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Centrifugal, axial, custom, retrofit fan manufacturer.

The New York Blower Company designs, engineers, and manufactures a broad range of fans, from standard to custom engineered centrifugal and axial fans. Featured products are high-temperature fans that can handle applications up to 1,800°F built with alloy construction materials. nyb fans can deliver the highest aerodynamic efficiencies compatible with specific system requirements. By using our AMCA accredited laboratory and six air-flow test chambers, we are able to meet your air movement needs. nyb also has extensive experience repairing, rebuilding and modifying existing fan equipment from any manufacturer. In addition, replacement parts and components can be purchased online for all nyb fans. Please refer to our product and services guide for more details by visiting:

 Press Releases

  • The New York Blower Company, a leading manufacturer of premium-quality fans and blowers for the industrial marketplace, has introduced the New York Blower mobile app to help nyb fan users find information about their fans and order replacement parts. Using the app, customers can access fan information on-demand, calculate changes in operating conditions and connect with their local sales representative from a mobile device.

    “The New York Blower mobile app gives end users all the information they need to optimize their operations and calculate how changes will affect operating conditions, making it easier and more efficient for them to maintain uptime,” says Margaret Wood, Marketing Manager at New York Blower.

    Customers who have ordered fans from January, 2000 can use the app’s search function to quickly collect information specific to a fan with a shop or fan serial number without returning to a computer or calling a sales representative. The app houses product manuals, specifications, model information, product drawings, curves, wheel type, impeller type, original operating conditions and more. Engineers and operations managers can save previous searches and label fans according to an application or the fan’s location for future reference, making it easy to maintain all nyb fan information in one place.

    The app also includes:

    • A function to look up and purchase replacement parts and components such as wheels, motors, shafts and more.
    • An airflow capabilities calculator that compares the original operating conditions with current airflow needs to assess how changing fan speed affects fan performance and eliminates wasted energy.
    • The contact information for their local sales representative in one-click.

    The nyb mobile app is free to download now in the Apple® and Google Play™ stores. For more information,

    About The New York Blower Company

    The New York Blower Company is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality fans and blowers for the industrial marketplace. The company engineers products, including axial fans, centrifugal fans, replacement parts for rebuilds and accessories that move air in the most demanding commercial and industrial applications. Industries including agriculture, foundry, petrochemical, railroad and more have relied on New York Blower for individual, flexible, customized solutions that meet specific requirements for unique applications for 130 years. For more information, visit

  • The New York Blower Company has expanded its line of industrial axial fans with the Vaneaxial Adjustable Pitch Direct Drive Fan. The fan is ideal for high-flow, high-pressure applications in industries including mining, process supply and exhaust, transportation, combustion air/flare and pulp/paper. The fan’s inline, compact design is efficient for applications confined by space. 

    “The Vaneaxial Adjustable Pitch Fan is durable, flexible and consistent for excellent performance in a variety of applications, including high temperature and corrosive environments,” says Dave Maletich, Vice President of Marketing at New York Blower. “Manufacturers need equipment options that are low-maintenance and durable, and this fan does its job so that manufacturers can focus on theirs.”

    The fan reaches a volume of 120,000 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) and is precisely manufactured to improve efficiency. Full and half solidity wheels enhance the fan’s flexibility, making it easier to select a fan for specific application requirements.

    Industrial manufacturers can adjust the fan blade pitch to improve an application’s efficiency and throughput. The industrial-grade coating resists corrosion in harsh, outdoor applications. As with all nyb industrial duct fans, the wheels are located on the discharge side of the fan to pull clean, ambient air through the belt-well and inner bearing tube. The line of nyb industrial duct fans are perform well in high moisture environments where gas stream temperatures reach 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Premium Design Increases Accessibility

    The fan comes fitted with industrial-grade motors and extended lubrication lines so maintenance personnel can lubricate the bearings without having to remove ductwork to gain access to the fan. Operators can access the interior components and adjust the blade pitch through the inspection door which comes standard on all fan sizes. The door saves time and resources from disassembling ductwork or taking apart the fan to perform simple maintenance tasks.

    Other safety and volume control accessories are available for the fan, including inlet dampers, silencers and inlet and outlet guards.

