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cutting technology by framag - always a cut ahead

In 1979, framag was founded as a subsidiary of Lenzing AG– which is based in Upper Austria. Our ongoing research and development as well as the company’s high quality of work, which is “Made in Austria”, framag is able to further strengthen its position as the technological world-class-leader for the future.

Circular sawing and torch cutting technology from framag are used in the worldwide steel industry. framag is noted for its tailor-made solutions for finishing processes, the automotive industry and the processing industry (such as rolling mills).  framag has had success with its made-to-order torch cutting machinery, from continuous caster to special applications. The in-house engineering capacity at framag has also been expanded consistently to fulfill the need of the market.

Brands: KKS500, KKS800, KKS1000, KKS1250, KKS1430, KKS1600 SGN, BSA, SBS, Prestocut


sawlutions supplied by framag

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  • framag automatic condition monitoring for torch cutting machines reports any irregularities in the system. framag knows that torch cutting equipment is a bottleneck in the continuous casting line and therefore requires high reliability which can be aided by predictive maintenance systems. To provide a suitable solution framag developed a new sophisticated retrofittable condition monitoring system, based on an innovative sensor platform which was in evaluation at selected customer production sites. This system works also with other torches from other suppliers and can be easily retrofitted at the existing system.

    This overview lays out how the system detects process deviations, failures and the remaining lifetime of torch cutting components. It shows the possible options for data distribution (PLC, mobile devices, etc.) in the rather conservative steel plant environment. This new system improves the existing torch cutting process in the steel manufacturing industry. This condition monitoring provides information about the nozzle condition, edge detection, flame monitoring, and other useful process parameters regarding the whole cutting process. This solution brings the traditional cutting technology closer to the next step for an optimized torch cutting process. The biggest advantages for the user are:

    • Real-time condition monitoring of the whole cutting process
    • Real-time condition monitoring of the nozzle

    Both advantages generate a huge benefit of a longer tool life – optimize the replacement time -, a permanent function control of the equipment and the process – a fault during the cutting will be detected immediately.

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  • The new KKS500 series from framag features a compact design (saw station dimensions: 6.9 x 10.5 x 7.2 ft / 2100 x 3200 x 2200 mm) and a weight of 9 tonnes, making it a heavyweight that is ideal for use in heavy industry (dust, dirt, three-shift operation) and especially in forging companies. The maximum material dimensions for this circular sawing machine are 7.4" / 190mm solid round or 7.0" / 180mm solid square. The expected cutting cycle time can be up to 5 times faster as a bandsaw with the lowest total-costs-per-cut. The hydraulic pipework and the electrical cables are maintenance-free and integrated into the machine bed for the best protection from damage - a concept that has been proven over decades of use. The remaining machine components are all easily accessible and easy to maintain.

    The Hydropol® designed by the framag engineering team was designed in a special type of concrete and adapted specifically for high-performance use with optimal attenuation of vibrations occurring during cutting processes. This also has a positive influence on the cutting performance. The billet support from below and the horizontal and vertical tensioning provide the ideal three-point tensioning and especially increase output for curved billet and extend tool service life.  Chips are reliably deflected by guide plates to the integrated chip conveyor.

    An additional benefit is the self-centering saw blade damping. With the smooth-running saw blade, the cut gap is minimized and material loss is reduced. The saw blade drive has an output of 45 kW, which enables cutting speeds of up to 400 m/min. High quantities and high machine availability are guaranteed as a result. Depending on the saw blade, the machine can be used to cut all materials ranging from non-alloy construction steels to high-alloy special steels, stainless steel, super-alloys, and titanium.  

    The modular design of the machine makes it expandable and adaptable to the given requirements with infeed and outfeed periphery equipment. 

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  • India is gaining ground: Star Wire Limited is the latest Indian company to decide for modernisation or extension of their production lines with Austrian high-performance technology. framag Industrieanlagenbau has delivered to India a torch cutting machine for riser cutting from large steel castings and also provided additionally the engineering for the substructure.

    As one of the most renowned and well-known manufacturers of large cold circular saws and torch cutting machines, framag Industrieanlagenbau belongs to the international elite in the industrial sector. The Austrian company repeatedly proves its competence with innovative products and services. framag is well known for its extensive expertise, especially in the steel, forging and foundry industry. 

    India on the rise

    Companies in India are increasingly turning to the advanced torch cutting technology from framag. The Austrian high-tech company has been producing machines with highly efficient cutting results and low operating costs for more than 30 years. This is why Star Wire Limited from India recently ordered a torch cutting system. Star Wire Limited is one of the leading steel casters in India and specializes in the production of large castings weighing up to 60 tonnes each.

    Torch cutting system for risers cutting
    For Star Wire, framag delivered to India a type BSA 1P CNC torch cutting machine for cutting risers from castings. This torch cutting machine is optimally designed for castings weighing 5 up to 200 tonnes and risers measuring up to 2500 millimeters in diameter. The machine is controlled by means of a mobile control unit with a teach-in function. Furthermore, framag also supplied the engineering for a substructure.

