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Both REINHAUSEN's products and service take full account of what is needed in the steel works. MR tap-changers are designed for the high output and large number of tap-change operations on the electric arc furnace. The VACUTAP® VR I HD vacuum tap-changer, for example, delivers 600,000 tap change operations without maintenance and only requires a new diverter switch insert after 1.2 million tap-change operations. This keeps product quality consistently high while cutting downtimes and operating costs. Stability in the grid is ensured partly by tailored compensation and filter circuits from Power Quality. Our transformer accessories withstand the tough conditions experienced in the steel works and monitor the safe and long-term operation of the furnace transformer. The rapid response and great expertise of our global service team help you keep any downtimes which do occur to a minimum.

Brands: Reinhausen, Messko, C.A.P.T., High Volt., Cedaspe


    Our first reactance on-load tap changer with vacuum interrupters and the most impressive performance history since its introduction by the end of the 1980ies. Area of application: primarily North America....


    • Compact design
    • Maintenance-free for up to 500,000 tap-change operations with no time component (applies only to the version with model B monitoring system)
    • Quick switching times
    • Internal oil heating system for use in arctic conditions
    • RMT use as a retrofit solution for Westinghouse UTT on-load tap-changer insert
    • Intended as a replacement for reactor switches such as RNT or RNO
    • Field experience: Over 12,000 in use worldwide


    Max. rated through-current 2,500 A
    Max. rated step voltage Tap-to-Tap 2,000 V
    Max. rated switching capacity 2,500 kVA
    Max. voltage for operational equipment Um 72.5 kV
    Application: At any selectable winding position.
    Operating positions without change-over selector max. 17
    Operating positions with change-over selector max. 33
    VACUTAP® technology combines maximum reliability and minimum maintenance requirements. In figures, that means 300,000 tap-change operations without any maintenance. The diverter switch insert has a lifetime of 1.2 million tap-change operations....

  • It’s never been easier to convert to our tried-and-tested vacuum technology. The VACUTAP® VM® is fully retrofittable and 100% connection-compatible with the OILTAP® M, of which there are over 70,000 in existence. All you have to do is dismantle the old diverter switch and fit the new VM® model. The same applies to most tap changers based on earlier licenses.

    • Maintenance interval of 300,000 tap-change operations with no time component
    • Lifetime of diverter switch insert: 1.2 million tap-change operations
    • Suitable for both grid and generator operation as well as electrical arc furnaces, HVDC, electrolysis, rectifiers and phase shifters
    • Minimal maintenance requirements yet maximum lifetime
    • Factory-built for selected alternative insulating fluids
    • Also suitable for use in earthquake zones
    • ATEX certification (for use in explosive atmospheres) applied for


    For quick and easy replacement of vacuum interrupters in applications with high numbers of tap-change operations (e.g. electric arc furnaces, electrolysis, phase shifters or HVDC), we supply a fully preassembled and preset Interrupter Exchange Module with carrier unit. This has the effect of increasing transformer availability while shortening stops in production for maintenance.

    While a VACUTAP® on-load tap-changer rarely requires maintenance in grid operation throughout the lifetime of the transformer, a different situation may apply in heavy-duty applications such as furnaces. In applications like these it is not unusual to have 200,000 tap-change operations per year. Every time an on-load tap-changer has to be shut down it means a temporary halt in production, which results in a financial loss for the furnace operator. To make on-load tap-changer maintenance even easier we provide service engineers with a fully assembled and preset module to replace the vacuum interrupters after 600,000 tap-change operations. This Interrupter Exchange Module ensures that the transformer is rapidly made available again while the on-load tap-changer maintains optimum functionality and reliability.

    NEW: VACUTAP® Step Protection System®

    The new VACUTAP® VM® features a unique system that protects the diverter switch insert against tap short circuits in the event of overvoltage on the grid (e.g. as a result of a lightning strike or switching operations): the VACUTAP® Step Protection System®. 

    Unlike the spark gaps normally used in this market segment, the overvoltage protection components in the VACUTAP® VM® have the advantage of less scatter in their response values. This translates into optimum insulation coordination inside the diverter switch, which in turn prevents destruction of the insulation protecting the current paths, all with different potentials, in the diverter switch as a result of overvoltage on the grid.

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