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See the latest in NDC's metals gauging solutions

NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, will be exhibiting the latest LaserSpeed Pro gauges for precisely measuring the length and speed of moving products and the latest Near Infrared gauges for accurately measuring the coatings applied to metal surfaces. The new, revolutionary LaserSpeed Pro M Series is the only gauge in the industry to deliver unparalleled measurement performance on small, bouncing and unguided moving cylindrical products. NDC gauges provide accurate, reliable measurements in applications such as hot mills, cold mills and process lines. For over 60 years, NDC gauges have enabled metals manufacturers to improve product quality, increase productivity and realize manufacturing savings. To learn more, visit www.ndc.com.

Brands: LaserSpeed® Pro non-contact length and speed gauge Near Infrared coating gauges


  • LaserSpeed Pro M Series
    The industry's only non-contact length and speed gauge that delivers unparalleled measurement performance on small, bouncing and unguided moving cylindrical products. Avoid product give-away, waste, loss in productivity and process downtime....

  • NDC’s new LaserSpeed Pro M Series gauge from the BETA LaserMike products family solves this problem. Unlike anything on the marketplace today, the patent-pending LaserSpeed Pro M Series gauge uses a revolutionary LDV optical technique to provide the most reliable, robust length and speed measurements of small, bouncing and unguided cylindrical moving products. From metal bars and rods…to metal cord…to metal pipe…and other hard-to-measure products, the LaserSpeed M Series gauge enables manufacturers to effectively control product speed and process functions in the most challenging applications. Examples of metal bar and rod applications include reducing/sizing mills, non-twist rolling mills, prediction of tension, speed monitoring in mass flow automatic gauge control and cut-to-length measurement in torch/saw/shear operations. Manufacturers benefit significantly by reducing product give-away, minimizing scrap, avoiding loss in productivity and downtime, and realizing other savings
  • LaserSpeed Pro 8500/9500
    The industry's leading non-contact length and speed gauge with laser precision....

  • LaserSpeed Pro is the industry's leading non-contact length and speed gauge. It effectively replaces error-prone contact encoders with laser precision measurements so you can begin realizing immediate production savings. The LaserSpeed Pro 8500 gauge can be used to measure the absolute length and speed in any continuous or discrete length gauging process. The LaserSpeed Pro 9500 measures forward and reverse directions, and down to “true” zero speed on all types of metal products.
    • - Most Installed Gauge – 25-plus years in service in over 10,000 installations worldwide
    • - Highest Industry Accuracy – non-contact method with better than +/-0.03% accuracy, +/-0.02% repeatability improves process control, product quality and bottom-line
    • - Versatile Measurements – steel slabs, cold steel strip, bar length, plate length, pipe/tube length, process lines, painting lines, galvanizing lines and more
    • - Supports Industry 4.0 – most versatile Ethernet connectivity, communication and control capabilities for easy integration into production networks
    • - Lowest TCO – factory calibration and no moving parts to wear out reduces maintenance, saves time and money
    • - Preeminent Support – all systems are backed by NDC's dedicated worldwide customer service organization available 24-7 via myNDC cloud service
  • Near Infrared Coating Gauges
    Precise, on-line coating measurements for passivation coatings and other processes....

  • Engineered for a wide range of metal coating processes, NDC's Near Infrared gauges effectively measure a variety of coatings on metal coils in real-time. Gauge models are available to provide highly accurate, versatile and reliable coating weight and coating thickness measurements, as well as deliver the highest precision and performance for measuring thin, high-value coatings.

    • - Superior Gauging Performance – single-sided, IR reflection gauges deliver high-resolution measurements x10 faster than conventional gauges
    • - Excels at Multi-Layer Applications  provides thickness measurement for up to 4 separate coating components
    • - Environmentally Robust – unaffected by changes in process and ambient conditions such as light, temperature, humidity, etc.
    • - Greater Operational Efficiencies – when combined with NDC's Total Distributed Intelligence (TDi) platform you realize a number of installation and operation savings
    • - Lowest Cost of Ownership – single-gauge avoids need for hardware-intensive, multi-scanner subtractive methods
    • - Preeminent Support – all systems are backed by NDC's dedicated worldwide customer service organization available 24-7 via myNDC cloud service
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