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Gigasense products within Force Measurement and Crane Safety are well known high quality products, built from many years’ experience and used by world leading heavy duty industry around the world.

Gigasense products meet the highest demands of perfor­mance level requirements.

We are represented by many selected local partners in more than 30 countries on six continents.



Brands: Gigasense and PIAB


  • Crane Safety Monitor - CSM
    Gigasense CSM Crane Safety Monitor is designed for overload protection. For your safety and best life cycle economy and to avoid unplanned production stop. For industries where safety and clarity is crucial in the daily work....

  • The CSM is designed to give optimal safety in heavy lifting operations and for continuous work in the toughest of industries.With diff erent options of load cell inputs, summations, slack rope control, unbalance control etc. The CSM is designed for a safety level up to Performance Level d, Category 3 according to SS-EN-ISO 13849-1.Gigasense Crane Safety Monitor is maintenance free and all settings are made from factory.

  • NoSwing
    NoSwing is an automated control unit for the frequency converter of an overhead crane. The sensor continuously measures the crane’s hoisting cables to ensure that they remain in a vertical position....

  • NoSwing:
    - speeds up li
    s considerably, making production more effi cient.
    - reduces risks signifi cantly, thus helping to avoid industrial accidents.
    - cuts down wear of ropes/cables, saving up maintenance and repair expenses.
    NoSwing is easy to use, reliable and
    durable, with low introduction, service and maintenance costs.

  • Automatic Safety Hook
    The Gigasense Automatic Hook automatically hooks up, safety locks and releases. The risk for injury is dramatically reduced. No personnel is required in the dangerous loading or drop zone....

  • The automatic Hook consists of a hook, housing and link. The forged hook, housing and link are of high-grade steel. Unloaded, the spring loaded hook is pulled up against the housing in an open, ready-to-load position where it can easily be hooked onto a lifting eye or other attached hardware. When the Automatic Hook is engaged, the load tension closes the hook opening, and the safety latch is automatically locked. The hook remains safety locked even if it is unloaded. It is therefore possible to safely set down the load and make sling adjustments. To release the safety lock after completed lifting operation, the hook is lowered until the upper link has tilted approx. 60 degrees in relation to the housing. When the lock is released, the hook swings up into an open starting position. The load is released, and the automatic hook is ready for a new lifting operation.

  • Overload Protection LKVE and LKVEi
    The LKVE is a Force Transmitter and is delivered for capacities up to 16 ton metric in single part of hoisting rope. The LKVE can be used in systems for overload protection and load indication on single and multiple hoists....

  • The LKVE consists of a load cell with amplifi er and an electronic signal processing unit. The LKVE is attached to a stationary rope part. The rope is defl ected through a slight angle be-tween the two wheels and the clamping jaw. When loaded, the rope tends to straighten and applies a force on the load cell. The foil gauge of the load cell is fed with a constant tension from the transmitter amplifi er. A signal is received in return, which is proportional to the force on the load cell. This signal is amplifi ed and is converted to a current signal of 4 - 20 mA. The strong signal makes it possible for the distance between the force transmitter and the electronic unit to be up to 550 yards (500 m).

  • Mechanical Overload protection - LKV
    The LKV Crane Overload Guard is designed for easy installation without disturbing the crane, particularly on overhead traveling cranes, container handling equipment and haulages where operators may not know when they have an overload condition....

  • The overload guard is not directly included in the rope system and does not aff ect the construction of the liƨ ing equipment. The locking device prevents unauthorized interference with the switch setting. In spite of the changes that normally take place on the rope diameter, the LKV maintains its set switch value even aƨ erfi tting to a new rope. As the LKV is fully pressure tight, it is well protected against dust, dirt, damp, frost and other atmospheric conditions.The power-absorbing element consists of specially made Belleville washers dimen-sioned to resist fatigue. The spring washers cannot be overloaded.The LKV can be overloaded by 100% without aff ecting the repeatability.

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