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Engineering Pumps for Better Performance and Longer Life

Hydro’s global network of pump aftermarket service centers offers a range of services to the steel industry, including pump rebuilding, engineered replacement parts, field and turnkey services, hydraulic design modification, engineered upgrades, and pump performance testing capabilities up to 5000HP. Hydro’s engineered solutions enable pump users to achieve equipment reliability and reduced maintenance and operation costs. As the largest independent pump rebuilder in the world, Hydro works hand-in-hand with pump users to optimize the performance and reliability of their pumping systems. Our mission was developed in 1969 when we realized that as an independent pump rebuilding company, we had a unique capability of analyzing and understanding various designs as well as their successes or failures in specific applications and operating environments. 


Case Study: Engineering Analysis of Descaling Pump Degradation

 Press Releases

  • Introducing: Hydro University

    Hydro, Inc., the largest independent pump rebuilder in the world, announces Hydro University. 

    With over 50 years of experience repairing, rebuilding, and optimizing pumps from all OEMs, Hydro’s team is uniquely qualified to teach and engage the next generation of industrial pump users. Hydro University is a focused resource for providing hands-on, industrial knowledge and applicable pump knowledge to optimize industrial operations and reduce maintenance costs.

    “Hydro University is a truly unique offering,” says George Harris, owner and founder of Hydro, Inc. “Hydro has always been a leader in pump repair and pump health. We’re in a digital world now, and e-learning is aligned to 21st-century business. Hydro University lets us use new technologies to share practical knowledge on pump design, efficiency, and reliability. Digital learning through Hydro University is convenient, flexible, interactive, and serves many different learning styles,” Harris adds.

    Mike Mancini, Hydro President of Total Solutions and Hydro University trainer, believes that the enhanced graphics make a significant difference in pump learning. “Hydro University uses 3D modeling for pumps in our training. We take you directly inside a pump and show you each element and how its performance affects efficiency, optimization, and energy savings,” Mancini shares. “Knowledge and experience in these areas help you improve your pump performance and reduce maintenance costs,” Mancini shares.

    “Pumps are complex equipment, and the proper care of a pump will keep your line running and can even optimize energy efficiency for your overall operation,” states Bob Jennings, Hydro University Trainer and Hydro, Inc. Manager of Energy Upgrades. “At Hydro University, we are teaching about best efficiency points, vibration analysis, affinity laws’ use for system changes, and pump design configurations,” Jennings states.

    Hydro University will offer webinars, e-learning courses, seminars, and applied knowledge. Online classes are available both live and on-demand. Training programs are designed for individuals seeking to expand their knowledge or skills and for companies looking to educate/train groups of employees. Some classes offer certificates for Personal Development Hours and Continuing Education credits. When safe to do so again, Hydro University will offer in-person training programs.

    Pump Fundamentals (for Technicians and for Engineers), Introduction to Shaft Alignment, Generic Failure Modes, Inspection Guidelines, and Vibration Fundamentals are a few of the e-learning courses available today. Available webinar topics include NPSH, Pump Curves/Operate at BEP, Basic Pump Design, Introduction to Vibration Concepts, and Pump Testing. Hydro University program offerings are quickly expanding, including the availability of programs tailored to specific customer needs.

    For more information visit www.hydroinc.com/hydro-university or contact Hydro University here.

  • Having enough of the right information, processed to provide intelligent, actionable data provides a significantly greater ability to proactively recognize and counteract problems. Hydro’s Centaur not only ensures high-frequency data collection, but it puts your data in the hands of pump experts.

    Centaur, Hydro's Wireless Condition Monitoring Solution, and Smart Enterprise Predictive Maintenance software can now integrate with other plant data processing platforms.

  • Hydro’s certified state-of-the-art test lab is dedicated to the needs and requirements of the pump aftermarket.

    The test lab is designed in compliance with Hydraulic Institute Standards and API 610. It’s capable of testing horizontal, vertical, and submersible pumps up to 5,000 HP. With pump testing at Hydro, Inc.’s Test Lab, customers can improve reliability, reduce unforeseen costs, and prevent pump failures.


  • Hydro's Wireless Condition Monitoring Solution
    Centaur: Hydro's Wireless Condition Monitoring Solution and Smart Enterprise Predictive Maintenance software provides alerts, advanced analysis, and automated reporting – helping users to prevent failures....

  • Sensors:

    Each sensor provides useful machine condition data and timely alerts if alarm thresholds are exceeded. The information collected helps to optimize equipment, understand equipment health, improve preventative maintenance strategies, and understand equipment failure modes. Efficient process management and timely maintenance are critical to your bottom line.

