xradia Versa 3D X-ray Microscopes
    ZEISS Versa X-ray Microscopes for high resolution 3D X-ray microscopy and computed tomography characterize the properties and behaviors of your materials non-destructively....

  • The Xradia Versa family of submicron XRM uses patented X-ray detectors within a microscope objective turret to enable increased magnification on various sample types and sizes and push spatial resolution down to 500 nm with minimum achievable voxels of <40 nm.

    Unlock new degrees of versatility for your scientific and industrial research with the most advanced 3D X-ray microscope models in the ZEISS Xradia Versa family.

    Building on industry-best resolution and contrast, ZEISS Xradia Versa expand the boundaries of your non-destructive sub-micron scale imaging.

    Highest Resolution and Flux

    Where traditional tomography relies on single-stage geometric magnification, Xradia Versa features a combination of unique two-stage magnification optics and a high flux X-ray source to produce faster sub-micron scale resolution images. The Resolution at a Distance (RaaD) architecture enables high resolution 3D imaging of larger, denser objects including intact components and devices. The optional flat panel extension (FPX) enables rapid scans of very large samples (up to 25 kg), allowing navigation to interior regions of interest.

    New Degrees of Freedom

    Use the industry’s most comprehensive 3D X-ray imaging solution for advanced scientific and industrial research: Maximize absorption and phase contrast to achieve unprecedented characterisation of your materials and their properties. Unlock 3D crystallographic information with Diffraction Contrast Tomography. Improve scan speed and accuracy of large or irregular samples with advanced acquisition techniques. Apply machine learning algorithms to help with post-processing and segmentation of your samples.

    Premier 4D / In Situ Solution

    ZEISS Xradia 600 Series Versa can non-destructively characterize the 3D microstructure of materials under controlled perturbations (in situ), and observe the evolution of structures over time (4D). By leveraging Resolution at a Distance, the Xradia Versa maintains highest resolution across large working distances, accommodating both sample, environmental chamber, and high precision in-situ load rigs without sacrificing resolution. The Versa seamlessly integrates with other ZEISS microscopes to solve multi-scale correlative imaging challenges. 

    LabDCT (Diffraction Contrast Tomography), available exclusively from ZEISS, enables non-destructive mapping of orientation and microstructure in 3D. Direct visualization of 3D crystallographic grain orientation opens up a new dimension in the characterization of polycrystalline materials like metal alloys, geomaterials, ceramics, or pharmaceuticals.

  • ZEISS Crossbeam Laser - FIB-SEM
    ZEISS Crossbeam is your FIB-SEM for high-throughput 3D analysis and sample prep. Combining imaging and analytical performance of a high-resolution FE-SEM with the processing ability of a next-gen FIB and femtosecond laser for fast sample preparation....

  • Combine imaging and analytical performance of a high-resolution field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) with the processing ability of a next-generation focused ion beam (FIB) for your industrial lab. Take advantage of ZEISS Crossbeam’s modular platform concept and upgrade your system with growing needs including with the LaserFIB for massive material ablation. During milling, imaging or when performing 3D analytics Crossbeam will speed up your FIB applications.

    Extract true sample information from your high-resolution SEM images using Gemini electron optics.

    The Ion-sculptor FIB column introduces a new way of FIB-processing: by minimizing sample damage you’ll maximize sample quality and perform experiments faster at the same time.

    When preparing TEM samples use the low voltage capabilities of the Ion-sculptor FIB: get ultra-thin samples while keeping amorphization damage at a minimum.

    Within the ZEISS Crossbeam Family, either exploit variable pressure on Crossbeam 350 or use Crossbeam 550 for your most demanding characterizations.

    Enhance your in situ studies with Crossbeam laser: the LaserFIB workflow enables you to gain rapid access to deeply buried structures using the femtosecond laser.

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