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LASE is your company for high-quality laser sensors and laser-based system solutions. Except our broad product range of 1D, 2D and also 3D laser measurment systems, we also offer "ready-to-use" measurement systems.

Convince yourself of our various innovative products and solutions, in particular on our steel dimension and logistics products like slabs, heavy plates, billets or coils. Next to numerous geometrical measurements (length, width, thickness or position) also quality control (shape, weldings, windings) can be ensured by applying our systems. The combination of accurate and durable laser devices, customized protection housings and application specific measurement software for monitoring and warehousing purposes make up our unique characteristics.

 Press Releases

  • Exact steel scrap measurement system in two different operation areas for Lech Stahlwerke GmbH (LSW) in Meitingen, Germany. The laser measurement systems by LASE determine the volumes of different steel scrap materials both in the storage area and in the scrap ferries permanently. For this reason the dosing of recycled steel scrap can be improved and even the quantity of each material sort in the storage area can be determined, too. LSW produces high quality steel products from recycled raw materials and belongs to the division “Steel & Production” within Max Aicher Group.

    Scrap storage measurement

    In the storage area scrap materials are stocked according to their sort in totally 32 parcels, which are actuated by two crane systems. For the measurement of the scrap area two 2D laser scanners from the LASE 2000D-11x-Series are mounted on the main crane girder. Their scan planes are vertically downwards as well as parallel to the crane and deliver so called 2D profile data. Each single profile shows a cross section of the scrap pile, which are located under the laser scanner. For the measurement of the scrap volume a measuring drive is executed, which is initiated by telegram from the PLC control. A further evaluation unit from LASE (LCU – LASE Control Unit) collects the incoming 2D profiles and converts the values together with the crane position data into a 3D volume model. Separating walls for the segmentation of the storage area are filtered out by the measuring software and are excluded from the volume determination.

    By the additional crane position measurement the storage management system always knows from which of the 32 parcels any material has been removed. By the knowledge of the exact volume for each single scrap material type LSW is able to manage the storage area and also to plan the disposition appropriately.

    Scrap ferry measurement

    After the steel scrap has been loaded from the storage area into a scrap bucket by crane, it is transported by a ferry to the electric air furnace. The measurement starts when an empty scrap ferry drives through the scan plane of the 2D laser scanner (LASE 2000D-11x-Series), which is mounted on the ceiling. The measuring procedure is triggered automatically just as the software detects the ferry in a predefined height. The collected profile data of the ferry are filtered by specific algorithms of the LASE-Software, with the result that associated parts of the ferry are not calculated mistakenly. By the help of a specially developed bucket edge detection function the bucket can be extracted precisely. The process is divided into an empty profile (reference measurement with zero volume) and a full profile measurement, where the fully loaded bucket is moving through the measurement system. The volume of the scrap material is determined by the difference of the empty and full profile.

    All in all both installed laser measurement systems help LSW optimizing storage and production processes by the exact determination of the steel scrap quantities. In order to measure volumes laser measurement systems by LASE are highly suitable due to their high accuracy, high reproducibility and high robustness. The 2D laser scanners from the LASE 2000D-Series are versatile and also be applied for positioning and anti-collision tasks.

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  • A ship unloader has been installed in a coke bunker plant on the site of Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH in Salzgitter, Germany. The bunker is being loaded either from ship stowages on the canal site and from train wagons on the land side. This one is divided into several bunker bins, whose volume can be determined by 3D laser technology now.

    In order to determine the exact bunker volume contact-less measuring systems by LASE have been applied, which are highly suitable because of their high accuracy, high reproducibility and the robust design. Two 2D laser scanners out of the LASE 2000D-11x Series are mounted on the main girder of the ship unloader, such that their scan planes is projected vertically downwards and parallel to the main girder. Both laser scanners deliver 2D profiles where the cross section of the bunker below them is shown.

    The laser measurement system starts measuring automatically at crane travel and being actuated by a SPS. During crane travel the created 2D profiles are collected and converted into a 3D volume model by the discharging position. Thus the volume of totally eight bunkers is updated permanently and the calculated result is displayed on screen. For the determination of the exact volume even the separating walls or other objects can be excluded from the calculation through suppression areas.

    The system can be operated intuitively due to user-oriented dialogue control and configuration wizards for simple commissioning. The application has a high versatility and can be used for volume and profile measurements in several bunker plant types. This specific software derives from the product line CEWS Bulk Volume Module and distinguishes oneself in the use within rough industrial environments.

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  • LaseSPF - Slab Positioning Furnace
    Slab position recognition measurement on the roller table in front of the furnace: The LASE Control Unit (LCU) receives reliable and approx. real-time position data of the slabs....

  • By using the measurement system LaseSPF – Slab Positioning Furnace slabs can precisely be positioned before being pushed into the furnace.