    Hardly any post-processing – high savings potential
    The arguments in favor of renewing the production lines with high-performance technology from framag are perfectly clear: the high automation level saves personnel costs and results in substantially shorter cutting times than manual cutting. The lower gas consumption also has a positive effect on costs. Reproducibility, high precision, and better occupational safety are also assured – which is not the case when workers work manually.

    However, the greatest benefit comes in the quality: thanks to the excellent cut quality and the high accuracy of the cut surface, hardly any post-processing is needed as well dramatically reduced machining time is required – this yields a considerable reduction in costs. A key argument in favor of investing in framag torch cutting systems, as Christian Habring, Industrial Equipment Sales Manager, explains: "If you no longer need half a day, but only two hours for machining, then this carries a lot of weight. Machine tool utilization costs a lot of money and this can be reduced significantly. Some individual operations, such as grinding and repair welding, are omitted entirely if you cut precisely from the outset – not too deep and not too high."

    In general, the time factor plays a major role: "Manual cutting tasks take several hours, which sometimes makes it necessary to warm up the parts several times," says Christian Habring. "The machine works quicker and more precisely, thereby saving several hours for the cutting of risers and the further machine tool utilization. And the worker is protected optimally as well." If you add up these factors, this machine pays for itself quite quickly over the years. Consequently, modernization or extension of production lines with framag high-performance technology is also beneficial in economically weaker times."

    Heating once is enough
    Thanks to the automated process, the material does not need to be heated repeatedly either, in contrast to manual cutting techniques. If the material cools down and cracks occur, then hours of work are often lost and high additional costs incurred. This risk can be eliminated with a torch cutting system from framag. And this benefit played an important role in Star Wire's decision to invest in this machine.

    Consumption-optimized nozzle technology
    So there are many arguments in favor of the framag torch cutting system. But there are even more benefits, because not only the machine itself but also the tools, such as torches and nozzles, come from a single source. And even though framag supplies the world's only machine of this type, the Upper Austrian manufacturer is not resting on its laurels; it is continuously improving the machines and the quality and performance of the nozzles. Those companies that have already invested in framag machines soon see success thanks to the relatively short payback period: lower personnel costs and lower gas consumption on the one hand and, above all, significantly shorter post-processing and machining times yield real cost savings, thereby contributing to positive business performance. Indian companies are leading the way.

  • framag builds large, robust cold circular saws with a high degree of automation and low maintenance costs. The Austrian company also offers customizable solutions.

    An increasing number of companies globally are relying on machines from framag and taking advantage of its sawing expertise. One of these is SMS group GmbH in the German town of Witten. The mechanical engineering company recently ordered two types KKS 1430 carbide billet sawing machines.

    The framag machines are part of a major project for the production of railway wheels. The technology from Austria is ultimately destined for India – the final customer (Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited) is a leading steel manufacturer. The machines will be employed in producing wheels at the new plant in the northern Indian province of Uttar Pradesh. The production facility has a capacity of 100,000 wheels per annum, extendable to 200,000 wheels per annum when required. The requirement for the framag machines is to saw ingots with a diameter of 350 to 500mm to the intended length for the respective wheels – all as part of a fully automated process. framag provided the entire system including all the engineering and software. Apart from the KKS 1430 saw and saw blades it supplied the material support and the input roller table for materials handling, as well as the volume measurement unit, the material ejector with a transverse shunter, the weighing unit, the marking equipment and the materials scheduler for positioning parts ready for transfer with an automated gantry crane.

    The focus for the Indian company was on a customer-specific solution and an individual layout of the entire saw line area. “Nothing in our saw line comes off the shelf,” said Aleksandar Vujisic, industrial equipment sales manager at framag. “We produce completely tailored solutions for our customers, which are always aligned precisely with their requirements and also depend on how much space is available for the machine.” The decision to choose framag was due to the robustness of its machines, which is essential for three-shift operation in heavy industry. Only in this way can trouble-free use be guaranteed.

    “The high degree of automation and the robustness of the machines play an important role for our customers,” said Mr. Vujisic. “Some framag machines have been operating flawlessly for as long as 25 years.”  

  • Sawing specialist framag Industrieanlagenbau has found that Indian manufacturers of seamless tubes are increasingly relying on its technology, and are continuously modernizing their production lines.

    framag has already delivered a number of saws to South Asia – most recently, two tube-layer saws for Maharashtra Seamless Ltd (MSL) and one for Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL).

    MSL and BHEL are among the largest manufacturers of seamless tubes in India. framag impressed the Indian companies with its high technological expertise and with the customized engineering of upstream and downstream system components. The industrial equipment builder supplied two types KKS 1250L saws for cutting tubes in layers for a new MSL seamless tube plant, as well as one for BHEL in an existing line. The saws were integrated into the lines after the cooling bed. The carbide tube-layer sawing machines cut the tubes in layers to customer-ready sales lengths. The severing of top and bottom scrap is also more efficient with the tube-layer saw.

    framag supplies customized comprehensive packages for its customers, including in the field of engineering. In this case, the engineering of additional facilities and scrap disposal was also provided for MSL and BHEL.

