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Taylor-Winifeld Technologies' welders join tomorrow's steel today! PROVEN processes for joining AHSS, UHSS, Silicon Steel, Stainless Steel and other steel grades. Taylor-Winfield has a long and substantial history of providing the highest quality coil joining welding machines to the metals processing industry. Our new Eclipse X1 solid-state fiber laser welder is no exception. The development of this machine evolved from our vast experience manufacturing coil joining welders and the shortcomings we have seen from laser welding machines on the current market. After collaborating with the world’s top laser welding experts on its technical design, the Eclipse X1 is the most modern fiber laser welding system for coil joining applications. Other coil joining welding machines include: resistance seam, spot, flash butt and ARC welding. We also offer post weld heat treatment (PWHT) and upgrades to optimize welder performance.

Brands: Eclipse X1 Laser Welding System, TwinLap, MegaLap & C-Flat Coil Joining welders


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TwinLap Resistance Seam Welder

 Press Releases

  • The Brilex Group of Companies recently announced the hiring of former Nucor executive Doyle Hopper as Chief Executive Officer of Brilex Industries, Inc, Brilex Technical Solutions, LLC. and Taylor-Winfield Technologies, Inc. As their CEO, Hopper will leverage nearly thirty years of steel industry and manufacturing expertise to drive strategic growth and commercial excellence across the Group’s companies.

    “We are thrilled to have Doyle take the reins as CEO,” said Alex Benyo, co-founder of the Brilex Group.  “Doyle’s role will drive integration and synergies between our companies, maximizing the value delivered to our customers and will lead to additional opportunities in the marketplace.”

    “His values and proven leadership combined with his knowledge of the steelmaking and automated manufacturing processes align perfectly with our Group’s values, growth strategies and industries served.” said Brian Benyo, co-founder of the Brilex Group.

    Before joining the Brilex Group, Hopper had spent his nearly 30-year, professional career with Nucor, the largest producer of steel in the United States. Starting with Nucor out of college as an entry level welder and fabricator, Hopper continually advanced into expanded roles, eventually reaching executive positions as the Vice President of VULCRAFT and Cold Finish in Norfolk, Nebraska, Nucor Connecticut and most recently, Nucor South Carolina.

    “I am thankful for the past three decades I have spent with Nucor,” Hopper remarked. “The experiences and insights I gained into the ongoing evolution of steelmaking and manufacturing have prepared me for the exciting opportunities in the marketplace for the companies within The Brilex Group. I am honored to be joining these organizations that have earned their reputations for excellence in engineering and manufacturing innovation.”

    Headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio, the Brilex Group of Companies is a tradename umbrella.  It covers four distinct but commonly owned companies (Brilex Industries, Inc., Taylor-Winfield Technologies, Inc. Brilex Technical Solutions, LLC. and BBM Railway Equipment, LLC). Although each of the companies are independent – with their own unique core competencies and solutions – they share a common set of values and goals of manufacturing and industrial excellence.

    Brilex Industries, Inc. is a one-stop-shop for full-service manufacturing, specializing in build-to-print services requiring fabrication, machining, assembly, rebuilds, roll forming and more. Brilex Technical Solutions, LLC. engineers heavy material handling solutions, scrap shredders, aluminum extrusion press components and upgrades, as well as turntable designs for marine cable laying, commercial vehicles, revolving restaurants and other unique applications.  Taylor-Winfield Technologies, Inc. is a best-in-class custom automation & robotics solutions provider.  Taylor-Winfield is world renowned for being a capital equipment manufacturer in standard and custom material joining for the steel industry including resistance welding, fiber laser welding, induction heating, ARC welding and more. BBM Railway Equipment, LLC offers cutting-edge railway maintenance and lifting equipment to transit and freight facilities across North America.

    Hopper comes at a time when the Brilex Group is poised to accelerate the growth of all companies. As economic optimism in the manufacturing industry continues to inch closer to pre-COVID levels, and with possible infrastructure investments coming, the Brilex Group of Companies is well positioned for growth in 2021 and beyond.

    Doyle Hopper graduated from Arkansas Northeastern College and holds his Six Sigma Black Belt Certification from North Carolina State University. Hopper has also completed the Executive Program at Harvard Business School.

    To learn more about the Brilex Group of Companies, visit thebrilexgroup.com. For media inquiries, please contact Katie Denno at 330-259-8516 or kdenno@brilex.com.  

  • Taylor-Winfield Technologies (TWT) is proud to announce the successful design completion of its new Eclipse X1 Laser Welding System for coil joining applications and the opening of its fully equipped Laser Coil Joining R&D Laboratory.

    The Eclipse X1 laser welder is specifically designed with the user in-mind for ease of operation and maintenance.  After surveying steel producers and collaborating with industry experts, the Eclipse X1 Laser Welder has design features that help overcome the typical welding challenges of strip shape variability, automatic feedback for weld quality and ease of installation.  The welder is designed and built in Youngstown, Ohio USA and serviced by our highly trained field service team.  Every Eclipse X1 will be sold with a two (2) year quarterly preventative maintenance service agreement and one (1) year online real-time service agreement at no charge to the buyer, or end-user if purchased through a line builder.

    The Laser Coil Joining R&D Laboratory is an extension of Taylor-Winfield’s existing full-service metal joining and induction heat treatment laboratory.  The laser laboratory is equipped with a full width 1930mm Coil Joining solid state fiber laser welder with induction pre and post weld heat treatment.  The laser laboratory is available for customer sampling and proof of process validation for the application of laser coil joining in a process line.

