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TC/American Crane Company combines historical resources and over a century of experience to meet the needs of today's industries and beyond. We're working harder than ever to serve your needs and remain acknowledged worldwide as the innovator in the industry. We're totally committed t leadership in technology, quality, and service in all our product lines:

Patented Track Cranes and Monorails, Traditional and Box Girder Top Running Cranes, Enclosed Track Workstation Cranes, and Specialty Engineered Material Handling Solutions.

Look to TC/American Crane Company for products that meet the demands of a complex and competitive environment. A company whose focus is on the customer, helping the industry move material, making jobs run smoother, and keeping production on schedule.

Brands: TC/American Patented Track TC/American Legacy Products SPANMASTER Workstation Cranes TC/A Box Girders Jaso Industrial Hoists, End Trucks, and Crane Kits


Top Ten Reasons To Choose TCA Patented Track


  • SPANMASTER Workstation Cranes
    SPANMASTER Workstation Crane utilizes an articulating end truck on an enclosed track bridge that rides on a non-proprietary wide flange runway. This design allows the bridge to manipulate more like a jib and can provide push/pull forces as low as 100:1....

  • SPANMASTER Work Station Cranes By TC/American Crane

    TC/American is very proud to announce our new Enclosed Track Work Station Cranes. SPANMASTER Work Station Crane Systems are available in both freestanding and ceiling-mounted designs. SPANMASTER Work Station Crane capacities range from 250 lbs to 4400 lbs. Stretching beyond our competitors, we designed our ergonomic enclosed track system to handle overall bridge lengths up to 38’6″. SPANMASTER bridges are designed for a 1′ overhang which provides a maximum crane bridge span of 36’6″. The final differentiating factor is the unique range of motion provided by SPANMASTER’S unique end truck design. TC/American’s patented articulating end truck design allows the crane to manipulate more like a jib crane when loaded at one end.

    Ceiling Supported SPANMASTER Systems

    Kits Include:

    • Enclosed Track Bridge With Articulating End Trucks
    • Hoist Trolley
    • Hanger Assemblies
    • Runway Beams With End Stops And Splice Assemblies (When Required)
    • Flat Cable Festoon Electrification For Runway And Bridge
    • Hardware
    • Installation And Operation Manual
    • Years Of Dependable Service

    SPANMASTER Free Standing Kits

    Kits Include:

    • Enclosed Track Bridge With Articulating End Trucks
    • Hoist Trolley
    • Free Standing Supports
    • Runway Beams With End Stops and Splice Assemblies (When Required)
    • Flat Cable Festoon Electrification For Runway And Bridge
    • Hardware
    • Installation And Operation Manual
    • Years Of Dependable Service

    SPANMASTER Range of Motion

    Our SPANMASTER Sytems use a fixed runway beam with an oscillating, articulating, and pivoting bridge. The bridge articulation is achieved by our Patented SPANMASTER end trucks. Our end trucks feature a unique ball pivot and u-hanger design which allows the bridge to manipulate similar to a jib crane. Through the lever-action created by the u-hanger lower pivots, operator effort to move the load is reduced significantly. With our unique end truck design we are seeing push/pull forces as low as 100:1.

    SPANMASTER Industry Leading End Approach

    A major factor when deciding if a solution will work for a particular application is the crane bridge end approach. TC/American’s SPANMASTER Work Station Cranes remove that variable from the equation. SPANMASTER end trucks vary in overall length depending on the capacity and bridge span of the crane, but our largest end truck (4400 lb Capacity) comes in at an overall length of only 9.375″! This should make SPANMASTER your go-to solution when looking to maximize end approach.

    SPANMASTER Non-Proprietary Runway Beams

    When we were designing our new SPANMASTER Work Station Crane System, we wanted to create an easier and more cost-effective solution for our customers. By utilizing a non-proprietary wide flange runway we are able to provide a large variety of benefits with choosing a SPANMASTER System:

    • More Cost-Effective And Lower Freight Costs
    • Greater Design Flexibility With Multiple Bridges and Mixed Capacity Systems
    • Flexibility To Add A Work Station Crane To Your Existing Runway System
    • Offers Longer Support Centers Than Traditional Enclosed Track Runways

  • TC/American Patented Track Cranes and Monorails
    The backbone of any monorail or crane system is the rail. At TC/American, we manufacture rails specifically designed to provide maximum strength, flexibility, and durability....

