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United States
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Surface inspection for fast and accurate materials checking.

AMETEK Surface Vision is the world leader in automated online surface inspection solutions. Our broad product range is optimized for the consistent monitoring and inspection of surfaces, and for process surveillance applications. 

The SmartView® and SmartAdvisor® product lines deliver robust, flexible solutions to continuous production processes across a number of industries, with hundreds of customers and more than 2,500 installations worldwide. 

Our systems have become vital to increasing efficiency, streamlining operations, improving product quality and reducing costs and waste in industrial processes. 

We continue to innovate, providing cutting-edge technologies and world-class technical support that delivers highly accurate defect data, high-definition video, intelligent grading, archiving and detailed reporting.

Brands: SmartView SmartAdvisor


  • SmartView
    SmartView® is the industry’s leading surface inspection solution, trusted worldwide to detect, identify and visualize surface defects in real time for steel....

  • AMETEK Surface Vision’s SmartView metals inspection system is a robust, flexible surface inspection solution that accurately detects, classifies, visualizes and reports defects and process conditions across metal processing lines. Combining our leadingedge software with rugged, proven hardware, SmartView delivers the most precise real-time detection and classification possible.

    Within a SmartView system, synchronized camera technology is supported by powerful LED lighting arrays for high-quality defect image capture across multiple inspection angles. With your inspection data processed through high-performance servers, SmartView software combines sophisticated control tools and detailed analytical real-time reporting into a simpleto-operate package. As a fully customizable, modular solution, SmartView is designed for expansion to meet your changing operational requirements.

    Designed with ease of operation and future-proofing in mind, all our inspection systems are supported by AMETEK Surface Vision’s unmatched applications experience and technical expertise, for solutions that are trusted by metal producers the world over

  • SmartAdvisor
    SmartAdvisor® is a simple, reliable monitoring and inspection solution that maximizes machine efficiency and yield rates. Designed for today’s hands-on problem solver, it delivers significant benefits within weeks....

  • SmartAdvisor - Surface Monitoring

    Using high-speed cameras, perfectly synchronized, SmartAdvisor® Surface Monitoring simplifies the monitoring and analysis of surface images.

    By unifying the images from multiple cameras, the system delivers a comprehensive monitoring and inspection solution across the process, not only detecting defects but establishing root causes.

    Combining strategically placed cameras along the process with patented software, SmartAdvisor Surface Monitoring accurately synchronizes video frames from each camera to generate a complete system overview showing the cause and effect of surface defects.

    Designed to provide video monitoring for surface inspection to manufacturers worldwide, SmartAdvisor is used across a range of industries, including paper, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, and nonwovens.

    SmartAdvisor Surface Monitoring delivers 100% operator control over the monitoring process, and eliminates the need for up-close manual inspection. Providing accurate surface monitoring while keeping personnel away from the production process reduces safety risks.

    With instantaneous alarms and notifications to alert operators to take immediate action, defect detection can be dealt with quickly. This reduces waste product and increases process efficiency.

    Synchronization between the cameras and the process enable defects to be accurately tracked to their source within a fraction of a second at any line location. This supports rapid troubleshooting.


    SmartAdvisor - Edge Monitoring

    An advanced edge cross-section monitoring system, Edge Monitoring enables both trimmed material edges in a processing line to be monitored for anomalies.

    Detecting edge defects such as cut-to-break ratios and burrs is critical for quality control purposes and to avoid any issues in the subsequent processing line.

    Edge Monitoring magnifies, captures, stores and visualizes high-resolution edge images at full production speed, delivering a continuous, smooth video stream. Images are processed for analysis, enabling the operator to see subtle changes in the cut edge.

    Specifically developed for the metals industry, SmartAdvisor Edge Monitoring is suitable for applications in the aluminum, copper, steel and plastics industries.

    SmartAdvisor® Edge Monitoring is continuously capturing the edge of the material even when a user is reviewing previously captured video.
    SmartAdvisor Edge Monitoring provides a second to second view of the material as it is being processed, allowing operators to take quick action to correct problems.
    A diverse range of SmartAdvisor solutions provide customizable systems to fit individual production and quality requirements. This ensures the most capable, cost-effective installation is available for each user.

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