    Additional New York Blower industrial axial fans round out the portfolio of solutions for the industrial manufacturing marketplace. Other industrial axial fans include:

    nyb Vaneaxial Fixed Pitched Fan: The nyb Fixed Pitched fan comes in both direct and belt-drive arrangements with multiple hub-to-blade ratios for increased performance and flexibility. The fan generates static pressures of more than eight inches of water gauge (“WG). It is ideal for high-pressure ventilating and industrial process applications requiring the compactness of an axial fan.

    nyb Industrial Duct Fan: This housing on this line of belt-driven fans is short and compact to accommodate tight installation requirements. The line of fans features an aerodynamic belt well for high efficiency operation. Three wheel designs are available to meet specific application requirements, including one-piece cast aluminum, multiple-piece cast aluminum, and a steel-fabricated wheel design. Fans can also be modified to accommodate high moisture and hotter airstreams with high-temperature fans wheels, special drive components, and a finned rotating collar to displace moisture.

    For more information about nyb’s expanding axial product lines, visit

    About The New York Blower Company

    The New York Blower Company is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality fans and blowers for the industrial marketplace. Since 1889, nyb has designed and manufactured products for the most demanding commercial and industrial applications including axial and centrifugal fans, custom engineered-to-order fans, and replacement parts for retrofits and rebuilds for multiple brands. Industries including agriculture, foundry, petrochemical, railroad and more rely on New York Blower for individual, flexible, customized solutions that meet specific requirements for unique applications. For more information, visit


  • Aftermarket Services
    Includes repairing, rebuilding, modifying and retrofitting existing fan equipment. We take the performance criteria from the existing system to produce a fan that meets or exceeds the dimensional and performance requirements of the customer....

  • We offer an extensive Field Service Department for fan startup and troubleshooting. Fan assemblies can be quickly tested in the field or at our AMCA accredited lab for a quick diagnosis of air, sound and vibration problems. Our technicians have the experience needed to repair or rebuild any fan manufacturer's equipment. Some service features include:

    • Over 125 years experience serving the fan repair and rebuild market.
    • Ability to repair, modify, and replace all fan manufacturer's designs and components.
    • Ability to field measure difficult to replace components including wheels, cones, shafts and more.
    • NDT (non-destructive) testing for safety and quality assurance.
    • PMI (positive material identification) test capability for critical components.
    • Engineered solutions including modified liners, stiffeners, blade tips, metallurgical changes and fabricated inlets to accommodate changes in application requirements or to improve the longevity of the original manufactured equipment.

    nyb offers industrial fan repair and rebuild services to meet a variety of industry specifications including:

    • ISO 9001
    • API 673
    • API 560
    • PIP
    • AAR (Association American Railroad QA Program)
    • NQA-1, AG-1, N509 (Nuclear)

    nyb is highly skilled in the repairing, rebuilding, modifying and retrofitting of existing fan equipment. We take the performance criteria from the existing system to produce a fan that meets or exceeds the dimensional and performance requirements of the customer.

  • Custom Engineered to Order Fans
    nyb can design and manufacture fans to meet our customers’ specifications. Some examples include high efficiency fans, abrasion resistant fans, high temperature fans, API &PIP specifications, and mechanical draft designs...

  • Our fans are available in standard catalog sizes or as custom designed units. Each application is analyzed on its own performance and unique design requirements. Designs are based on computer analysis of wheel metallurgical stresses, shaft critical speed and bearing limitations. All units are custom built in accordance with customers’ speci cations. Available in Arrangements #1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10 - all the standard design features of the industry plus custom sizes, DWDI, inlet boxes, cut-width
    construction, split housings, independent pedestals, liners, elevated temperatures, alloy construction, gas tight construction and more. Units can be designed to
    match any competitor’s catalog dimensions or design construction.

    Design Features:

    • Flows over 1,000,000 CFM/ 472 m /sec
    • Static pressures beyond 150” wg/ 37.4 kPa
    • Centrifugal wheels beyond 150 in/ 3810 mm diameter
      • Radial Bladed fan models
      • Radial Tipped fan models
      • Backward Curved fan models
      • Flat Bladed Backward Inclined fan models
      • Airfoil fan model
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