  • What’s the Difference?

    Time after time. Year after year. We’ve built the perfect beast of burden – the best overhead rail/trolley system for mov­ing all kinds of material in all kinds of ways. We discovered years ago that conventional I-beam systems have a lot of shortcomings. Solving those problems led to our TC/American patented track system – the one to trust for dependable workhorse performance day in, day out. 
    Every TC/American track and trolley system offers complete design flexibility. You can move loads easily throughout your plant in precisely the patterns you choose. And because it’s engineered with standard components wherever possible, this superior system can also cut installation costs. But most important, it delivers smoother performance, longer, with less maintenance. 

    The backbone of any monorail or crane system is the rail. At TC/American Crane Company, we manufacture rails specifically designed to provide maximum strength, flexibility, and durability. Our rail uses high carbon-manganese steel tee sections which are rolled to close tolerances for maximum strength and long life while keeping weight to a minimum. These special alloy steel tee sections provide many years of dependable service, as compared to common structural steel beams which are mild steel and not precision made. TC/American Crane offers patented track in numerous standard rail configurations for a variety of applications up to 20-ton or more capacity. 

  • Jaso Hoists, End trucks, and Crane Kits
    With two product ranges, ‘N’ Range with a two-speed lifting motor and ‘V’ Range with frequency converter,
    we offer the best solutions for your company with lifting capacities of up to 100 t in different crane and jib

  • Hoists

    There are different configuration types of hoists.


    With gear wheels and pinions manufactured with case hardened steel, we achieve small high-performance gears. The perfect solution for auxiliary processes.


    The best option for use in reduced spaces. It consists of two trolleys (motorized and auxiliary) with two wheels that turn on bearings attached to plates which are duly mechanized and joined by bolts.


    The perfect hoist to achieve a combination of stability, balance, and lifting height. Made up of a frame formed by two end-carriages, mechanized after assembly, in order to ensure the perfect alignment of the wheels.

    V hoist product range (Lifting frequency inverter)

    • This range of hoists includes an over-speed inverter in the lifting motor as a standard.
    • Transfer and Lifting Variator - Smoother and quieter starts.
    • Closed Loop Vector Control - Safer with more system control.
    • Continuous Lifting and Transfer Brakes - Less wear.
    • Wire rope, effective rupture 220 kg/mm² - Greater resistance coefficient.
    • Hoist Junction Box with IP-55 protection - Simpler maintenance and better insulation.
    • Adjustable Lifting and Transfer Speeds, from 0 to a nominal velocity - Greater versatility.
    • Encoder mounted outside the motor, making the reading of the variator more reliable.
    • Electric Multi Tension Solution - Versatility, so it doesn’t have to be adapted to work in different countries.
    • A more compact hoist reduced in length by 36 %, thereby not overreaching the trolley frame and so ensuring closer links.

    N hoist product range (two-speed motor)

    • Dual winding motor brake with a short circuit rotor and IP 54 protection.
    • Instantaneously triggered electromagnetic brake in case of power failure.
    • Elevation reducing gear of our own design comprised of gears on bearings in an oil bath.
    • Laminated steel drum, (FEM regulations).
    • Cable-Guide: Nodular casting, breakage, and wear-resistant. Consists of two pieces, which makes it easy to assemble.
    • Load Limiter: With a snap action switch that complies with the machinery safety directive.
    • Load Block and Hook: Made from forged alloyed steel and suspended from a cross-piece made from the same material.
    • Limit Switch: Operated by the cable guide, it limits hook movement in extreme positions.

    End Carriage

    End Carriages and Travelling Gears

    Each end carriage is composed of:

    • A Gearmotor with helical gears in constant oil bath, rotating on bearings
    • The gear wheels and pinions are manufactured with casehardened steel, creating a small, high-performance gearbox.
    • Two wheels, rotating on bearings, one of them activated by direct driving from the gearbox output shaft.


    Built as a structural section or box-shaped and machined after assembly, in order to ensure a perfect alignment of the wheels. Two rubber buffers are fitted to each end.

    Crane Kits

    The JASO crane kits for up to 100 t capacity are made up of lifting mechanisms, trolley and bridge traveling mechanism as well as electrical equipment, allowing the user to create the appropriate type of crane with both standardized and specialized components.

    The necessary engineering project is included for the manufacturing of the bridge crane structure in single-girder, double-girder, and gantry configurations.

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