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InfoSight Means Innovation & Identification Booth 1602.

InfoSight’s credo is “We Barcode Difficult Stuff™.” We provide marking, reading, and traceability solutions for the steel industry with a focus on automated barcoding. Visit our booth to learn how we provide automatic identification and tracking solutions for many different steel products — hot or cold slab/billet/bloom/beam blank and coil identification using tags, dot matrix stencil marking and dot matrix stamp marking.  Identification marks include text, 1D and 2D barcodes, and graphics such as logos.  At out booth, information on barcoding of pipes and tubes (both ID and OD) will be presented as well as information on our pipe/tube Weigh-Measure-Stencil (WMS) systems. You will have the opportunity to watch a LabeLase® Metal Tag Printer produce barcoded metal tags and view a Custom Engineering Robotic Marking System.

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InfoSight Robotic Bloom Tagger
Robotic Coil Marker
Robotic Plate Marker
Robotic Simulation Marking ID-OD Of Large Pipe
InfoSight InfoDent ID8400 Flying Plate Stamper

 Press Releases

  • (Jun 14, 2021)

    GorillabelTM from InfoSight Corporation Provides Identification and Traceability in Highly Abrasive Environments 

    InfoSight Corporation is dedicated to bringing identification and traceability solutions to every imaginable application.  Highly abrasive environments are tough on components, and obviously just as tough on any identification of those components.  InfoSight introduces GorillabelTM to identify components used in highly abrasive environments, such as oil drilling and fracking. 

    The identification label, which is pre-marked by InfoSight, is a transparent Gorilla® Glass disk.  InfoSight recommends countersinking the label into a shallow machined pocket so the surface of the component remains level.  After severe abrasion, wiping the label with a liquid which matches the glass index of refraction restores its clarity. 

    The label will survive anything the component must survive, including:

    • boilouts - cleaning at or above boiling temperatures (100oC/212oF) and high pH (12 or above)
    • long term immersion in temperatures over 300oC (570oF)
    • extended slurry abrasion 

    This rugged barcoded label was developed for downhole petroleum drilling component identification.  Other potential applications include fracking components, mining components, and bulldozer and backhoe parts.  Data vital to the operation of each component, such as maintenance records and length of service, becomes immediately available to the operator with a simple smart phone scan.  This is useful for planning maintenance on equipment and reducing risks to both production and safety.    

    InfoSight remains committed to bringing identification and traceability solutions to the most extreme environments.   

    Gorilla Glass is a registered trademark of Owens Corning.

    Gorillabel and “We Barcode Difficult Stuff” are trademarks of InfoSight.

  • (Jun 14, 2021)

    PermaFlexTM Conforms to Curved Surfaces for Durable Identification

    This identification is well suited for high value assets that have curved surfaces. 

    PermaFlexTM is the newest metal identification tag to be added to the PermaLabel® family from InfoSight.  PermaLabel® is the scratch proof metal tag that’s been the standard for durable asset identification.  InfoSight then produced the PermaLabel® VI which added color coding  for fast visual asset identification.  These metal tags are rigid and do not conform to curved surfaces very well.  With PermaFlexTM, all of the durable properties and resistance of PermaLabel® exist, with the added benefit of a flexible tag that can conform to curved surfaces. 

    PermaFlexTM is attached to products with adhesive.  Since the tags retain their shape once curved, they work with the adhesive to remain attached.  PermaFlexTM can be attached to curved surfaces as small as a 1” radius.  Tag sizes are 3”(76mm) wide and range from 0.75” (19mm) to 6.0” (152mm) long.  PermaFlexTM can be printed with one of InfoSight’s mill duty LabeLase® Laser Metal Tag Printers. 

    InfoSight has always been committed to providing identification and traceability in the most difficult environments.  PermaFlexTM continues this tradition in offering a tag for curved surfaces. 

  • InfoSight Corporation’s Custom Marking Equipment with Robotic Automation

    InfoSight has been designing and building custom automated marking equipment for industrial applications for decades.  In recent years, InfoSight has added robotic automation as an option for applications where space or cycle time is of utmost importance.