    Another benefit of the framag saws is the Hydropol® base frames. The Hydropol® material, developed by framag, ensures optimum vibration damping in the sawing process, improving cutting efficiency and tool service life. framag offers an entire range of sawing technology in the field of dry sawing.

    “We are able to supply our customers with the whole package in the field of seamless and extrusion tubes,” said Christian Habring, industrial equipment sales manager at framag. “In other words, single-tube billet saws and layer saws, as well as drilling machines for center holes of the sawn billets, even for high-alloy materials. More and more manufacturers are converting their production lines to circular saw technology, and due to the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of this cutting process. The saws are particularly important for both seamless and extrusion tube plants.” 


  • circular sawing machines for billets and tubes
    framag billet saws have been specially developed for efficiently cutting solid materials made of carbon steel, titanium, stainless steel, and superalloys. These developed cutting solutions are customized to fulfill the particular customers need....

  • billet saws optimized for forging companies by framag

    Saving costs and making more money is always the result by using a framag circular sawing machine. Our engineers build the production cell regarding the need and the demand of our customer. Especially for the forging industry framag uses well-proven technology to optimize the cutting process. The billet will be measured before and after the cutting process. With the result, the sawing cell will automatically optimize the length for the next upcoming cutting process. Our experience and technology will increase your productivity by up to 250% and save you over US$ 1.500,- per production-hour.

    Machine type        Round                   Block                  Saw blade diameter mm (inch)
    KKS 500               180 (7.0 “)            170 (6.6 “)            400 - 630 (15.7 - 24.8 “)
    KKS 800               290 (11.4 “)          265 (10.4 “)          710 - 900 (27.9 - 35.4 “)
    KKS 1000             380 (14.9 “)          350 (13.7 “)          910 - 1150 (35.8 - 45.2 “)
    KKS 1250             435 (17.1 “)          400 (15.7 “)          1100 - 1350 (43.3 - 53.1 “)
    KKS 1430             510 (20 “)             470 (18.5 “)          1350 - 1530 (53.1 - 60.2 “)
    KKS 1600             650 (25.5 “)          600 (23.6 “)          1530 - 1850 (60.2 - 72.8 “)
    KKS 2000             760 (29.9 “)          705 (27.7 “)          1750 - 2230 (68.8 - 87.7 “)

  • torch cutting technology
    framag developed the next milestone for torch cutting technology. As a thermal cutting method, torch cutting is the technology most used for cutting steel. This technology by framag is very safe and allows cutting of workpieces as thick as 98inch....

  • framag has more than 40 years of experience as well as the ongoing development of cutting technology guarantee for optimum cutting results in combination with the lowest operating costs. High-quality standards and the development of customizedcost-effective solutions are the special features of our machines.

    Applications of Torch Cutting Technology:

    • Torch Cutting Machines for Continuous Slab-Casting Plants
    • Torch Cutting Machines for Billets, Blooms and Beam blanks
    • Torch Cutting Machines for Forging Plants and Foundries
    • Torch Cutting Machines for Material Finishing
      • Machines for slab finishing and for plate mills
      • Machines for Length Slitting or Cross-Cutting of slabs, billets, plates, and blooms
    • Torch Cutting Machines for Castings - CNC Riser Cutting Machine
    • Scrap Cutting Machines
  • Rail Saw and Drilling Machine
    framag rail saw and drilling machines are used for cutting various types of rails. The lug-holes are drilled in the same working step, which significantly shortens the processing time. High-efficient metal cutting solutions are our passion....

  • framag is indeed one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of large size circular sawing machines with a very high export rate. We have gained a big know-how sawing of solid material, tubes, profiles as well especially in cutting and drilling of rails. framag can provide the machinery with very high reliability and profitability for its customers. Especially under consideration of the highest technical standard for a very competitive price level which we could guarantee with this modernized rail sawing and drilling machine.

    Additional benefits of the compact design of the sawing and drilling machine, which means hydraulic station and electrical cabinet as well inlet and outlet positioning system integrated into the saw frame, which results in following reduced expenses.

    The following type of machines we could offer depending on the customer’s requirements:

    Machine type

    Rail profile (max. size H x W)

    Number of drilling spindles

    Saw blade diameter range (mm)

    KKS 600 S (SB 1, 2, 3 or 6*)

    190 x 160

    0, 1, 2, 3 or 6

    400 - 650

    KKS 800 S (SB 1, 2, 3 or 6*)

    250 x 250

    0, 1, 2, 3 or 6

    600 - 900

    KKS 800 S B2HV**

    250 x 250


    600 - 900

    *   As not framag standard as an option (execution had to be discussed)
    ** Design with a vertical and horizontal spindle unit mainly for rail switch shops

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