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Scantech designs and builds high quality, non-contact analyzers for the resources sector covering coal, power, minerals, cement, and steel.. Scantech  has supplied conveyor-based real time analyzer systems to the global steel industry for nearly 30 years: GEOSCAN-M elemental and TBM moisture analyzers for iron ore and sinter basicity control, CM100 for moisture in coke, and COALSCAN 9500X elemental analyzer for blending coals for coke-making. Analyzers measure through the full conveyed flow continuously providing representative measurements every 2 minutes with unmatched accuracy. GEOSCAN-M is the highest specification PGNAA analyzer available covering multiple elements to low levels, including Fe, Si, Al, P, Ca, Mg, Ti, Mn, Na, K, and C. Leading European steel companies use GEOSCAN-M and Asian steel plants use CM100. SizeScan PSD/volume/belt speed analyzer is our newest analyzer with results every 5 seconds. 

Brands: GEOSCAN-M elemental analyzer CM100 coke moisture analyser COALSCAN 9500X elemental analyzer TBM moisture analyzer SizeScan PSD/volume/belt speed analyzer


    High specification PGNAA-based elemental analyzer for real time multi-elemental measurement of conveyed flows.
    Suitable for iron ores and sinter (basicity control).
    Various options/configurations.


  • Uses PGNAA (Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis) to measure multiple elements simultaneously and instantaneously in conveyed flows up to 21" (530mm) deep. Results are tonnage weighted using a belt scale input and corrected to dry weight percent using a separate TBM moisture analyzer measurement. The system is non-contact with the material or the conveyor and very low maintenance. Calibrations are customised to each site's material for optimum measurement accuracies.

    Leading product in the iron ore sector with over 50 successful installations operating globally. Used in steel plants in Europe for sinter analysis for accurate basicity calciulations. Measure elements others can't. Typical elemental coverage: Fe, Si, Al, P, Ca, Mg, Na, K, Ti, Mn, S, C, and others

  • TBM 200 seies
    Microwave based moisture analyzer transmits microwaves through full bed depth for iron ore, coal, sinter. Not used for magnetite iron ore or coke - see CM100....

  • Scantech TBM microwave moisture analyzer produces measurements of free moisture in conveyed materials on a second by second basis. Available as a standalone system as shown in images or combined with an elemental analyzer. Typical measurement accuracy is 0.5% moisture. Availbale in high frequency and low frequency models to suit material bed depths and material types.
  • COALSCAN 9500X elemental analyzer for coal
    Measures elements in conveyed coal flows using PGNAA technology. Calculates total ash, etc. Ideal to measure sulfur and other elements affecting processes, eg Fe, Ca, Si, etc....

  • Scantech's COALSCAN 9500X is used in measuring coal quality in real time on conveyed flows. Coal can be bulk sorted onto stockpiles based on quality and reclaimed under a blending control process to provide consistent quality to coke-making.
  • CM100 moisture analyzer
    Moisture analyzer for conductive materials such as coke or highly magnetic materials such as magnetite concentrate....

  • Scantech CM100 moisture analyzer uses fast neutrons and gamma transmission via a collimated beam to measure hydrogen directly through the full bed depth continuously. Provides a moisture measurement accuracy of <0.3% for coke or magnetite concentrates for improved iron-making control of C:Fe ratio in feed. Superior representative measuremnt on a conveyed flow to sensors used in hoppers/silos.
  • SizeScan
    PSD/volume/belt speed analyzer for conveyed flows....

  • Scantech SizeScan PSD/volume/belt speed analyzer uses next-gen 3D infrared camera technology for superior meaurement of Particle Size Distribution on conveyed flows. Being a 3D camera it measures the top surface very accurately and hence can calculate the conveyed volume very accurately. The belt speed is alo measured due to multiple images taken each 5 seconds. Results are sent to the plant control room every 5 seconds. It is not affected by dust, does not require lighting and has advanced algorithms that overcome segmentation issues with software used in 2D digital camera systems. The system was developed by COREM in Canada supported by iron ore industry funding. It is significantly less expensive to install due to lighting and dust management systems not being required.
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