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Nel Hydrogen is a global, dedicated hydrogen company, delivering optimal solutions to produce, store, and distribute hydrogen from renewable energy. We serve industries, energy, and gas companies with leading hydrogen technologies. Since 1927, we have had a proud history of development and continual improvement of our hydrogen plants. Today, our hydrogen solutions cover the entire value chain: from hydrogen production technologies to hydrogen fueling stations, enabling industries and the transport sector to transition to zero-carbon green hydrogen. For more information, please visit our website at


  • M Series
    PEM Electrolyser...

  • The M Series provides fast response times and production flexibility making it ideal for hydrogen generation utilizing renewable power sources. With minimal maintenance and siting requirements, M Series electrolysers can produce up to 4,000 Nm3/h of hydrogen gas at 99.9998% purity on-demand. Featuring a scalable modular design that can be containerized, these systems offer solutions that are well-suited for a variety of industrial, fueling and renewable energy applications.

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  • M Series Containerized
    PEM Electrolyser...

  • In situations where plant space is at a premium, customers may want to site their electrolysers outside. At other times customers may want to configure an electrolyser for a more turnkey operation. MC electrolysers deliver the M Series platform in a containerized form for easy outdoor installations. Typical applications include renewable energy storage, industrial process gas, and hydrogen fueling.

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  • A Series
    Atmospheric Alkaline Electrolyser...

  • The world’s most energy efficient electrolysers, the A Series features a cell stack power consumption as low as 3.8 kWh/Nm3 of hydrogen gas produced, up to 2.2 MW per stack. A Series electrolysers can produce up to 3,880 Nm3/h of hydrogen or just over 8 ton per day.

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