    The laser measurement system scans in a level of  140 mm above the roller table. When the slabs move or lie in the scan field, their position is measured from its front and long side. The raw data from the laser scanner (distances and angle) are sent to the LASE measurement PC. The IPC evaluates the measurements and the compressed information for the slab head and slab feed-position are created. This information enables the superior roller control system to place the slabs very accurately. It is possible to determine the position of a long slab or two short slabs in front of the furnace.

    Benefits and Features:

    • Fast and precise slab position measurement
    • Approximate “real time“ position data
    • Absolute value measurement
    • Rugged measuring technology
    • Recording of slab measurement data at any position on the roller table
    • Automatic entry operation
    • Protection of the furnace against damage of the carrier mechanism and furnace wall by exact slab positioning
    • Avoidance of material confusions by verifying the slab length

    More information about this solution can be found on the product website here...

  • LaseSPM - Slab Profile Measurement
    Slab width and side profile measurement for hot and cold slabs: In this case triangulation-laser scanners by LASE are applied for accurate results....

  • The slab width and profile measuring system named LaseSPM consists of two 2D triangulation laser scanners which are mounted on both sides of the roller table.

    This measuring system gauges the long sides of the slabs. By knowing the distance of both systems to each other and of the current measuring operation, the slab width and profile can be calculated - the whole evaluation takes place on a industrial PC.

    The slabs even can move diagonally through the measurement system, because the software compensates misalignments automatically. In addition the shape (wedge and saber shape) of slabs can also be determined. In this application the triangulation scanners of our LASE 2000T-Series are used which can also measure hot slabs highly accurate to the millimetre.

    Benefits and Features:

    • Calculation of the maximum, minimum and average width
    • Measurement of the slab contour
    • Automatic correction of misaligned slabs
    • Calculation of wedge and saber shape
    • Usable after seperation from casting line or even before transportation into hot strip mill

    More information about this solution can be found on the product website here...

  • LaseSPY - Slab Positioning Yard
    The system LaseSPY is working during the crane operation: It works as the extension of the driver's eye for the optimal positioning of slabs in the material yard....

  • The application LaseSPY – Slab Positioning Yard for an automatic slab-yard is used for the slab transport in pick and drop operations without any crane drivers.

    By the use of two laser scanners, which are mounted on the trolley, the slabs or billets are measured in their position. The pick and drop position of the slabs or billets is determined (cooperating with stockyard software) and also the slab widths and slab numbers are recorded. A safe acquisition of single/multiple slabs is possible, too. The data from the laser scanners are processed by a LASE Control unit (LCU) as well as by Ethernet to the supervisory stockyard management system.

    Benefits and Features:

    • Applicable for automatic crane systems
    • Automatic slab handling in yards
    • Slab width measurement
    • Exact slab position measurement while pick and drop operation
    • Verifies the number of slabs in the stockyard
    • Selectable Profibus or Ethernet interface

    More information about this solution can be found on the product website here...

  • LaseCPY - Coil Profiling Yard
    Coil position and -dimension measurement in the yard: Our system LaseCPY is the eye of the control system and can provide exact position information of the coils....

  • The application LaseCPY – Coil Profiling Yard is used to measure the positions of coils in crane, trolley and height direction.

    The measurement system consists of at least one laser scanner depending on the size/width of the yard. The laser scanner(s) will be installed on the trolley or along the crane main girder and additionally the crane position is measured by a laser distance meter.

    The measurement data will be collected in a LASE Control Unit (LCU) with the CEWS Application Framework and a special core software for this application. When the crane moves to the start position the laser scanner data and the crane position will be stored by the LASE measurement system Afterwards the results (positions of all coils in X, Y and Z-direction, dimensions) are sent to the crane PLC and the position data is forwarded to the warehouse management system.

    Benefits and Features:

    • Measures positions of coils in crane, trolley and height direction
    • Measures diameter and width of coils
    • Verification of the yard layout
    • Safe handling
    • Robust measuring technique
    • Prevention of damages

    More information about this solution can be found on the product website here...

  • LaseBPF - Billet Positioning Furnace
    The measurement system LaseBPF – Billet Positioning Furnace is used for a contactless monitoring of billets inside the furnace....

  • Within this system a laser distance meter measures through the buffer on the run-in of the roller table onto the billet front surface. The real time positioning in the furnace is ensured by the high measurement rate of the laser scanners.

    By using a second laser distance meter behind the supply table it is also possible to measure at the foot of the incoming billet. In this way the furnace can also be filled in two rows with short billets. The laser distance meter is protected by an appropriate cooling housing against heat damages from the furnace.

    Benefits and Features:

    • Contactless position monitoring and measurement in the  furnace up to temperatures of 1400°C
    • Measurement range up to 60 m
    • Measurement of cold and hot billets or slabs
    • High accuracy, resolution and measurement rate
    • Robust design to IP65
    • Simple installation in any position
    • Optional: rugged protection and cooling housing

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