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Johannes Huebner Giessen is a leading supplier in the fields of steel making facilities, rolling mills, finishing mills and material handling cranes. The company is regarded as a leader in the field of measurement, rotary encoder and drive technology. In over 80 years, Johannes Huebner Giessen has installed several thousand applications in heavy industry. As specialists they offer an all-round service worldwide, from capturing the on-site mounting situation to the assembly of the complete encoder systems.

Johannes Huebner Giessen cooperates with major mechanical and electrical OEMs and drive manufacturers around the world as well. For metals applications, Johannes Huebner Giessen supplies encoder solutions for the complete metallurgical process chain starting with steel making via the different rolling processes to the finishing lines and steel plant cranes.

Brands: Universal encoder U-ONE, U-ONE Compact and U-ONE safety, incremental and absolute encoder, magnetic encoders, electronic over speed switches, electronic Position Switches, tachometers, mechanical accessories, electrical accessories


  • ERC 40
    Electronic position switch with highest switching accuracy. The electronic position switch ERC 40 is replacing outdated gear limit switches and mechanical cam switches. The ERC 40 saves commission time while increasing accuracy at the same time....

  • Major benefits and features are:

    - High switching accuracy

    - Preset function with home position

    - Programming software simplifies parameter setting

    - Save and import parameter datas

    - Significantly shorter downtimes for readjustment, e.g. after rope exchange on a ladle crane

    - Up to 15 relay outputs

    - Optional real-time position data (4-20mA output)

    - Error output

    Replaces Electro Cam, Stromag, Leonard (Vollenbroich), Gessmann

  • Magnetic encoder MAG
    Huebner Giessen MAG encoders are bearingless systems for speed and position feedback. The two part system of scanning head and pulse wheel provides high-precision signals for reliable feedback in harsh mill environments and enables customized solutions....

  • Product details:

    - High-precision signal through special multiple scanning system 

    - Split pulse wheel available – ideal for retrofit projects

    - Customized solutions for shaft diameters up to 60”

    - Extremely flexible thanks to modular adaptation to any installation situation

    - Extra-slim design makes installations possible even in areas with extremely limited space

    - Resistant to dust, soiling, external magnetic fields as well as fluids and condensation

    - No mechanical wear

  • Looper encoder ALS 40
    The Huebner Giessen absolute encoder ALS 40 K-13 with SSI interface was specifically developed for high reliability and long product life in extreme environmental conditions, like those at the looper of a hot strip mill....

  • Product details:

    In rolling mills, loopers are normally used to control the tension of the metal strip between roll stands. The rotational angle of the looper is measured by a feedback encoder designed to meet special requirements.  The slight swing motions of the looper can result in poor grease distribution in the ball bearings and insufficient lubrication. The encoder is also subject to high levels of shock, vibration and temperature loads, as well as oil, cooling emulsions, and water at the installation site. The standard encoders used to date by customers have been unable to meet the required service life due to these harsh conditions.

    For this reason, Johannes Huebner Giessen developed a special looper encoder, which boasts a considerably longer service life thanks to specially engineered features. It has bearings designed to meet the specific challenges, with a 40 % higher dynamic load rating and a specially formulated lubricant. The bearings, while not necessarily designed for high speeds, will withstand high shock loads up to 450 g. A special radial shaft sealing ring with additional protective lip provides the required protection class in harsh ambient conditions. As a result of this special design, the Huebner looper encoder offers superior reliability and extended service life.

  • Incremental encoder type FG 2, FG 40, FG 6
    Incremental encoders made by Johannes Huebner Giessen are robust and reliable under the harshest conditions. With the latest technology and highest accuracy available, they provide speed feedback with optional integrated electronic overspeed switch....

  • Product details:

    Advantages at a glance:

    - Encoder with most robust aluminum housing existing on the market

    - Extremely high resistance to vibration and shock

    - Degree of protection up to IP 67

    - Latest sensor technology for highest signal accuracy for high end process quality

    - Up to 1 million pulses per revolution

    - Internal diagnostic with error output

    - Encapsulated electronics board provides protection against shock, vibration, loads and thermal expansion

    - supplies digital output signals HTL (12 – 30 V) or TTL (5 V)

    - direct fiber optic signal transmission as option

  • Universal encoder system U-ONE®
    Modular universal encoder system with up to 10 functions in one unit: Speed, position, electronic overspeed switches, electronic position and cam switches, diagnostic and others....

  • Product details:

    The U-ONE® is based on a universal basic unit, connected to electronic function modules in the switchgear cabinet via optical-fiber cables that are immune to EMI. Alternatively, a compact version is available. There the electronic function modules are just backpacked to the detection unit.

    The electronic function modules are linked by an internal bus structure.

    A large number of possible electronic function modules results in high planning flexibility and easy expandability for later additional requirements. This concept offers considerable cost savings, thanks to its simple mechanical fitting, standardized electronic function modules, and reduced wiring requirements.

    Advantages at a glance:

    - Compact design

    - Central programming with self explaining software (Teach-in programming)

    - Extreme reduction of cable costs

    - Extreme reduction of commissioning time

    - Easy to extend (fiber optic version)

    - High flexibility

    - Saving spares

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