    The marking technologies typically incorporated into automatic  machinery include the InfoDent® 8400 Stamping System, Spray Marking Systems (including I-Dent® Marking System), Tagging Systems, and Direct Laser Marking Systems.  InfoSight has integrated several of these as End of Art Tools (EOAT) on robots, as well as provided the marking head for others to utilize as an EOAT.

    One of the earliest applications in which InfoSight utilized a robot was for end face painting of bars and pipes.  In this instance, the system was designed to utilize 16 colors and nine (9) defined patterns to identify bars and pipes for further processing.  Spray nozzles were mounted to the ends of eight (8) EOATs.  The use of the robot in this application minimized both the footprint and cycle time for this complex system. 

    Since then, the use of robots for automated marking systems has expanded to include other spray marking systems like color banding for pipes, as well as stamping systems and direct marking.  Recently, InfoSight mounted an InfoDent® 8400 stamping head as an EOAT to mark hot steel plates in up to six locations per cycle.  Again, utilizing a robot decreased the footprint and cycle time of the machine, which was especially important to protect the marking equipment from the extremely high temperature environment. 

    The most recent application utilized a robot to directly laser mark the inside diameter of pipes.  This included marking both the leading end and trailing end of pipes.  The mark included a white patch; laser marking the white patch with 1D and 2 D barcodes, alphanumeric characters, and logos; and applying a clear protective coat to the mark.   The process location of the marker was such that the ends of the pipes would not be presented to the marker.  The marker needed to move in between pipes to access the ends.  The use of a robot allows the marker to move into marking position, mark the trailing end of one pipe and the leading end of the next pipe in a single cycle. 

    InfoSight’s custom engineering group is proud to offer automated marking solutions in both traditional automation and robotic automation. 


  • LabeLase 3036 Metal Tag Printer
    Desktop model: 30 watt printer for printing various metal tags.


  • Sharp, clear text, barcodes, logos, graphics, and Higher performance, without sacrificing reliability or versatility.
    Allows for longer tags and bigger barcodes which can be read at a distance.
    One-year warranty and lifetime live 24/7 technical assistance.
  • LabeLase 1000 Metal Tag Printer
    Small desktop model-10 watt printer used to print various metal tags....

  • • Sharp, clear text, barcodes, logos, graphics, and user selectable fonts.
    • Automated batch printing from a 300 ft (91 m) coil.
    • Compact footprint for desktop or bench top use.
    • Easy and safe operator controls.
    • Simple maintenance routines.
  • InfoTag metal tag material
    Industrial tags for product identification. Surviving temperatures up to 1800 degrees F.

  • Track Products Indoors and Out.
    Versatile barcode ready identification tag.
    Prevent mixed batches and lost products.
    Error free product movement through processes, inventory, shipping, and end use.
    Available nicked and notched.
    Printed on InfoSight LabeLase® Printers with high contrast alphanumeric characters, graphics, and 1D & 2D barcodes.
    Preprinted tags available.
  • Pic-Anneal metal tags
    Tags for Rod and Wire Processors. Temperatures up to 1800 degrees F and various chemicals....

  • Pickle and Anneal—one tag for the whole process.
    Identify before processing; identification remains intact after descaling acid baths and extended annealing cycles.
    Once & done identification increases productivity by reducing handling and minimizing downstream errors.
    Printed on InfoSight LabeLase® Printers with high contrast alphanumeric characters, graphics, and 1D & 2D barcodes.
    Preprinted tags available.
  • PermaFlex
    Durable tag that fits the curve of your product....

  • • For Applications requiring lifetime identification on curved surfaces
    • Resistant to
    • Heat—1000oF (538oC)
    • Chemicals such as caustics & solvents
    • Abrasion
    • UV Exposure:
    • Malleable to conform to curved shapes as small as a 1” radius/ 2” OD
    • 3” Wide X Customized Length
    • Aluminum substrate with laser markable coating
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