    • Data Collection
    • Storage
    • Access Warnings & Alarms
    • Data Analysis
    • Engineering Services
    • Solution Implementation
    • Automated Reports


    Hydro's gateways relay data from the sensors to the cloud. A collection gateway is typically connected to the cloud using one of the following: Cellular, Wi-Fi, or LAN. The Wireless Condition Monitoring System monitors the health of industrial equipment, helping you to optimize operations and identify problems before equipment failure.

    Why Hydro?

    Hydro has diversified and in-depth pump knowledge that we believe is unique in the industry. While OEMs traditionally focused on repairing their own equipment, Hydro has from the outset developed a knowledge base that includes experience across a broad spectrum of pump manufacturers and pump designs.

    We have the unique capability of understanding the different designs and materials employed by various manufacturers as well as their successes or failures in specific applications and operating environments. Based on this data, Hydro is in an excellent position to improve original designs for their intended service. Our high rate of repeat business is a testimonial to the performance improvements that Hydro has been able to achieve.

  • Hydro Performance Test Lab
    Certified Pump Testing
    Testing Services for Vertical, Horizontal, and Submersible Pumps...

  • The Test Lab is designed in compliance with Hydraulic Institute Standards and API 610. It’s capable of testing horizontal, vertical, and submersible pumps up to 5,000 HP. With pump testing at Hydro, Inc.’s Test Lab, customers can improve reliability, reduce unforeseen costs, and prevent pump failures.

    Testing can be applied to new pumps, refurbished pumps, or re-engineered pumps with the focus being on reliability, assurance of meeting the required operating conditions, and measuring the actual changes in performance if a change was made.

    The rising cost of electrical power has caused many industrial plants to shift their focus to energy efficiency. Plants often run pumping equipment continuously, and much research has pointed to opportunities for cost savings by optimizing pumping equipment. When evaluating the potential for energy savings, end users cannot consider a pump in isolation. The suitability of the pump for the system within which it operates is vital. Even the best designed and most efficient equipment offers power-saving potential if it is run off its best efficiency point (BEP) in a system for which it is ill-applied.

  • Quality Pump Repair
    Hydro pays attention to the details—a thorough inspection process, extensive process control procedures and stringent acceptance criteria, engineering support, and review—all carried out by an experienced workforce....

  • Inspection: Hydro’s very thorough and detailed inspection process is the foundation of a quality repair that can prevent recurring problems, extend pump life and reduce long-term repair costs.

    During the inspection process, we often uncover issues that, if left unattended, could result in premature failure of a component and the pump. The inspection of a multi-stage pump can involve taking over 900 separate readings. Not only do we record dimensional data, but we also take extensive hardness readings on the impellers and analyze the hydraulic passageways for appropriate A & B Gap dimensions. The inspection process and the report of our findings is a great opportunity for Hydro engineers and technicians to work with the customer’s maintenance team to discuss options for not only repairing but for improving the pump’s performance and reliability.

    Rotor Centralization: In Hydro’s drive to increase pump reliability and extend pump life, we have pioneered several engineering improvements including a process we refer to as Rotor Centralization.

    Hydro has found that in many cases the impeller and diffuser centerlines of diffuser style pumps are not lined up. This causes turbulent flow which results in hydraulic instability, vibration, increased stress on all components, and reduced efficiency. To correct these problems, Hydro performs a detailed dimensional analysis to establish the centerline relationship of the pump’s stationary and rotating components. The rotor is then modified to ensure centerline compatibility at each stage of the pump.

    Rotor Balancing: The benefit of achieving 1 W/N rotor balance is significantly reduced vibration levels that should dramatically reduce premature bearing and ring wear and substantially increase the MTBR of the pump. It is not unusual for multi-stage pumps repaired by Hydro to these stringent standards to experience a life of 11 years without degradation in efficiency.

  • Hydro University
    Hydro offers a wide range of technical pump training webinars, e-learning, and in-person seminars for end-users who want to learn more about industrial technology to build their skills within the field....

  • Hydro University offers a breadth of online technical webinars, e-learning classes, and applied knowledge digital workshops for end-users. The topics are expansive, covering a depth of knowledge such as centrifugal pump fundamentals, system optimization, vibration, failure modes, and many more.

    Our practicing professionals equip you with the essential knowledge to optimize your rotating equipment operations. Together with Hydro University, you can develop into an expert in the field of industrial pumps.

  • Hydro Reliability Services
    Hydro Reliability Service keeps your rotating equipment operating at peak performance. Don’t wait until you experience a critical failure to diagnose and repair pump issues....

  • On-site testing, troubleshooting, and diagnostics, performed by our expert field technicians, allows for the early detection of pump problems. Ensure the health of your pumps with Hydro’s Reliability Services. 
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