    Taylor-Winfield’s legacy dates to 1882.  As a metal joining solution provider, Taylor-Winfield Technologies prides itself on bringing custom, common-sense solutions to customer needs to help them succeed in their markets. To learn more, please visit: https://www.taylor-winfield.com/coiljoining-laserwelder/. For International Sales contact Bob Kornack, Product Manager at rkornact@taylor-winfield.com or call +1.330.259.8512. For North American Sales, contact Matt Keller, Product Specialist at mkeller@taylor-winfield.com or call +1.330.259.8527.

  • Taylor-Winfield Technologies (TWT) is proud to announce the successful installation and commissioning of their “MEGALAP” Narrow Lap Seam Welder.  The modern “O” frame PrepLap design welder is installed into one of the largest continuous galvanizing lines in North America.  This Heavy Duty PrepLap Narrow Lap Seam Welder has been designed to weld the widest range of grades and gauges for galvanized strip processing than ever before.  The first of its kind, the welder replaced a 56 year old Taylor-Winfield Vertical Narrow Lap Seam Welder for one of the world’s largest steel producers located in the American Midwest.  Even though the original machine was fully operational, it struggled to meet the customer’s gauge, grade and weld overthickness requirements of today’s materials. 

    The new Heavy Duty PrepLap, commonly referred to as the “MEGALAP” by its designers and the end-user, is capable of joining material from .010” (.25mm) - .250” (6.35mm) with a near “0” joint over thickness.  Included in the design is TWT’s pre and post weld induction heat treatment system to help expand the grade and gauge range of materials capable of being joined by the welder.  The robust “floating” O-Frame and other modern machine design attributes enables the welder to push well beyond the limits of a traditional narrow lap seam welder and successfully join emerging AHSS steel grades in the industry.  With over a century of experience in seam welding and induction heating technologies, the birth this impressive heavy-gauge strip welder with its seemingly infinite capabilities to manage the welding process creates dependable weld results customers have grown to expect from TWT.

    Taylor-Winfield’s legacy dates to 1882.  As a material joining solution provider, Taylor-Winfield prides itself on bringing custom, common-sense solutions to customer needs to help them succeed in their markets. For more information contact Bob Kornack, Product Manager or Matt Keller, Product Specialist at 800.523.4899 or 330.259.8512, Fax: 330.259.8538 or e-mail rkornack@taylor-winfield.com or mkeller@taylor-winfield.com

  • Taylor-Winfield Technologies, Inc. (TWT) was approached by a leading manufacturer of specialty steel bar and tube to provide a dual solution for the finishing line in their pipe mill. The first objective was to improve cost performance by increasing the processing line up-time availability. The second objective was to reduce operating costs. These two solutions were achieved by automating the tooling setup and changeover required for end-finishing and prepping their full range of pipe diameters and lengths being processed by the finishing line.   

    Taylor-Winfield Technologies accomplished this by adding two integrated robot chamfering cells, one on each side of the exit walking beam station. The robots receive line data from the Pipe Mill based on the order being processed. With this data, the robots automatically select the approximate chamfer tool from the tool changing station and switch out the tools. The pipe face is accurately located using a vision and pressure sensing system that is integrated with the robots. This gives the robot the ability to make a uniform ID and OD chamfer. By reducing changeover downtime, this process enables the processing line to can run continuously and eliminate the need for batch production orders and scheduling. These changes helped TWT’s customer exceed the desired ROI and increase the total output of the processing line.

    Taylor-Winfield Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to delivering advanced manufacturing technologies and process solutions that enable customers to compete in today’s ever changing marketplace. By providing simple to complex material joining machines, material handling systems, and automated assembly solutions with on-going field service and replacement parts support, Taylor-Winfield remains the company customers trust worldwide.

    For more information regarding Taylor-Winfield Technologies and our Automated Assembly Group, contact Jeff Bell, Sales Engineering Manager at (330) 259-8517 or e-mail jbell@taylor-winfield.com.

  • World’s largest steel producer selects Taylor-Winfield Technologies to integrate Post-Weld Induction Heating Systems into their existing seam and flash welders. Today’s increasing demand for Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) grades is leading steel producers to find ways to expand the range of materials capable of being joined by existing coil joining welding machines. In response, Taylor-Winfield developed the AnnWeld™ post-weld induction annealing system for seam and flash welders.  The system is integral to the welder and mounted in-line with seam welding systems or as an additional process step for flash welders.  The process improves ductility in the welded joint without sacrificing weld strength which prevents weld breaks during subsequent line processes.  Full integration is available for existing Taylor-Winfield and any other manufacturer’s welders.

    Taylor-Winfield has manufactured induction heating equipment and systems since the 1950’s.  Their Ther-Monic brand of induction heating power supplies range from 1 KW to 1 MW with frequency ranges from 3 kHz to 6 MHz with custom engineered coils and systems available.  The expertise to join and temper AHSS grades was developed in Taylor-Winfield’s Research & Development Laboratory in collaboration with several major steel producers.  The AnnWeld™ system includes accurate and repeatable heat cycles, precision temperature control using pyrometer feedback, automatic load tuning, and custom manufactured coils sized for use with existing welders.  The AnnWeld™ system is designed for customer requirements and can be used with any welder in any process line. 

    Taylor-Winfield Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to delivering advanced manufacturing technologies and process solutions that enable our customers to compete in today’s ever changing marketplace. By providing simple to complex metal joining and material handling systems for steel production with on-going field service and replacement parts support, Taylor-Winfield remains the company customer’s trust.

    For more information regarding Taylor-Winfield Technologies and Post-Weld Induction Heating processes, contact Matt Keller, Product Specialist, Mill Process Equipment at (330) 259-8544, or e-mail mkeller@taylor-winfield.com.

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