Titan Strapping Systems

United States
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A world leader in state-of-the-art automatic steel strapping applications. Supplying innovative Strapping heads, fully automated strapping machines and Hand tools. Converting steel Strapping machines to Polyester Strapping or retrofitting Titan Technology into existing Strapping machines offered from North Carolina.     


  • VS32 Servodrive strapping head
    11/4" Steel Strap Welding head with Servo-drives .
    Patented TIG-welding joint TITANARG®
    Joint efficiency; approx. 90 %
    Hot and Cold Mill approved

  • An array of advantages for strapping applications in Hot and Cold sides of a steel mill can be attained with the Titan Servo Drive technology.

    The strap transport speeds are 50% higher, strap positioning, data transfer and general reliability increase. Winter air supply problems, where the pneumatic motors freeze up when too much moisture is in the airlines, are problems of the past.

    The udated L350 welding unit has moved from analog to digital, rendering more control and precission of the welding system. 

    The Titan VS32-LE will contribute to longer PM´s, Less down time and lower maintenance cost.  

    Built in a Titan Strapping machine or Retrofitted into almost any exisiting older strapping machine on site, the results are a state of the art strapping application.    

  • T400 11/4" PET Strapping head
    When moving to high tension, high strength PET the T400 head sets the mark. Already a prefered Strapping head for 1" PET strap in the Aluminum Industry.
    Converting many steel strap applications to PET strap in Industries such as Ingots and Lumber....

  • Titan´s T400 head is the ideal retrofit solution when moving from a steel strap to a PET high strentgh, high tension application. 

    Mastering PET Strapping up to 11/4" x .055 at a feed and takeup speed of 8,8ft/sec. to then tension the strap with 1.800lbs doesn´t leave much left to desire from the strapping application.

    Available for rettrofitting into a large majority of machine types and brands, as also supplied as part of a Titan machine.   

  • K8000 PET Strapping head
    Multi-Purpose Strapping head with a vast range of applications available.
    From Slit Coil to Tube Strapping, the K8000 is a low maintenance, high performance PET strapping head.
    With focus on low maintenance and low operating costs, second to none.

  • The functions "strap feed", "strap retraction", "tensioning and joint forming" are carried out by individual drives. The TITAN self cleaning -thermo-weld joint guarantees optimum  and consistent strap joint efficiency.

    One of the fastest and most reliable strapping heads in light to heavy industrial use.   

    Drive:                                       electro motor

    Strap transport:                        up to 4.7 m/s

    Type of joint:                            thermo-welding joint

    PET Strap sizes:                      3/8" -1/2"- 5/8"- 3/4"

    PET Strap gauge:                    .002" - .055"

    Tension force:                          max. 800 – 8,000 N adjustable

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