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over 40 years of experience in cutting technology

In 1979, framag was founded as a subsidiary of Lenzing AG– which is based in Upper Austria. Our ongoing research and development as well as the company’s high quality of work, which is “Made in Austria”, framag is able to further strengthen its position as the technological world-class-leader for the future.

Circular sawing and torch cutting technology from framag are used in the worldwide steel industry. framag is noted for its tailor-made solutions for finishing processes, the automotive industry and the processing industry (such as rolling mills).  framag has had success with its made-to-order torch cutting machinery, from continuous caster to special applications. The in-house engineering capacity at framag has also been expanded consistently to fulfill the need of the market.


sawlution provide by framag

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  • framag automatic condition monitoring for torch cutting machines reports any irregularities in the system. framag knows that torch cutting equipment is a bottleneck in the continuous casting line and therefore requires high reliability which can be aided by predictive maintenance systems. To provide a suitable solution framag developed a new sophisticated retrofittable condition monitoring system, based on an innovative sensor platform which was in evaluation at selected customer production sites. This system works also with other torches from other suppliers and can be easily retrofitted at the existing system.

    This overview lays out how the system detects process deviations, failures and the remaining lifetime of torch cutting components. It shows the possible options for data distribution (PLC, mobile devices, etc.) in the rather conservative steel plant environment. This new system improves the existing torch cutting process in the steel manufacturing industry. This condition monitoring provides information about the nozzle condition, edge detection, flame monitoring, and other useful process parameters regarding the whole cutting process. This solution brings the traditional cutting technology closer to the next step for an optimized torch cutting process. The biggest advantages for the user are:

    • Real-time condition monitoring of the whole cutting process
    • Real-time condition monitoring of the nozzle

    Both advantages generate a huge benefit of a longer tool life – optimize the replacement time -, a permanent function control of the equipment and the process – a fault during the cutting will be detected immediately.


  • circular sawing machines for billets and tubes
    framag billet saws have been specially developed for efficiently cutting solid materials made of carbon steel, titanium, stainless steel, and superalloys. These developed cutting solutions are customized to fulfill the particular customers need....

  • billet saws optimized for forging companies by framag

    Saving costs and making more money is always the result by using a framag circular sawing machine. Our engineers build the production cell regarding the need and the demand of our customer. Especially for the forging industry framag uses well-proven technology to optimize the cutting process. The billet will be measured before and after the cutting process. With the result, the sawing cell will automatically optimize the length for the next upcoming cutting process. Our experience and technology will increase your productivity by up to 250% and save you over US$ 1.500,- per production-hour.

    Machine type        Round                   Block                  Saw blade diameter mm (inch)
    KKS 800               290 (11.4 “)          265 (10.4 “)          710 - 900 (27.9 - 35.4 “)
    KKS 1000             380 (14.9 “)          350 (13.7 “)          910 - 1150 (35.8 - 45.2 “)
    KKS 1250             435 (17.1 “)          400 (15.7 “)          1100 - 1350 (43.3 - 53.1 “)
    KKS 1430             510 (20 “)             470 (18.5 “)          1350 - 1530 (53.1 - 60.2 “)
    KKS 1600             650 (25.5 “)          600 (23.6 “)          1530 - 1850 (60.2 - 72.8 “)
    KKS 2000             760 (29.9 “)          705 (27.7 “)          1750 - 2230 (68.8 - 87.7 “)

  • torch cutting technology
    framag developed the next milestone for torch cutting technology. As a thermal cutting method, torch cutting is the technology most used for cutting steel. This technology by framag is very safe and allows cutting of workpieces as thick as 98inch....

  • framag has more than 40 years of experience as well as the ongoing development of cutting technology guarantee for optimum cutting results in combination with the lowest operating costs. High-quality standards and the development of customizedcost-effective solutions are the special features of our machines.

    Applications of Torch Cutting Technology:

    • Torch Cutting Machines for Continuous Slab-Casting Plants
    • Torch Cutting Machines for Billets, Blooms and Beam blanks
    • Torch Cutting Machines for Forging Plants and Foundries
    • Torch Cutting Machines for Material Finishing
      • Machines for slab finishing and for plate mills
      • Machines for Length Slitting or Cross-Cutting of slabs, billets, plates, and blooms
    • Torch Cutting Machines for Castings - CNC Riser Cutting Machine
    • Scrap Cutting Machines
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